Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to make an amazingly healthy smoothie, without sacrificing flavor!

Being a mom, time gets the best of me which leads to forgetfulness. There have been many, MANY days where I just couldn't find the time to get a good meal in. It's not a good idea - for anyone - to skip any meals, especially when you have an iron deficiency like myself. When I go long periods without food, I tend to have dizzy spells, headaches, and chills. So you can see how missing a meal is not beneficial in the least. In order to keep up with my protein and iron intake, I've decided to make smoothies every morning to keep handy in the freezer. Yes of course I have to remember to drink the frozen smoothie, but it's a lot easier to grab a pre-made smoothie than to remember to cook a meal for myself. This way when my son eats, I can drink my smoothie and go on with my duties. I can even take them with me on the go when we go for a walk or to the park. 

Because many mothers out there probably deal with forgetfulness - which can lead to skipping meals - I thought I'd share one of my favorite smoothie recipes! Something quick, easy, and simple to whip up!

Things you need:
-Bananas : 5 for $1 at Trader Joe's
-Apples : buy in bulk and keep in the fridge from Trader Joe's or Costco
-Spinach : I buy the bag at Trader Joe's
-Coconut Flakes : Trader Joe's
-Chia Seeds : Trader Joe's
-Acai Juice : Costco
-Kefir Yogurt Drink : Trader Joe's (they have strawberry, blueberry, and plain)
-Strawberries : Trader Joe's 
-Breyer's Lactose Free Vanilla Ice Cream : Target
-Vanilla Rice Milk : Trader Joe's

Additional Ingredients: 
*I use these every other day, just not today*
-Flax Seed
-Berries (Frozen or Fresh)

Tips on how to create your deliciousness: 
Obviously you can just throw all your chosen ingredients into a blender and liquefy everything, but you don't want a watery smoothie or extremely chunky smoothie...unless that's your preference. You may not think it makes a difference on how you blend things up, but you'd be surprised on how much better a smoothie can become when you just alter the way you blend! Some key tips I use to make mine an even smooth consistency are as follows:

1. Use a creamy substance. I switch between creamy yogurt and ice cream.
2. Put the hardest/frozen items on the bottom and pour in a liquid on top, before adding the additional items. This makes sure that they blend first.
3. If your using spinach, brocolli, cactus, or any greens, add an apple to combat and mask the flavor. Just cut and put the apple in the blender, skin and all. 
4. Use flavors you've tasted in a dessert, to give you the best smoothie that YOU would enjoy.
5. Nut's are your best friend. Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, regular nuts, etc. They give you an additional health benefit without having to have them plain. 

Those are my simple tips! Easy right? I love mixing and experimenting with different flavors. Maybe make a chocolate, banana, almond smoothie one day and a full berry smoothie the next. Even add protein powder (especially if you don't like nuts) for a great workout snack. Also, cooked oats are amazing with strawberries, avocado, apple, and nuts. Plus a green smoothie would give you the kickstart you've been craving. Need coffee? Add it to the chocolate, banana smoothie I previously mentioned!

The most important thing about a smoothie is catering to your own taste buds. We as momma's need to take care of ourselves in order to take care of our little ones. Really, everyone needs to be aware of their health first. Making these smoothies have helped my health tremendously and I highly recommend adding these to your daily diet. 

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you to not only have a healthier life, but influence you to enjoy a smoothie as a snack. They aren't just made for special treats!  

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