Thursday, May 12, 2016

Healthy foods you may not know you're allergic to.

Many people have a normal allergy to mold, seeing as how it's a huge health risk. What you may not know - especially if you've never had an official allergy test - is that having a severe mold allergy can mean that you are allergic to certain foods. Severity in allergies differ from person to person, most being classified within 3 categories: mild, moderate, and severe. Mild being an agitation, no hives or swelling, and will more than likely resolve within an hour or so. Moderate being hives, swelling, itchy/watery eyes, possible breathing problems, abdominal discomfort and can be resolved with over-the-counter remedies (Benadryl, Allegra, etc) or prescriptions from your doctor. Severe being anaphylaxis shock - swelling throat when ingested, swelling all over the body, low-blood pressure - which can be fatal and is handled with an immediate trip to the ER with or without the use of an Epi-Pen. 

What many people don't know, is that being allergic to mold can severely affect the foods you can tolerate, causing havoc on your entire body. I myself have a moderate mold allergy which was discovered at the age of 18. What I didn't know until years later, was that eating certain food would cause me extreme discomfort. I was never told what foods would be more harmful than good, but after tests and speaking with doctors specifically regarding my mold allergy, I've FINALLY found relief. I don't have to take any medication, nor is my life ruined from the "limited" food items. I'm simply more informed and a lot healthier. 

I went to the doctor after having extreme dizzy spells that led to near blackouts, severe lethargic episodes, itchy skin all over including my eyes, sinus pressure, constant headaches, and extreme abdominal discomfort. When we discussed my prior allergy test and mentioned my diet, she quickly informed me that my food - while indeed healthy for most - is causing my blood pressure to drop along with all the other symptoms. I was in shock by how little I knew about my mold allergy, but now I can share my knowledge with all of you, to hopefully help you live a happy and healthy life. Here is the list of foods you should avoid eating - or limit the quantity you eat - if you have a mild/moderate/severe mold allergy:

1. Mushrooms - Raw/cooked/grilled, doesn't matter. They are a fungus which are HUGE no-no's.
2. Peanuts - Apparently the surface of peanuts carry numerous types of mold spores. 
3. Seaweed Snacks - While I thought these would beneficial, apparently they are also no-no's.
4. Dairy - The fermentation process can be extremely harmful, mostly to your stomach.
5. Hard Cheese/Cheese Cooked in Water/Cheese with Visible Mold - ESPECIALLY blue cheese.
6. Pickled/Cured Meats - Salami's, sardines, pre-packaged lunch meats.
7. Other Fermented Foods - Sauerkraut, pickles, vinegar

I will admit that some of these I can tolerate more than others - which means I still eat them in moderation - but because I only have a moderate allergy, I'll be ok. I have to limit myself to no more than 2 portions within a week of the one's I can handle: Salami, pickles, yogurt. Mushrooms, hard cheese, moldy cheese, straight milk, and moldy cheeses are a hard no for me, as they bring back all the symptoms previously mentioned. Another thing to keep in mind is that alcoholic beverages can also hurt you. Yeast, wheat, and barley are not your friends. Fermentation is your worst enemy. 

While I am not a doctor, these are simply the foods that I've been instructed to not eat - or, again, limit. Since removing these foods from my diet, I've felt so much better with a noticeable increase in my energy. I still recommend that you talk to your doctor if you have a mold allergy - or any allergy - to discuss your personal diet and what can benefit you the most. I still find that their are "surprise" foods that simply don't agree with me (mostly frozen), but after adding them to the "eliminated" group, I'm back to healthy mom status! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Allergies are our body's immune system reacting to harmless things, and immune systems "learn" over time. So what starts out as a mild sensitivity can eventually become a life threatening event. I have first hand experience with this! It makes it difficult to eat at restaurants and other people's homes! I am glad that you posted this list for people, another thing to watch out for are allergies to certain antibiotics, especially penicillin! It is a mold, so it can lead to these same food allergies over time. Eat safely everyone!