Monday, March 28, 2016

How and where to find awesome FREE stuff!

As a frugal mom, I try my best to figure out how to get "luxury" items extremely cheap or free. When I say "luxury" items, I don't mean diamonds, brand name purses, or a nice car. While those would be amazing to get for free, they aren't necessarily easily accessed for the low price of $0. Unless of course you're playing on "The Price Is Right". In that case, $1 Drew! For me, "luxury" items are considered anything from Victoria's Secret, special lotions, and any added beauty projects. Which, coincidentally, is exactly the three "luxuries" I'm going to talk about today! 

Many people may (or may not) know about the Victoria's Secret coupons that get sent out in the mail. If you aren't aware of their fantastic deals, let me enlighten you. You can sign up in stores or online for the Victoria's Secret mailing list. Every month or so after I signed up, I received a packet of 3 main coupons. Normally they include a percentage off of a new or popular bra, a free item after spending a certain amount, and of course a FREE undie! Whether it's free without purchase or free with purchase, can change every time. It may not seem like a big freebie for some, but anything from Victoria Secret that comes out to free, is a score to me! Also, try to take advantage of their promotions, where you get a "scratcher" for just trying on a bra. I went in and did just as they asked. I simply tried on a bra, was given a little scratcher, and ended up "winning" a free bandeau bra! It's a really bright coral pink, which I love for hot days when I love wearing "muscle" shirts. If you do decide to use the "pay this much and get this free" coupon, you can always save that freebie for a birthday or Christmas gift! No shame in giving them an awesome gift. 

Another freebie I truly appreciate, is from the beloved Bath and Body Works. The sister store of Victoria's Secret. They also have an in-store or online mailing list sign up, and send you a packet of coupons. They mostly consist of the same type as Victoria Secret. A percentage off, purchase a certain amount get something free, and of course a free mini lotion! About once a year, you can also get really special coupon for a free FULL size lotion! Granted it may take some time to build up a collection like mine, but an added secret is that my mother signed up and only asks for the full size lotion from her subscription! So I get two free mini lotions a month. I decided to get multiple scents for each "season", so I can mix it up whenever I want. I also use some of my free mini lotions to create birthday baskets for some family members that I know appreciate Bath and Body Works lotions.

A secret freebie that most don't know exist, are the "samples" from Target beauty consultants. If you've read a previous blog post of mine, you would know that I was given a small bag filled with goodies. (If you haven't read the post, check it out HERE.) Inside the goody bag, I got mascara (which you can see on the previous post), a coupon for $5 off my makeup purchase, and three awesome products samples. A water sleeping mask by Laneige, which you simply apply to a clean face before bed and rinse off in the morning. It really helps to refresh your skin after a sunburn, after a day filled with dry winter weather, or just for a simple pick me after a hard week. It doesn't agitate my skin or break me out. Also included was a brightening facial scrub by Acure, which is a very gentle, brown colored facial scrub that gives your skin a rejuvenating cleanse. I love this after wearing makeup for a special event. My makeup eraser (an all-time favorite product of mine! Literally replaces ALL makeup remover products. Read about it HERE.) does an amazing job of ridding my face of any "war paint" remnants, but for an extra deep cleanse, the scrub by Acure does a great job. The last thing inside my goody bag, was a 7 Day Volume in-shower hair treatment by John Frieda. Now, I'll be perfectly honest with you and admit that I have not personally tried this product. My hair is fairly thin and any product in my hair creates massive build up with my natural oils, which I don't prefer. A friend of mine however, has used this product and raves about how amazing it truly is. I plan on passing this along to her when I see her again. Regardless, the quantity and quality of freebies in this goody bag was well worth it!

All in all, I can attest to the fact that not every luxury has to be pricey and rack up a huge bill. Some people think I'm cheap, but my train of thought is this. If I can get a bonus item for completely free and use my money of my son's necessities and food, I think I can live with the judgement. Granted I don't think we should judge anyone as we all have a story that differs, but it happens. Now get out there and score some free stuff! 

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What cool ways do you get free stuff?

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