Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Speed up your child's illness. They'll back to their old selves in no time!

I always know the exact moment my child has been completely overtaken by an illness. He wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming out in sheer horror, as if someone has just deleted his Minecraft land. He starts to hysterically cry and is already "over" having the nasty-ness that has taken host in his precious little body. I immediately jolt out of bed, comfort him as best I can to calm him down, and whip out the "goods". 

Being a parent to a sick child takes a lot of patience. Not just with your son or daughter, but with all the remedy trials, for all the ailments your child comes home with. It's like playing safe scientist. You don't push the limits, to avoid over dosage, but you end up with a number of different, half used, child medications inside your medicine cabinet. Herbal and/or medicated. After a few colds, a round of pneumonia, and sore throats for a variety of reasons, I've finally found what really works for my son. Now, these tips are things that I have found to ease his comfort, allow him to semi-function normally, and get a little bit better sleep at night. It's not perfect, but from what it's been, it's a damn miracle. Remember, every child is different. 

First off, I really like homeopathic remedies, and while there are quite a few ways to rid your child of his or her's symptoms, I find adding some tylenol to kill the fever quickly is an added bonus. It makes him comfortable enough to take his vitamins, homeopathic medicine, and eat. Otherwise, I notice that the alternative remedies take a little longer, which leads to him screaming even more, and refusing any other medication, worsening the situation. I think I'll pass for now.

Every morning, regardless if my son's battling a cold or not, I give him his vitamins. Two Sambucus elderberry gummies (can be found at Ralph's/Kroger grocery stores), and one Trader Joe's children's chewable vitamins. The reason for these vitamins every morning is simply because of the difference I noticed in my son's health. Ever since I added the elderberry vitamin, not only does he contract fewer colds, but when he does get sick, it's progression is very mild, resulting in my son healing quicker. When my son is sick, I add Echinacea drops into the morning routine and three other times, throughout the day. The directions are to give a child 6 months to 1 year: 5 drops, 4x's a day; and 1 to 12 year olds: 10 drops 4x's a day. It also helps with "rebooting" and getting rid of those unwanted guests in his body. You can use the Echinacea even when your child isn't sick, for an added immune boost. 

When my son has a full blown cold, can't sleep, sore throat, coughing - you know, the works - I use all my mom strength! Throughout the day, I am liberal with his Echinacea drops, I give him acetaminophen (ibuprofen if the pain and fever are being stubborn), apply VapoRub GENEROUSLY to the bottom of his feet, back, and chest (it really helps with comfort and coughing. If you can get them to have some under their nose, perfect), crush a Ricola for him to suck on without choking, and put him to bed. While he's resting, I make sure to constantly refill his favorite water bottle with either warm water or warmed up broth. The most important thing for my son's good night sleep, is his "smelly rag". I pour a few drops of essentials oils onto a washcloth and rub it on the sides of his mattress, along with his headboard (his headboard is his old crib mattress, to keep him from going bump in the night). The specific combination that I use for bedtime is lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus. He immediately calms down and sleeps for at least five hours before needing some medicine. You an also place these oils in a humidifier, but I HIGHLY recommend you are very cautious as to not use too many drops, as it can become very overwhelming. I also keep the door open, just in case. For daytime, I just replace lavender with peppermint, as to give him a refreshing smell to help liven him up. Again, you can use this mixture in a humidifier, but again, be cautious. 

As for food, we all know that it can be extremely difficult to get our children to eat and drink what they need. They think they can still enjoy cold lemonade without a care in the world. Every my son is sick, I call his doctor to double check if I'm doing things right, or if he should be seen. Most of the time, I get the "good job", but occasionally a same-day sick appointment is made. Whenever that happens, I always ask what foods are best. They tell me that as long as he's drinking and peeing every 6 hours, we're in the clear. Apparently they can do that for up to two days. My son wouldn't have it, he's a "foodie" like his momma. After yet another trial and error stage, I finally found specific foods that seem to be in the clear during any illness he may have. Mac and cheese (we only eat the Trader Joe's kind, he dislikes craft), golden rounds crackers from Trader Joe's, banana nut muffins, jello, applesauce (perfect for diarrhea - TMI I know), and chamomile tea with a scoop of raw honey. Sometimes I give him a scoop of the honey by itself to give him a little extra comfort. A few other items I purchase are marshmallows for sore throats, chicken Top Ramen (he won't eat Progresso or Cambells), and bananas. They were devoured before I could take the picture.

All children will get sick and it's a pain in the butt, not only for the little ones, but for the parents as well. We're worried, frustrated, and upset, that we just can't take it all away instantaneously. Some things may or may not work for your children, but I find these to be my wonderful side kicks. A big part of helping your spawns get over such a tiring episode, is really suiting their needs within reason. Make sure they're comfortable so they rest enough, liquids any way they'll take them, medicine as needed, and if you can find some foods to get in their bellies, FABULOUS! Like our doctor says, "even if all he's eating is jello and bread for the next two days, as long as he's hydrated and peeing, you're good to go".

What are some remedies you have found to be tested and true for comforting your little pride and joys? I would love to add some other remedies to my "sidekick pack"!

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