Friday, February 19, 2016

Never buy makeup removers AGAIN!

I've become very comfortable going through life without an ounce of makeup on. Whenever I do feel like getting dolled up, I tend to enjoy playing "scientist" (Not Sheldon Cooper crazy. More like Amy Farrah Fowler different), with my makeup. wedding receptions, birthday parties, or even "just because" occasions. The one downfall for me though, is the removal of said makeup. Since I don't wear war paint, as I call it, that often, I don't purchase remover wipes. I simply use a baby wipe to rid myself of face gunk, and wash with Oxy afterwards, to ensure my face is filth free. The problem is, baby wipes tend to be harsh on my face, ergo, another reason I don't wear makeup often. That is until I saw a very intriguing video on Buzzfeed about a particular product that supposedly washes off the entirety of your war paint, just by adding - get this - WARM WATER. I was completely convinced there had to be some sort of chemical included in this "wash cloth". The product I'm talking about? The Original Makeup Eraser. 

As I watched the ladies of Buzzfeed wipe away their makeup by following the simple "add water" instructions, I knew I had to try this "eraser". So I set out on an adventure to the infamous Sephora. Yes, the land of makeup and YouTube "Gurus". Walking into Sephora, I felt like I had entered a Target on Black Friday, which is what I get for going on a Saturday at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. I "stalked" an employee until she was finished with her conversation on Anastasia Brow products, and pounced like a hungry lion. She graciously guided me to this "magic" product, and began telling me about how she too was sensitive to wipes. She described her struggles, which began to bring back memories, as I too suffered as she did. The lovely Sephora employee then told me how she herself uses the Eraser and it brought joy back into her life as she could finally wear makeup, worry free for all eternity...alright so she didn't exactly say it like that. Let's just say she was really happy with the Makeup Eraser and recommended I try it, risk free. If I didn't like it, I could simply return it with my receipt. Sold. 

I went home, curious as George, and opened the package to be greeted by what seemed to be an extremely soft, pink cloth that closely resembled an expensive baby blanket. Not in size, but in texture. So far, so good. I went ahead and applied a full face of war paint as if I was going to the grand ball. I created a dark smokey eye, put on fake eyelashes, added a thick layer of black eyeliner and mascara, completed a sharp contour, applied my blush, and finished it all off with a dark mauve lipstick. If I was going to test a product, I wanted to push it to it's fullest potential. I wanted to know that if for any reason I was to actually wear this look in public, I could confidently remove all the evidence that night, no problem. 

After reading the instructions, I placed my Makeup Eraser in the wash to complete a cycle. Once dried, I began the brutal test. I had so many questions, so many hopes, so many wonders! I slowly drenched the cloth in warm water, and began massaging my face with this supposed miracle, just as the directions described. I refused to look in the mirror until I had attempted to remove half the makeup from my face gently, so I wouldn't irritate my face . When the deed was done, I looked in the mirror, and what did I see? A half-bare face with absolutely no residue. Seriously guys, I thought I was doing a play where I was acting as two characters. The difference was astounding! In a good way. All evidence of this joyous crime was wiped clean. Even the stubborn mascara, that normally transforms me into a raccoon, non-existent. So I added more warm water and released the rest of my true beauty. My face was naked again. Hallelujah! I was free at last! 

Just then, I panicked. I thought, oh lord, will my fluffy pink cloth forever be tainted with this rigorous test?! Will I never again experience the soft beauty that it once was, brand new?!!! Nope. As a test, I put a small, quarter-sized amount of laundry soap on it, washed my beloved in the sink, and it looked brand spankin' new. You can throw it in the wash, or hand wash like I did, for up to 1,000 times only to be met with a clean makeup remover! Do you realize that 1,000 washes is over 3 YEARS!!! That is, if you choose to wash it every single day. That's 3 years of not having to buy makeup removes, add waste to our beautiful worlds, and avoid adding chemicals to your face! BONUS: You can take this baby into the shower with you, clean your face, apply a drop of body wash onto your cloth, and you'll have a clean cloth in no time!

The Makeup Eraser did such an amazing job, I high fived it. That's right. I high fived a wash cloth. This $20 purchase was going to keep me from having to buy any extra wipes, which in turn saves me money, and the best part? It's freaking adorable. It's the little things people. 

Have you tried the Makeup Eraser? Are you going to? What was your experience if you did?


  1. That sounds amazing! I must see if I can get one. I usually use makeup remover wipes but they don't get rid of everything on my face and still end up with black mascara marks down my face in the morning.

    1. It's seriously an incredible product. With the Makeup Eraser you won't have ANY makeup left. Plus, if it doesn't work for you or for whatever reason you aren't satisfied, you can always return!

    2. It's seriously an incredible product. With the Makeup Eraser you won't have ANY makeup left. Plus, if it doesn't work for you or for whatever reason you aren't satisfied, you can always return!