Friday, March 11, 2016

How I bought my ENTIRE wardrobe for UNDER $150!!!

I consider myself quite the savvy shopper and while I may not be the queen in all things thrift compared to others I've witnessed, I have to say I'm beyond pleased with my outcome. After my son, I ended up loosing weight, rendering my wardrobe useless. I donated all of my clothes, only keeping 1 sweater that had sentimental value to me. I was determined to replenish my closet, but only with things I could buy for UNDER $10. Sweaters were the most difficult for me to accumulate, but in the end I was successful in purchasing new pants, dresses, skirts, shorts, shirts, sweaters, work clothes, workout clothes, overalls, and shoes! The point of this post isn't to encourage you to throw out all your clothes, but simply to guide you on how to add onto your collection. Obviously you too can start over like I did, but regardless you will know my tips and tricks on where and how to do so. 

First thing you should understand, is that I didn't go out and purchase every thing I own in one day. This process took some time, therefore patience is key when trying to get an entirely new wardrobe while finding a few added pieces will be far easier. Once you've grasped the concept of patience, you should decide what it is you're actually looking for. If you are going the route I did and completely starting anew, you need to have in mind what exactly you NEED...and want. It can't all just be work. Secondly, don't stick to just one thrift store. I went to a total of 5 Goodwill's and 1 Amvets, only because their is only one near me. You also have to go frequently, as they replenish the stores daily. 

My DIY "lucky shorts": $3 at Goodwill!
My number one favorite place to shop is Goodwill and Amvets. I do venture into other thrift stores, but I've never found anything worth buying clothes wise when doing so. At Goodwill, I've found 80% of my wardrobe, including - but not limited to - sports bras, a VERY gently used Hollister sports jacket, shirts, pants, work clothes, white converse (that's right, I found white converse and for only $8! Granted they weren't exactly white when I bought them, but after I cleaned them up with my special solution and they look good as new!), sweaters, shorts, skirts, and dresses. At Amvets, I found a few of my pants - which need to be taken-in, but it was quite simple, a pair of boots, a fur jacket which I turned into a vest, and a few shirts. All of the items I buy I absolutely love and while I had to make some alterations to a few pieces of clothing, and clean my shoes, everything turned out perfect. A few of the pictures I've included, showcase my favorite clothing items and just how awesome they are! I've also included the price under each photo and where I found them, to give you an idea of what I consider a great deal. The picture of pants I included, are a pair that I altered myself to create a better fit. The shorts were also a DIY of mine that I created out of men's trousers, which I call my "lucky shorts", because when I got home they had $20 in the pocket! Mega score!!!  I can't even begin to express just how much love I have for Goodwill, not just because of my lucky shorts, but because of my personalized wardrobe finds. I've even found quite a few items that were brand new WITH tags still on them! 

Camisoles: $2 each at Forever 21!
Spring dress: $4 at Goodwill!
Two other stores to find good deals, are Forever 21 and H&M. Most people stay away from department stores, but these two in particular are my go-to's for everyday t-shirts, camisoles, shorts, pants and leggings. I purchased two jersey knit t-shirts for $10 ($6 for 1 or $10 for $2) and one pair of shorts for $7 from H&M. I also bought two pairs of pants for $7 each, 8 camisoles for $2 each, and three leggings for $2 each, all from Forever 21. All the purchases from these two stores, I consider my basics. They can easily be paired up with other clothing items or left for a simple everyday look. These prices were NOT sale prices, that's how much they cost every day! 

When going thrift store shopping, coming out successful also depends on the attitude you go in with. Aimlessly searching for cute clothes with little order, can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. After many, MANY trips to numerous thrift stores, I've provided a few tips of mine for having an easy time at any thrift store. These have definetly improved all my "thrifting" adventures:

1. Never go in hungry. You'll get grumpy really quick. We always go shopping after lunch. It's also a great way to walk off all the food you just ate.
2. Never go in under-caffeinated. You need the energy, trust me. If you're groggy, you'll never  make good judgments.
3. Wear thin, comfortable clothing. For example, a camisole and leggings would be perfect as they allow you to try on clothes over them with ease, in case all the fitting room are taken or non-existent. 
4. Have a clear schedule for the day. If you go in with a limited time, you could quickly find yourself stressed and making poor decisions on your purchases. This entire process is about saving money, not wasting.
5. Have an idea of what you're looking for, but be open. You don't want to aimlessly look around, but you also don't want to miss possible scores. Check out everything!

"Thrifting" can be stressful, but it can be amazing. When you find something you just can't live without and it's under $10, you'll be so grateful you went the recycling route! What are some of your favorite thrift store finds? Show me on Instagram!

Here are a few more of my favorites!

Left: Hollister Sports Jacket. $6 at Goodwill. This is my favorite for jogging or theme parks!

Right: My go-to semi-formal coral dress with lace, $4 at Goodwill.

Left: Floral print pants, $2 found at Amvets. I ended up sewing a small section in the waist for a better fit. 

Right: H&M winter sweater, $2 at Amvets. Perfect with leggings. 

Left: Brand new, with tags, normally $40, $7 at Goodwill. 

Right: My go-to fancy dress (it's actually a bit darker in person), brand new with tags, normally $35, $6 at Goodwill.

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