Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why everyone should have Hodad's on their "Bucket List".

While I don't consider myself a professional eater (although I definitely would not mind that as a career move), I do know that I am a foodie. I've tried many different types of burgers and now hold high standards for what I think should be allowed to have the title "burger". More often than not I bring my uncle to join my son and I in our food adventures, as he too is a burger connoisseur if you will. Also he holds the same standards as I do which leads to a better experience overall. Who wants to deal with a "complaining Carl" while their eating. Not I!

During today's adventure, we were ultimately debating whether or not to try a local restaurant called RakiRaki, as they are the holders of the mind boggling "Ramen Burger". While that is high on my to-do list, when I was made aware that my uncle had yet to try to San Diego famous Hodad's burgers, I packed up my son and we made our way to one of the most relaxing burger joints you'll ever go to. 

Hodad's was first gifted to us in 1969 by the infamous "Boss Man"'s (RIP you wonderful man) parents. It's built it's empire and made a name for itself as the best burger in San Diego and ultimately expanded to now having a total of 3 locations, Ocean Beach (the original), Downtown, and inside Petco Park. So you can now enjoy a baseball game with an amazing burger filled with flavors you've never experienced. It's on many peoples "bucket list" and if you're debating on whether or not it should be on yours, let me tell you a little secret. It should be.

I immediately recommended my uncle try the number one burger (as told by many), the Double Bacon Cheeseburger, with a side of fries, and a Pepsi. In case you're thinking these burgers can be handled by dainty hands, you would be sorely mistaken. These meat and bun duos pack a mean punch with their condiments and veggies, giving you a messy and delicious burger, deserving of royalty riches. 

I stuck with my favorite the Single Cheeseburger, as I'm not a huge bacon burger lover (I have had it before and it's still absolutely amazing. TRUST ME!) I added a basket of onion rings and a Pepsi myself. My son opted for a grilled cheese sandwich and a lemonade. We also ordered thee most delicious malt ever created in the history or malts, in Vanilla. It's beyond decadent that I can't even begin to describe the massive chills your body will get after the first taste. 

Hodad's environment has that "hangout" vibe. The servers are respectful, quick, and represent the Hodad's name perfectly. With license plates covering the walls, stickers posted in any free area that's not already taken by accompanied posters and pictures, and of course the local beach vibe, you'll be sure to have a "California Homegrown" experience beyond your wildest dreams. The quantity and quality of meat far surpasses many high scale restaurants that I've personally tried and in my opinion, is an absolute steal. For two ginormous burgers, a grilled cheese, a kids lemonade, two Pepsi's, and a HUGE malt big enough to feed four, we paid $44. The taste is far more deserving a higher price - although I admire Hodad's greatly for not charging an arm and a leg, as I would not longer have either. That's right, I'd pay the high price for one of these bad boys! 

Now, I will say that Ocean Beach can be a bit packed and loud, but the majority of people who don't like the line or want to deal with noise, simply order to go (walk-in or over the phone), pick up their food, and proceed to walk 2 blocks to the beautiful beach. Parking can be as annoying as Black Friday, especially if you choose a weekend or during the Farmer's Market (Wednesday's), but it's worth it.

The Downtown location has it's own parking issues, but with meters and paid parking lots near by, you can easily avoid a long walk and just pay $4 to park close. Again, you can always order to go. I tend to choose this one, as it's not only a 5 minute drive from my house, but it also has the least amount of crowds. 

I haven't personally been to the Petco Park location, but I know regardless where you choose, you'll still be granted with that Hodad's guarantee. Love it or you're taste buds are broken. (That's not their guarantee, that's just me saying it.)

Hodad's should be on everyone's list, because this place gives you the best quality and biggest quantity. They don't try to scam you by sky-rocketing the prices - even though they totally could - and they aren't complete a**holes about the whole thing. You could easily feed two people with one burger and one order of fries/onion rings. The malt's, as I said before, could easily please 4 people. Mini tip: I bring Oreo's to dip into the malt, plus Sriracha mixed with ranch poured onto the onion rings or fries, will rock your mouth. You're welcome.

The fact that you can have a relaxing experience in a place that brings back the "backyard BBQ and family cookout" memories, with people who will treat you with respect and a smile, all while enjoying thee most delicious food of your life, is well worth being on anyone and everyone's bucket list. So if you come to San Diego (if you aren't, you should be now), be sure to eat at one of the Hodad's burger joints. You'll be kicking yourself sorry if you miss out on these prize winning burgers that pack a mean combination of flavor, juice, and hearty meat.

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