Tuesday, May 3, 2016

4 games you should be playing right now!!!

I am an avid gamer. While I'm not on a professional level, nor can I compare, I do enjoy relaxing with a quality video game. Playstation is my choice of systems, but I don't judge. 

For the past couple weeks on Good Mythical More, Rhett and Link have been doing mini segments of "let's play". 4 of these games I've witnessed (and trialed) with extreme delight. I can't even begin to explain how addictingly hilarious they are. Because of the enjoyment they brought me (and mild frustration), I've decided to share these splendid games with all of you! These games can easily be played with the family, friends, or just by yourself. Warning, they are EXTREMELY addicting!!!

1. Octodad: Dadliest Catch
This particular game is actually a sequel to 'Octodad', but it isn't necessary to play them in order. In Octodad: Dadliest Catch, you're basically an octopus in disguise. You're a family man with a very curious wife. She's started to question and mistrust you, due to your secrets. (Your only secret is that you're an octopus.) You have to maneuver this spineless creature in a suit, through numerous adventures, obstacles, and one very unsettling trip to the dreaded aquarium. Mr. Octodad is eventually faced with the ultimate challenge between himself and an sushi happy chef. He must prove that he deserves his family, while avoiding becoming a side dish of calamari. You'll definitely have a new found respect for all the Octodad's out there trying to get pizza from the grocery store with everyone staring at you. Actually, being Octodad in public is a lot like having anxiety. Hmm. Available on multiple platforms. 

2. Surgeon Simulator
Ever wanted to perform emergency surgery, but don't have the time/money for a lengthy education? Well look no further! You can now play 'Surgeon Simulator' and fulfill all your medical fantasies! You're given a patient with an open chest cavity, trays full of tools, and a "BP" monitor that will let you know when you've killed the patient, because let's be honest. He's gonna die a few times. No matter though, you can simply restart it. I'll be realistic, this isn't necessarily a "child friendly" game, due to blood and gore, but it's definitely a fun challenge that may or may not cause hilarious frustration between you and your friends. I've tried this game and failed. I wasn't necessarily trying to conquer the challenge, because it's just funny to mess with everything. Available on multiple platforms.

3. Ibb and Obb
Tired of the anxious games I've previously mentioned? Want a relaxing game that requires teamwork? Check out the two adorable little blobs named Ibb and Obb. One is a short little green mushroom blob, and the other is a slightly taller pink mushroom blob. This game is meant for two players as you WILL need to work together. The relaxing music doesn't take away from the challenges. You'll be faced with mentally challenging obstacles with a few black/white enemy balls. Also you'll be granted this magic-ess stream of colorful pixi dust, which "impresses" other tiny yellow balls. It's a funny diversion. I will say that this is challenging in the same way Sudoku is on level 3, but with another partner, you're able to complete these challenges with a sense of creativity. The addiction level is as equally hilarious. Completely family friendly. Available on multiple platforms. 

4. I Am Bread
Want a challenge unlike any other? Love toast? Want a first person experience in the journey of becoming toast, while realistic obstacles that would be apparent in a home filled with messes? Then I Am Bread is the one for you! When I first saw this game, I can't deny my obsession with making it to the toaster! Every day is a different adventure with new messes. You must avoid the disgusting obstacles, as they WILL stick to you and they WILL decrease your edibility. It's practically impossible to make it all the way with 100% edibility (at least from what I've seen), but you'll still be cracking up when you start cooking while being covered in fish bones, eggshells, and beans. This game is family friendly. Available on multiple platforms. 

All these games (minus Ibb and Obb) can be played as single player, but if you play with more than one, it's even more hysterical. I HIGHLY recommend these extremely addictive games. While they may not be everyone's cup of tea (especially if you get frustrated with a high amount of rage when things don't go your way after the 4564806 time), but even my 4 year thought it was funny. I think it's more about who you play with, rather than how. 

If you want a preview on what it's like, you can watch Rhett and Link play each one of these games. To make it easy to view, here are the links for each video:
Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Surgeon Simulator, Ibb and Obb, I Am Bread. Happy playing!!!

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