Thursday, March 3, 2016

My top reads in tribute to World Book Day 2016!

March 3rd 2016, in the UK and Ireland, it's World Book Day. While I may not be in either of those two glorious places, I'm always willing to celebrate books. So, in honor of such a wonderful day, I've decided to tell you beautiful people what books I treasure and re-read constantly. 

By the way, I'm always looking for suggestions for my reading with my coffee or tea at Barnes & Nobles, so if you happen to have any personal favorites - any genre - please feel free to email, comment, Instagram message, or send me a pin on Pinterest. 

I'm a huge fan of writer Sarah Dessen. She has a total of 13 books in total and is one of the most popular writers for young adults. One of the books, How To Deal, has been made into a movie starring Mandy Moore and is a combination of two books Someone Like You and That Summer. If you read them in order from That Summer to Saint Anything, you'll notice character cameos, similar settings, and a wonderful array of common topics most young adults deal with. I personally love Sarah Dessen's style of writing. Each book has family drama, romance, and a few very realistic issues that go on in real teenagers lives. Without giving too much away, Sarah Dessen tackles abusive relationships, teenage pregnancy, death, and change. As soon she releases a new book, I make it my top priority to purchase a copy. 

I have a love for Nancy Drew mysteries (by Carolyn Keene), and her adventurous stories. Mysteries in general were always a favorite genre of mine, and after reading the books at a young age, I learned Nancy Drew had computer games. I'm hooked to those as well now and so is my son. The Nancy Drew collection has a total of 175 books, but the first 56 published between 1930 and 2003, which are the ones I admire most. The popular yellow back books are based on a teenage girl who solves all sorts of mysteries. This easily admirable collection is based for kids/teenagers/young adults, but I've known quite a few adults to fall in love with the fabulous Ms. Drew, along with myself. What I love most about this series, is how descriptive it is as well. These books are great for traveling, a light bedtime read, or even when you're reading out loud to your kids! My son loves when I read about the fascinating journeys of Nancy Drew. Nancy Drew games and her books are family friendly!

Of course the wizard series is included in my book preferences. I rather enjoy the collection of Harry Potter and all his magical quests. I have indeed read them all, but unfortunately after moving, my last two books have disappeared. They have been mourned and are missed greatly, but will soon be replaced. These books are pretty self explanatory on their magnificence and I have watched - and re-watched - the movies. I will be purchasing the newest Cursed Child. I'm a bit of a potter fan! Also, April 7th can't come soon enough!!!! (The Harry Potter land at Universal Studios in Los Angeles is opening). If you haven't seen nor read the books, it's about a young boy named Harry Potter. He's raised by "muggles", non-wizards, only to learn he is a wizard. The entire series is his story and how he handles his new life with his new friends, what happened to his parents, how he ends up as an adult, and of course, the series shows (descriptively and literally), his battles with arch nemesis, Voldemort. Personally, I recommend a thousand times over. My four year old has become a "Potter head" himself. 

A few other books that I did enjoy, granted not as much as the series previously mentioned, were The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey - now made into a movie. I'll admit, I haven't watched the movie nor read the sequel. It's an interesting read about the possible "end of the world" theory, but I wasn't hooked-, Pooh and the Psychologists -a very intriguing read about how to view the infamous Winnie the Pooh as a world renowned Psychologist-, and my newest find Halloween Party by Agatha Christie. Agatha Christie is a very popular, world renowned author, who has a mystery series of her own. The show "Murder She Wrote", is based on Agatha herself. Her series stars Hercule Poirot, an adult detective. This particular series is definitely and adult version of Nancy Drew and I would not label the wonderful books, as family friendly. While the books themselves are mysteries, I don't connect with them as much. You may have a different experience with them, but personally, I don't think I'll be purchasing the rest of the series.

While all books are amazing, and some are better reads than others - for me -, the most important thing is that you're going on a mental adventure. So enjoy each page and may your mind give you marvelous mental pictures! Happy World Book Day!

What are some of your favorite reads?

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