Monday, February 15, 2016

Tough time with your child's all-over sensitive skin and/or eczema? DoI have a surprise for you!

Do you feel like your child's skin has completely overtaken your shopping trips, in an effort to subside their sensitivity to everything? Are you struggling to find products for them that won't inevitably turn your child into a red Oompa-Loompa? Been there, done that, and let me tell you, I've FINALLY found a solution. 

My son is extremely sensitive to the most common products. Body washes, laundry detergents, petroleum, baby wipes, and even dryer sheets. There was definitely a "trial and error" faze in the beginning, where all I could do was hope for the best. During this time, I was checking every single label to avoid costly mistakes, when I came across a specific brand of protective ointment for babies that was petroleum free, paraben free, and perfect for diaper rashes - which was exactly the dilemma I was dealing with. Now, every other diaper rash ointment I used prior, either irritated his precious bum, or wouldn't last. Yes, I tried "utter butter", along with a number of other common products, to absolutely no avail. But alas! Babyganics Protective Ointment became my needle in a haystack! Not only did it last, but it had absolutely no side effects! Peace was truly restored. 

After my positive experience with the ointment, I decided to do some research and see if there were any other useful products from this particular brand. Little did I know, I hit a gold mine. Not only does Babyganics carry a wide variety of products for your pride and joys skin care, but they even have harmless, baby-safe, plant-based cleaners and household products!!! They make all their products, toxic-free, which can come
in handy if you have an adventurous little one who explores with their mouths. A few other items Babyganics makes are: dryer sheets, insect repellent, floor cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, laundry detergent, diapers, baby wipes, vapor bubble bath, and so much more! You can find the majority of their products at Target, Toys R Us, and Babys R Us! 

Personally, I've purchased Babyganics wipes, sunscreen (will be buying more when spring comes, which is why this product is not in my photo), scent-free bubble bath (which comes with a foam pump. I simply just refill the bottle with 1/3 soap and fill the rest with water), moisturizing therapy cream wash, daily lotion, refills for the lavender bubble bath, and of course, as previously mentioned, the ointment. The prices are awesome, and I absolutely recommend any and all of these products. I've expressed my love for Babyganics to my son's Pediatrician, my friends, and any new parent who I've heard struggling with diaper rash numerous times.

Although Babyganics do carry lotions specifically for eczema and dry skin, along with laundry detergent and dryer sheets, I've found alternative products, and while I do recommend their products, I use the Trader Joe's plant-based laundry detergent. It does an amazing job, it doesn't affect my son's skin and the detergent is only $10 for one gallon. Also, I use Trader Joe's Vitamin E oil for dry eczema patches and top it off with Eucerin Original Healing Creme, level 5 (the richest formula). It re-hydrates my son's cracked skin, without burning. As dryer sheets go, I've opted to air dry our clothes around the house, by hanging them in doorways and on the bathroom curtain rod. Not only do I save money, but air drying also helps our clothes to last longer. Plus, no added scents. Just the way we like it.

You can also add 10-20 drops of Vitamin E oil into your hand soap to help prevent dry hands from all the washing! It was a huge thing for us, as my son USED to have eczema on the back of his hands. After implementing this trick, his hands have been baby smooth, and healed "preciously". Trust me, you'll appreciate it too!

Do you know any uncommon products or tips to help with dry or eczema prone skin? 

*I am not sponsored. All statements, and recommendations are my own personal opinion.

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