Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Our food excursion of the day at Yummy Buffet.

I am a foodie who loves buffets, more specifically Hometown Buffet. Now, say what you will, but the Hometown I went to with my son and uncle, was more than suffice. Unfortunately, our home away from home was shut down in early February. It was devastating and made us determined to find a new eatery that would meet our diverse needs. Again, a buffet. Souplantation isn't a place we enjoy, no offense. Personally I felt it was too limited in it's selection, and didn't meet my standards in the "meat" department. I'm quite the carnivore. 

After looking up a few different options, I was given the suggestion to overlook a nearby buffet called Yummy Buffet. I find myself to be very critical of where I dine due to a picky eater, which is why I am so fond of buffets. Before I made any decision, I called the restaurant to ask for a few menu items, as to easily decipher if there is anything my son would actually eat. I don't enjoy going anywhere to eat, only to have my son unhappy. Unhappy son, unhappy time, unhappy mom. No thank you. 

After hearing some promising dishes, we made our way to what possibly could become a recurring thing. When we walked in, we were overcome by a smell I can only describe as an aroma of delicousness. They had fresh salads, a sushi bar, ribs, salmon, chicken wings, soups, and a small dessert selection. (I'm a sweet tooth, so the dessert section could've been bigger, but I enjoyed ice cream nonetheless) Cleanliness was very apparent and the atmosphere was most inviting. 

My son chose chicken wings, pizza, garlic bread, and to end it all, ice cream. I chose salmon - my favorite of all the dishes which was buttery with a soft texture, sushi - extremely fresh, chicken wings, ribs, lo mein, spring rolls, potstickers, orange chicken - I've had better, but still good, and rice. The only reason why I didn't include all pictures from our meal, was simply because we were very eager to eat, which led to immediate devouring. My uncle joined us on our excursion and his personal opinion was "he would rate it 75 out of 100, only because of service". I agree. Our "server" was frustrated when we asked the details of pricing before giving us our drinks. I'd like to cop it up to a what could've been a frustrating day, but all I know is she seemed unsettled by our curiosity. 

The total price for two adults and a four year old, including unlimited refills, was under $30. Only $4 more than what we paid at Hometown. Yummy Buffet is definitely not our dearly missed Hometown Buffet, but with 90% of the food being delicious (we tried a few dishes that were not our cup of tea, but you can't have a perfect win all the time), we will be paying the Asian-American, all-you-can-eat buffet, another visit sometime soon.

What are some of your favorite buffets?

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