Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Battle at the Disney store: Fight to the death....of their stock

I am one of those people who will wait in line for HOURS just to be first in line. My son and I went an hour prior to the Disney store's opening time (9 am. They open at 10), but we weren't first. It was alright though seeing as how I had a backup plan if they were sold out of the early birthday presents I was planning on purchasing for myself. 

In case you are unaware, today (April 5th, 2016) the Star Wars Episode 7 (The Force Awakens) DVD was released today, along with Elite Series Die Cast figures and the Star Wars Episode 1 (The Phantom Menace) Tsum Tsums, at the Disney stores and online. It's a little bit of a serious deal. You have to line up, stay in line all the way to the checkout, and make sure to not loose your place, or else it's back of the line. Also while we were waiting in line, the very nice Disney "cast member" firmly told us that we were limited to FIVE of each character, whether it be Tsum Tsum or Die Cast. Meaning you could potentially have five complete sets. There were quite a few pissed off people in line, because they felt like five was way too much. I quietly agreed. The awesome couple ahead of me said "They are practically promoting scalpers". It's sadly true. These people buy the max amount and go around to resell them for double, if not quadruple, the original price. Six people towards the front of the row were all together, but purchasing separately. Guess what they did? Yup. Each person bought five complete sets of the Tsum Tsum's, equaling a total of 30 sets! That's 210 Tsum Tsum's! Don't worry, they will easily make their money back and then some. (insert sarcasm here)

A lady ahead of the couple in front of me, vocally expressed her pissed off feelings about everyone buying five of each. Seeing as how their were about 20-25 people ahead of us, people started to get concerned. A particular guy out right said, "That's too many! Who needs five complete sets of Die Cast?! Are you kidding me, that's f*cking ridiculous!" I agree strange man, but I really just want my one set of Tsum Tsum's and to be on my way. So I will not acknowledge your peculiar outburst that later proves to be just as shady as everyone suspected. Fast forward, we are all in line inside the store, patiently waiting for out turn. The good thing is that if they ended up completely out of the Episode One Tsum Tsum's I was looking to purchase, I could simply order from online, inside the store, and receive FREE shipping to my house! It takes about five to seven days, which is cool with me as long as I get my complete collection. Yes, I take my stuffed animals seriously. 

While were waiting near the register, the couple in front of me begin telling me about how they are there to buy a few Die Cast characters. The lady in front of them was complaining about the people who bought 210 Tsum Tsum's in total. The gentleman who was complaining about how they were allowing people to buy so many was at the register. Let the arguments begin...

There was about three registers opened. One for people who were just picking up their pre-ordered movies and regular purchases, and two opened for the collectors and re-sellers. Of course there were a few problems and at one point there was only one opened. The manager was extremely rude and on a really high power trip, but at this point I just wanted to get the heck out of this tense situation. You could feel the anger slowly rising from the people. The gentlemen in the blue shirt who complained earlier, was up to pick up his figures. Want to know how many he ended up purchasing, regardless his outburst? Five of each Die Cast figure. The lady in front of the couple I was behind, decided she was having enough of the people "over purchasing", so she clearly said directly to the dude "SO GLAD YOU WERE ABLE TO GET ENOUGH FOR ALL YOUR KIDS!!!! A**HOLE!"  with as much sarcasm as she could muster. Trust me, there were plenty left for her to purchase the one she wanted, but I understood her frustration. There were so many people who just wanted to purchase one of each or just a few characters, and with all the re-sellers trying to screw people over, I could see why it was upsetting. Hence why I am not apart of the "re sell hustle". 

Well the gentleman was not too pleased with the comment and decided to turn around and say, "You don't know my life b*tch!" CHILDREN PEOPLE! Gosh! He walked away with his phone to his ear, pretending that he was on such an important call (you could clearly see the phone was off). The boo's were overwhelming and of course the manager on her high horse said "Don't let the dark side take you over" to the crowd, turned to the previously upset lady and said "If you want to purchase something, just tell us, because there isn't time for all of this." Reading it you don't quite get the idea, so imagine her saying it in the tone of a 16 year old girl, chewing bubble gum, who totally hates her life, but loves bossing people around. Because duh! She's like, totally better than you. 

