Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Netflix shows you should be binge watching!

For any thrifty person willing to "splurge" on a Netflix subscription, you often begin to indulge in the art of binge watching. For those of you not in the "loop", binge watching is simply when you find a series/show on Netflix, and watch all the episodes in a "short" period of time, depending on how many episodes there are. For example, I watched the infamous Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) series in a matter of a couple days. Not because I didn't have anything better to do, but because it's a show truly worth watching and I chose it over sleep. It may not be the "healthiest' approach, but I'm being completely honest with you. Plus, I know I'm not alone.

Now, for those of you who are new or just simply haven't realized, I'm a bit into "lists". I rather enjoy the simplicity of creating a semi detailed list that outlines what the post is truly about. Granted I do "babble" around said list, but it's a blog about everything. Not a "let's create endless lists" blog. No offense to those blogs out there that strictly do lists. More power to you! Any who, I've decided to create yet another list, but this time using the beautiful Netflix as my topic. Warning, I have a wide variety of "likes" and I am a bit all over the place when it comes to my shows, but I thought I'd let you guys know the array of them nonetheless. 

For OITNB lovers - Wentworth: If you're like the many MANY watchers of the Emmy award winning show, you've grown to love Piper's crazy prison life along with the dramatic scenes and stories shown through the other main characters. Well have no fear, I have a solution for your OITNB blues. While it does "suck" that you don't get your weekly dose of prison like the "normal" shows on TV, because let's be real, you can never JUST watch one episode. So, if you're looking for a secondary prison love, check out the Australian drama series Wentworth! It's a series based around Bea Smith and her life in prison, while her daughter and ex-husband are living on the outside. I will say it's bit more..."gore filled", but I've read from others online, it's much more realistic. I don't know if that makes it more interesting or "gorey". You will get a "background" story setting for each character, just as you do in OITNB and you may or may not find a few similarities, but I think you will surely enjoy it. Season 4 is coming out soon (2016)! For those of you NOT in Australia, you can enjoy all seasons of Wentworth - not released on Netflix in the USA quite yet - on dailymotion.com. You can either Google search "Dailymotion Wentworth" and be greeted with the episodes you wish to watch or simply go to their website and search.

For kids or Scooby Doo lovers - Mystery's Incorporated: Like I said, I like a wide array of shows and that includes cartoons. As a child and adult, I've always loved Scooby Doo. There have been a few "series" that were total flops in my eyes, but recently my son and I discovered Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated. We binge watched the seasons together, that's how much we enjoyed it. It basically revolves around the past "detective" groups throughout the history of the "gangs" town, Crystal Cove. They find out that their is much more to the "hauntings" of Crystal Cove than initially thought. With it's twists and turns, I think you'll get hooked. Also, there is absolutely no shame in liking a child's show. Hell, I watch the limited Barbie series as well. Problem? I think not!

For the 'British comedy sitcom' lovers - Cuckoo: Love Andy Samberg and Taylor Lautner? Interested in what happens when a British daughter falls in love and marries a "hippie" while she's in Thailand? Wanna know what happens when the insatiable duo move into their parents home? Or are you curious on how a "hippie" and a father who is FAR from loving to his new son-in-law, get along under one roof? Do you like laughing? Then check out Netflix's hidden gem, Cuckoo! Yes, I just gave you the run down of with questions, while sounding like an infomercial, but seriously...why aren't you watching this! It's a show initially aired on BBC three, but trust me you'll love this show while devouring the secret chocolate bar you've hidden from the kids, late at night in your PJ's during your downtime. What, just me? All well, you'll still love it. Just a fair warning, you may not want the show to play within earshot of children. 

For 'mole woman/cult' aficionado's - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Holy crap guys, I can't tell you how hilarious this show was for me. It's revolving a 29 year old woman who has to adjust to life in the real world, after being held 'captive' in a "cult" held underground, by a man named Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne. (Say that 10 times fast.) She moves to New York where she becomes a "nanny" of sorts, to a wealthy (and out-of-touch) socialite. She also gets a roommate with a "struggling Broadway star" named Titus Andromedon, who lives in a "shotty" apartment owned by a street-wise landlady. Who also becomes one of Kimmy's new found friends. The actor playing  the struggling Broadway star, Titus? Tituss Burgess. Why is that funny and relevant you ask? Tituss Burgess is an actor and singer, performing in 4 Broadway musicals. THAT'S why...hehe. Season 2 comes out April 15, 2016!

And there you have it. Yet, another list of things I love, because it just makes life easier. I thoroughly enjoy these blogs and I can't WAIT for each of these shows next seasons! Except for Scooby Doo. Unfortunately it's been discontinued, which is a bit of a bummer. BUT, once you finish that series, you can begin watching Be Cool, Scooby Doo, which is the sequel to Mystery's Incorporated. Don't worry though, they did a good job of ending it appropriately, allowing for the sequel to make complete sense. 

I hope this gave you something to do while you're waiting for one of your other beloved series to return. You may go through them just as fast, but at least you can add them to your personal binge list! If you do end up watching any of the shows I've mentioned, I've love your feedback! Just leave a comment or contact me using one of the "links" on my blog page! Also, don't forget to subscribe by email using my new "gadget" I recently installed! It allows you to be notified once a day, when I post a new article THAT day!

What other Netflix shows do you recommend?

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