Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What does it mean to be a hippie?

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Some of you know me, others know of me, and most have no idea. I've kept my identity - for the most part - secretive. One thing that many don't know, is that I myself am "classified" as a diverse old soul hippie. Throughout my life, I've differed from what is considered traditional society and I didn't understand why until I was older. Hippies are "defined" as a subculture filled with people of unconventional appearance, typically having long hair and wearing beads and are involved in a rejection of conventional values and taking hallucinogenic drugs. I am not making my own definition, this is how Google explains us "especially in the 1960's". 

Google is wrong. That's right, I said it. 

First off, seeing ALL hippies as such is merely closed minded in a multitude of ways. While there are cults (there are cults in all types of religions, races, and cultures) that have used the "hippie" name, but majority are simply free spirits with an open mind that doesn't include judgement. I am part of a Facebook hippie group filled with souls that can easily back that statement up. These people are not categorized as a hippie, because they dress a certain way, look a certain way, talk a certain way, or do certain things, nor do they fall under the "typical stereotypes" most people think of. I decided to take to the public and ask people what type of image they associate the word "hippie" with. Here are the real answers from real people after I asked a few questions. Also, I'm typing the responses exactly as written and/or said. 

What do you think or what image comes to mind when you think of a hippie?

CW: "Tye die t-shirts"
BM: "The 70s haha but now days just people who are more natural maybe the word crunchy has replaced hippie"
AM: "Dirty people who have sex and do drugs"
TW: "Free spirit"
CL: "People who lived in that era...putting flowers in your hair and tye dye clothes don't make you a hippie..."
HN: "Slow talker kinda droopy eyes and a certain kind of gracefulness I can't really explain"
DH. "I think of a hippie as a free spirit person. Someone who loves the Earth as well as themselves for who they are. They have their own style they are more open to things around them and project a lot of positive energy. They are more calm and love kids. Which is my friend [name withheld] to a T..." 

My last two questions were asked simultaneously to the small part of the hippie community, worldwide. Warning: You are about to read real responses from real "modern" hippies. (sarcasm is to be applied here)

What does "being a hippie" mean to you? What is something specific you want others to know about being a hippie?

ANH: "Being a hippie means having no limits to express oneself and encouraging others to do the same too. To me, being a hippie means love! Firstly loving oneself, and also radiating love and sharing kindness by valuing and understanding value of individuals and all living things. I'd also like others to know that when you learn to forgive and love yourself and set yourself free from expectations and boundaries, then anyone can find the hippie inside themselves."
Geral Barraza: "I think that being a hippie [is] to be an open minded person, who [is] able to be in peace with other people accepting their energy, even if its bad or negative energy, and can transform it [into] something good. A person that can learn [from] others and listen [to] every opinion. A person that has a connection with the nature, the animals, and even with people on a spiritual level. A person full of joy and good energy, who even when [they're] sad or angry, try to be [live] in peace."
SR: "'s about being completely yourself, being open minded, celebrating life, being in love with the earth/reading/poetry/music/dance and gratitude free thinking. I could go on."
DG: "Being a hippie means respecting nature and understanding the importance of living in harmony with it. Trying to help the planet we live on is so important because it's the only one we have. I wish more people knew that it doesn't mean just sitting around and smoking weed. Being a hippie is a type of activism against the greedy world we live in, and it's and extremely positive thing."
SH: "I think it's all about wanting love, peace between person to person. We are all one, so some people believe they need to help one another out. Example: poor, disabled, etc....Where as some people only care about themselves. We are initially looking out for one another and sharing those loving peaceful vibes. We are healers at heart and are [empathetic]. We are also old souls, who just want to be free from society and thrive in nature."

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So, what does it really mean to be a hippie? I think every positive person's answer, is absolutely correct. In my opinion a hippie is not someone who can be categorized, defined, or represented in one specific way. Everyone is a hippie in their own unique way. A few similarites are those who indulge in self love and self acceptance. Some are highly spiritual people. I think that this "subculture" that so many have labeled it, is one that can depict a wide variety of lifestyles. I myself am a Catholic, half Mexican who has been diagnosed with anxiety. I'm a single mother who lives in a city, who wears a multitude of clothing styles, who actually wears shoes, brushes her hair (many of us do, shocking I know), eats meat, loves gardening and living self sufficiently, and dreams of having a farm. I own a car and a bike, I have tattoos and don't smoke, I take herbal remedies along with ibuprofen as necessary, I make my own rice milk and buy store bought produce. I have no problem being complex. So why am I a hippie? Because I am a loving, caring person who thrives on benefiting others. I love helping those who are elder, alone, sad, or just need a friend. I love being apart of nature and I do plan on having a tiny house with a small "no kill" farm. I'm obsessed with the idea of adventuring through open land to hear the absolute silence of man, and listen to natures music. I have a very easy going spirit (my anxiety just makes me turn into a hermit that needs to regroup) who accepts that not everything is going to go my way. I accept everyone for who they are with zero judgment and I do not expect anyone to convert their ways to appease me. I am aware that their are people who view hippies as a nuisance, yet I do not argue with them. I thank them for their difference and I go on with my life. I am fully appreciative of those who have entered and exited my life, I hold no negativity towards any one regardless their race, religion, lifestyle, or choices, and I know who I am. 

Hippies are not just one type of person. Some are highly educated and some are street smart beyond belief. Some live strictly off the land and some live in cities with small gardens. Some are vegans and some enjoy steak. Some smoke weed and some don't/can't. Hippies are loving, free spirits, with the wisdom to know that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you've done in your life, you are worthy of love. You deserve kindness. You should be allowed to know what it's like to have true happiness. Would I speak to those who are intrigued in "joining" the hippie lifestyle? Absolutely. What would I say to them? Be true to who you are as a person and soul combined. You can be anyone in the flesh and still have a soul filled with love. You are accepted and you don't need to change anything. You don't have to buy a new wardrobe, put flowers in your hair, wear tye die t-shirts, or talk differently. You just need to accept that things are as they are. You can not change others, you can only influence a positive energy that is welcoming. You can distribute love, kindness, and help through small daily deeds. As one you are worth a thousand greedy men, as a whole we are better than the worlds worst sins. 

You may not know it when you see a hippie, but if you do or you know of one, just thank them. They are trying to spread peace and joy into the world, regardless of the negativity that may surround them. 

If you have anything you'd like to add, please feel free to leave a comment here, on instagram, on pinterest, or email me. Rock on fellow hippies!


  1. This is a beautiful article! Thank you for writing this! <3

    -Fellow hippie from Facebook group(:

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! I truly appreciate your support and I tried my absolute best to let people see the real side of a true hippie. Thank you for your comment and kind words!