Friday, April 1, 2016

DIY: Donut garland!

With my birthday quickly approaching and with my family coming over to "celebrate" - more like relax - I decided some decorations may be in order. While I don't necessarily feel like I HAVE to decorate, it's more of an annoying enjoyment for me. I say annoying, because in my mind the price for decorations is highly overpriced. Instead of spending money on pieces of fabric and paper that will ultimately be thrown away, I decided to just go ahead and DIY my own. One in particular I thought I'd share with you all, is my favorite, the donut garland. I found this idea on Pinterest and while mine isn't with tan-ish fabric, making for a more realistic donut look, I love the way it came out. I'm a foodie and felt that since I have quiet the sweet tooth, donuts were appropriate. It took me about 1 hour to create, because I chose to do the same amount of donuts as my age and I had my 4 year old helped me, which took more time. It made him happy to be apart of it and that's all that matters. Also, I chose to use felt due to my overflowing buckets of leftover felt from creating bows a few months back. This project is not only incredibly easy, but absolutely adorable. Who doesn't love food themed decor? If I had to the right colors, I would've opted to do pizza ones as well.

What you need:
-Felt (or paper) in 4 colors (1 for the background/donut, and 3 for the frosting)
-Puffy paints
-Circular item to trace (a ribbon holder is perfect - not sure on the exact terminology)
-Hot glue
-Extra hot glue sticks

1. Trace your circular item on the donut colored fabric and the frosting colored fabric, 1 colored for 1 donut
2. Cut out all your circles making sure to cut out a circle in the middle as well
3. Re-cut the frosting all the way around to create a wave like circle, giving the illusion of frosting
4. Hot glue the frosting to the donuts
5. Puffy paint the "sprinkles" to the donuts frosting
6. Pull out your string and spread a line out across the floor
7. After your donut "sprinkles" have dried, line them up against the string, leaving enough room in between each one, AND created a loop at each end of the string so you can hang it up
8. Cut the string at the correct length
9. Hot glue a line of glue onto the back of each donut, sticking the string to them
10. Let fully dry, hang up, and enjoy

See, that wasn't so bad now was it. Now you have a really adorable garland that can be used for birthdays, dinner parties, donut parties, or just because. To be perfectly honest with you, I actually plan on hanging them up in my room once my birthday has passed. 

I decided to display them near the kitchen table, to be in the "food" area. My actual theme is going to be "me". As conceded as it sounds, it's really not. I just want to have all the things that I personally love as my theme. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Nancy Drew, food, Christmas and family. I don't feel like I should have one theme, so I shall incorporate all of them. For the "Christmas" portion I created a "Birthday tree", filled with streamers, balloons, and a party hat on top of my faux 4ft. Christmas tree. If you have a birthday coming up, feel free to go all out and crazy. Who needs store bought party decorations with only one theme, when you could create your own using every theme that describes you! Even if you want to have a pajama, "I ain't doin nuthin" birthday, just rock it!

What's your favorite birthday "theme(s)"?

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