I get it, working at a Disney store probably requires a semi-strict personality to keep the store up to par with it's standards, but I firmly believe you can do it without an attitude. It can be hectic and filled with screaming children accompanied by angry parents. More power to her for dealing with that daily, but I don't think you should tell an elderly woman (who was asking what the special line was for), that "if [she] has something to ask or purchase, to get into a line". The poor elder lady just wanted to know what was going on and even smiled at her. The manager's response when the elder lady asked once more? "I understand your question, but right now isn't the time to be explaining things. If you have a purchase, please get in line." Since the lady was within earshot of me, I told her "They released a bunch of Star Wars items". The elder lady thanked me, stuck her tongue out at the manager (you go fierce old lady!), and in return the manager shot me a 'You don't run this show' look. I have a soft spot for old people, sorry....no I'm not. 
Finally it was our turn. I purchased my items, presented my 10% off coupon (fill out the survey mentioned on the Disney receipt and you can get one too) and the manager was peeved. She huffs and puffs, deciding that scanning my phone (I called ahead of time and was told this was indeed ok to do) was a HUGE hassle. I kept my smile and focused on the nicer of the two ladies helping me. A young brunette who looked no more than maybe 25. Poor sweet girl. You could tell none of the "cast members" wanted to ask the manager ANYTHING, because of her "step mother" attitude. Wrong Disney character lady! I honestly don't blame them. This is Disney! Be proud to work in a magical place and quit acting like Mother Gothel for God sakes. 

After her demanding to see my ID "to make sure it's me" (no she didn't check anyone else's, but I'm sure that was just a coincidence) and asking how I got the coupon (seriously lady), I completed my purchase. I also had to have two items readjusted (they were marked a different price, so I ended up paying more). I asked if she could just take the $2 off of my purchase I was making. She said "absolutely not". In the end, she did. She "couldn't get the computer to comply". Kharma, you never fail to entertain me. I may have had a slight smirk on my face when she said this. 

My son wanted to do some coloring at the middle kids table and check out the Zootopia movie that was playing. I sat down and let him be a kid, because we had no other plans so why not? Plus I'm a people watcher. It's interesting to observe people in their "natural habitat". I can't do it with Ocelots or Snow Leopards, so humans are the next best thing. Within about 30 minutes and 20 more people, they were sold out of a few Tsum Tsum's and certain characters of the Die Cast series. Supposedly there were a few more boxes in the back that the "cast members" were asking the manger to retrieve so they could restock, but she quickly make a snarky comment and demanded they go get it themselves. They had to create another line for those waiting for specific items. Hopefully everyone got what they came for and didn't get too much grief from the manager with a happiness malfunction.

I have to say, overall I was glad to see the orderly fashion that the Disney store conducted. It was much smoother than Walmart on Black Friday and to me, this was a bigger deal. But I don't like how the manager represented the store. Also, really?! Five sets per person?! Make your money Disney, but don't be upset when you check EBay and Amazon. Oh, and to all those out there that may have missed this event. Check online. If it's there, get free shipping to your house by ordering in stores or just pay the shipping fee at your home. Also, the Tsum Tsum's from WILL get restocked and I was told that the Die Cast series MAY get restocked, but I got a few mixed answers so I'm not entirely sure. 

All in all, my son and I were able to return home with all seven of the new Star Wars Episode 1 Tsum Tsum collection. Also, we had gone to a store Monday of last week, to order the last two Tsum Tsum's we needed for the first collection (Luke Skywalker and Ewok), and when we got home (we stopped for lunch), we were greeted by the post man with our Disney package. So now we are complete until the next Tsum Tsum launch, when we will be going through all of this again, minus the mail orders...hopefully.

I freaking love these adorable little stuffed lover muffins! What are some of your favorite things to collect? And what kind of stories do you have while waiting for a released item or event? 

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