Wednesday, May 25, 2016

An Unusual Bucket List.

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Throughout the course of my life, I've come to understand that my goals are simply undesirable by most. Not all, just most. This self-realization was a bit hard to chew when I was younger, as I felt that different wasn't something to necessarily be proud of. That's line of thinking has drastically changed now that I've had more experience and have become a mother. While I was once very shy and secretive about my hopes and dreams for the futures, I'm very proud of my accomplishments and what I know I will succeed at someday. 

Now, I'm not necessarily big on talking just about myself, unless it's a story that can be used as a learning experience for others, but today I thought I'd take it upon myself to share with you all my "Bucket List". It's not filled with extravagant luxuries or traveling to hundreds of exotic locations, but it's a list that I have come to love and strive towards completing. The whole point in sharing this list, is to help you understand the type of person I am, to know that you may not be as strange as you think, and to possibly inspire you to add a few things onto your list as well. After all, the thing that makes a great "Bucket List" is that you have the option to continuously update what you yourself wish to make a reality. It's all about what suits you and makes you happy with memories to last a lifetime. While not quite an extensive list, as some things are personal, I've devised a detailed list on what I consider worth aiming for. 

1. Find an authentic piano bar that plays Frank Sinatra. 
While this may seem simple, I find this to be a much anticipated joy. I have a bit of an old soul, which often craves simplicity and peace. Numerous times before, the sounds of Frank Sinatra had taken me to a utopia. For any brief moment his lyrics were filling the air, I could pretend to be free from any angst. To do so while having a nice meal and relaxing, sounds like heaven.

2. Find the perfect, secret, flower field.
I've always dreamed of finding a clear field beyond civilization that is not well-known. A place where my son and I could place a large picnic blanket, run around smelling the air of fresh flowers, eating a picnic basket filled with delicious goodies. I've never found one that seems deeming for a beautiful, scenic, adventure. Someday we will find one. Hopefully in California or Oregon. 

3. Travel to small towns. 
My preference of transportation is car. Trains aren't too bad either, but flying is a bit stressful for me and ships are out of the question. Sea sickness. So traveling to far away places just aren't part of my big dreams. Going to Europe is a huge one I'd love to conquer, but it's not necessarily my priority. My travel crave is to venture into small towns throughout thr USA and seek the little joys. For example, during Halloween time, my son and I plan (God willing) to drive up the coast of California - stopping for small towns - to Oregon. There we are hoping to have the chance at celebrating Halloweentown during a weekend in October in the town of St. Helen. Afterwards, we will be traveling all around looking for eateries, small stores, and towns full of authenticity. Another trip on our list, for example, is North Pole, Alaska during summer time. We want to put in a good word with Santa well before Christmas!

4. Having a Tiny House. 
A while ago I watched a documentary on Netlfix called Tiny - if you haven't watched it, I recommend it whole heartedly. This movement hat has grown tremendously, isn't about living in the woods away from all humanity. It's about living a simpler life and being self sufficient. Living off her land and living with less. This appeals to me more than anything. Having what is necessary, providing for my son with more than adequate living, and being able to work doing what I love without worrying whether or not I can afford what my son needs. This particular goal is something I aim to strive towards with every fiber in my body. 

5. Finish my Nancy Drew collection. 
I'm an avid Nancy Drew fan. Being as such, I plan on collecting the rest of the Nancy Drew books along with every video game owned by Her Interactive, I'm not looking to purchase the newer versions of Nancy Drew though. Purely the yellow back ones. After collecting every Nancy Drew book, I plan on throwing a Nancy Drew themed party. Ever since I was little, she has been my hero. My idol. I always wanted to be like her and quite frankly that hasn't changed. Who wouldn't want to be a detective that gets to run the show with amazing adventures?!

6. Find a long-term Pen Pal and write to them using an antique typewriter. 
Like I said before, I'm a bit of an old soul. After watching the infamous "Notebook", I've been searching for a friendship that will embark in this past time that has been sadly become endangered. With all this technology, we rarely take to pen and paper anymore. I feel that expressing ourselves with a personal touch - handwriting - would allow us to reconnect without being glued to a device. Ironic for a blogger, but meaningful to me nonetheless. 

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7. Create an underground personal library. 
I may not have an extensive amount of books, overflowing in every corner...yet, but some day I will. Along with a few other "Bucket List" goals, having a nice plot of land for example, I plan on building a secluded personal library that will grant me peace and serenity. I feel as if this is only "different", because it's underground. No I'm not a hermit, but I do enjoy reading with silence, while sipping on a nice cup of tea and cream. Other than the "6 feet under" part, I feel like everyone could a place of quiet, regardless  if it's filled with books and a comfy chair or not. 

As you can see I'm a bit eccentric. Which I have mentioned in prior blog posts. This isn't an extensive list, but it does contain the first 7 of my long ever-growing plan. Many would probably focus on skydiving (not for me), owning a huge house (too much to keep clean), or maybe traveling to all the countries in the world (too many planes). Regardless what you put on yours, maybe this will help to show you that big dreams are great, but whatever your heart desires is what should be on that list. Also there is no rule saying that you can't keep adding on. No matter if you wish to try every cup of coffee from around the world or own a small honey business, go follow your dreams. Nothing is too big or too small. I have had other items on my list that were quiet large in stature, but I've already completed many of them. Perhaps in a future post I will tell you guys a story of my previous encounters across the Eastern United States. 

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