Friday, February 12, 2016

Trader Joes' Cookie Butter cookies and Chocolate Hazelnut cookies. Worth the hype?

Ahhh Friday. If you're anything like me, as soon as my son is in bed, the dishes are clean, and I can comfortably walk around the house without stepping on a Lego, I go full throttle into MT mode. Mommy Time mode. I immediately turn on Good Mythical Morning (check them out on YouTube), grab a sweet snack along with my bowl of popcorn, and relax before being fully accepted by the comforter bed clan. During my grocery shopping escapade, I came across these two delightfully appealing boxes of apparently well-known cookies. As the lady at Trader Joe's said, "you're a little late in the game hun". Yes. I avoid the newest craze. Why? Because if I fall into the newest "fad's" clutches, I'll be ultimately be joining the battle of buying it before the ravenous beasts clear the shelves. If I wait, I don't know what I'm missing and can peacefully try anything when it's not longer the most popular item, as it will surely be in stock, then. 

I was truly debating in the frozen food aisle, on which box to try. Because they are priced at $3.99 each, I couldn't resist and I loaded both into my basket and skipped to the checkout. Oh the joyous feeling my stomach was experiencing. My son and I both agreed that these precious cookies didn't deserve to be held onto, but to be devoured with a nice cold glass of milk as soon as we got home. 

Now, I have a HUGE sweet tooth. A truly frightening amount of cake is made for "just because" occasions. Why? Well, just because. It's cake people! Why must I hold off until a birthday comes around?! I mean, I understand too much of anything is never a good thing, but having cake once a month isn't affecting my love for cake. I also have a soft spot for gummies, chocolate, and of course, cookies. Now, I do have to be careful, because of my sons severe peanut allergy, so I make sure to stay clear of peanut products, but that certainly hasn't affected our snack attacks! We do a really good job of eating broccoli, carrots, chicken, apples, beef, and other nutritional meals, and we definitely don't have sweets every day, but when we do, we like to experiment. 

As soon as we pulled up, I unloaded the groceries, grabbed a plate, filled a cup with milk, and proceeded to unmask the true beauties of the bunch. I delicately placed four Cookie Butter cookies on the left, and four Chocolate Hazelnut cookies on the right. Oh, the gooey deliciousness that lay before me. How have I lived so long without thee?! I'll tell you how... 

Now, I tend to stay away from Nutella purely, because I eat the entire jar in a day, but I do thoroughly enjoy it's creamy chocolate, hazelnut taste. Which is why I included this product in my purchase, earlier. I have to say though, these Chocolate Hazelnut cookies just didn't do it for me. Sadly, they were a bunk. The center was lacking in that rich flavor, and it was a little too...sad, with the spread and powder sugar topping. 

The Cookie Butter cookies though!!! Oh man. I had to keep myself from exploding. Trader Joes put just enough cookie butter in the middle, and paired it with a lovely cookie sandwich that was just thick enough. It's spread was just as smooth as the cookie butter itself, it wasn't overwhelming, and the cookie itself was excellent in taste and texture. It needed absolutely no additions. The milk was needed for the Chocolate Hazelnut cookie, as it was simply just too dry for me, but I made cereal out of the Cookie Butter cookies. I started imagining how to make cupcakes out of these delectable cookies. I wanted to run back and buy every single box. Of course I won't. Spending the night locked in the bathroom from cookie overload, isn't exactly how I like spending my MT. 

Overall, I was glad I made the purchase. I plan on giving the Chocolate Hazelnut cookies to my mom as she too, loves hazelnut. Maybe she will enjoy them more than I did, but I will admit, I'm keeping the Cookie Butter cookies. I might spare a few though. I'm not THAT stingy with my cookies. 

Did you guys ever try either of these? Do you have a preference? And what other delicious Trader Joe items am I missing out on?

*I am not sponsored. All statements, and recommendations are my own personal opinion.


  1. I agree with the Hazelnut bust. BUT Cookie Butter is the essence of indulging. I haven't had the cookies though, just the jar :0

    1. First of all, thank you for your support and being my first EVER comment :D
      Second, I was totally bummed the Hazelnut's were such a dud, and I'm incredibly hooked on Cookie Butter too! Have you tried it with vanilla ice cream? Holy crap. You should definitely try the Cookie Butter cookies, they're DELICIOUS!