Wednesday, May 4, 2016

In honor of May 4th: The top 7 Star Wars merchandise!!!

Today is the third greatest "holiday" of the year, right behind Christmas (#1) and Halloween (#2). It's Star Wars Day! Since I myself am a bit of a Star Wars fanatic, I thought I'd share with you guys my absolute FAVORITE Star Wars merchandise! These items make perfect gifts for family, friends, kids, and of course, yourself. So without further ado, in honor of all 7 movies, here's my 7 favorite Star Wars merchandise for you, your friends, your family members, and for the kids in your life!

1. Star Wars Shirt(s)

This is the perfect addition to anyone's closet. With so many different styles and colors, you can represent the dark side, Jedi's, or droids. While there are MANY different characters - and a shirt for each one - these are my favorites. I myself have a Darth Vader shirt (pictured) that I got from the infamous store, Hot Topic. While I haven't seen this particular shirt since I purchased it (in 2008/2009), they have SOOO many new ones now. Especially since Star Wars has made a "generation comeback". Amazon also has incredibly unique shirts to suit any style, male or female. Dogs too even. I've found one in particular I plan on purchasing - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Girls Muscle Top $29.45, IF they get size Medium back in stock (see HERE). Don't worry, I didn't forget about the kids! Target not only has awesome shirts for men (haven't seen any I'm extremely fond of for woman), but they have a few cool ones for the boys! I'll be honest, I haven't necessarily browsed the girls section to an extent, but there didn't seem to be any Star Wars shirts in their section. If i had a daughter though, I'd just buy the "boys" shirt, because why not? My son loves Star Wars (I'm so proud!!!), therefore he has a few Star Wars shirts in his collection. So far we have a total of 3 shirts and 2 sets of Star Wars pajamas. In honor of today, my son decided to go for his "classic shirt", to match my "classic shirt". The other 2 are cartoony and adorable. Ps. They sell Star Wars pajamas for adults, children, and babies in the same 3 places I've mentioned. 

2. Special Star Wars Jackets
At Target, they have thee coolest hoodies I've ever seen. My son stuck with the dark side and chose the Darth Vader "eyes hoodie" (also found on Amazon HERE). At Target they are $18.99 and Amazon is a bit more expensive. While you may be able to find them cheaper on Amazon, I'd just do a smidge of research to find the best deal. Take into account shipping as well. At Target I've also seen Yoda, Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, and Kylo Ren hoodies, with the same style, as well. All are awesome, but with my son wanting to be Darth Vader for this past Halloween, he chose that specific hoodie to wear as his costume. He paired it with black sweatpants, which was awesome, because now he can wear his "costume" all year round. Or at least until he grows out of it. These hoodies are warm enough for a mildly cold day, but thin enough for a windy day. Anything colder than a cold fall or windy day, I have him wear a long sleeve underneath. A bonus feature of my son's freaking awesome hoodie, is that it comes with a velcro attached cape! Who doesn't want to walk around with a cape on?! I'm still looking for adult versions of these jackets. While I know that Disney store DOES have a few adult hoodies (saw a Kylo Ren hoodie earlier today), I haven't seen any older characters. If you guys find any Vader, Yoda, or Chewbacca hoodies for adults in this fashion, PLEASE let me know!!!

3. Star Wars Tsum Tsum's 
I've posted about these squishy, soft, cuddly, loveable, stuffed "toys", before. You can read a funny story HERE, about how I got the last released collection. Today was absolutely no different. Disney (US) released a new version of Boba Fett ("scraped" from his battles) in honor of May 4th. So I stood in line, purchased my Tsum Tsum, and went home happy as a pickle. My son even got to do the opening ceremony (he used the force to open the doors), which made me a happy happy momma and him an EXTREMELY happy young padawan. Yes he was in his Darth Vader hoodie, but nonetheless, he's my Jedi in training. These Tsum Tsum's are sold online at, at Target (they sell out in minutes I've been told), and at the Disney store's themselves. I love the experience of standing in line for them, so I choose this option. While Disney does make a wide range of Tsum Tsum's - Pirate's of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Book, Zooptopia, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Friends, etc. - I make it a point to have the Star Wars collection. Disney also sells Star Wars Die Cast figures - which are pretty cool - but I'm more of a cuddler than a looker, therefore Tsum Tsum's make the best display for me. Plus I hug them because they are so flippin cute!!! Just look at them!

4. Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks
While Darth Vader is an idol, Yoda is my spirit animal. I constantly walk around, talking in my best Yoda voice. "Eat dinner you must, dessert after completion you may." Seriously, everything's better in a Yoda voice. While browsing through some interesting Star Wars finds, I came across these Yoda Lightsaber Chopsticks (see HERE). I panicked with the thought of eating sushi without the finest of utensils. This gift would be excellent for anyone wanting to combine their two favorite things, food and Star Wars. To be completely honest, I'll be using these for practically every dish...within reason. They come in different colors as well, in case you aren't necessarily a huge green/Yoda fan: purple, red, and blue. I'm still debating if I should buy every single color. It's so hard to not want them, but I know I can only use one chopstick at a time. One green lightsaber chopstick pair it is! At least until my son masters the art of chopstick using. 

5. Infinity 3.0: Star Wars Edition
Being a video game lover, I ran at the chance to buy the latest Disney Infinity game...for my son...yeah... We haven't bought every character and every land, but eventually we will. They even have certain characters with light up lightsabers! With the infinite amount of possibilities to create whatever Star Wars land you could imagine, this is an amazing game for adults and kids. The figures themselves are detailed and a collection in themselves. My son and I love combining different movies into a magical land, while still defeating Darth Maul as Anakin. I actually laugh silently when we play as Anakin and Vader. Twilight zone anyone? You can purchase these beauties at Target, Walmart,, and my favorite place Toys-R-Us. Yes, "TRU" is a bit expensive, BUT they also do price matching. They also have a ton of sales. Recently they had a sale Buy One Get One for $1. They currently are running a promotion for all Infinity 3.0 Star Wars characters 50% off. With sales, price match, and of course coupons, you can be sure to get a great deal!

6. Darth Vader self stirring mug (and other cooking merchandise)
I first came across this mug at Barnes and Nobles. The fact that is literally stirs itself "using the force", hooked me. I plan on buying them from Amazon (see HERE) for $19.95. I don't quite remember how much it was at B&N, but I do remember making a comment to myself about how it was cheaper online. This mug would make for a perfect coffee lover gift. They also have a self stirring mug with Yoda (see HERE). With this self stirring mug and the Yoda lightsaber chopsticks, you (or the person receiving the gifts) will be ready to set off into the food world. Ps. Amazon has a TON of different Star Wars cooking/food products. For example, R2D2 measuring cups (seen at Amazon HERE and B&N), Darth Vader chef apron (HERE), and a Darth Vader Waffle Maker (HERE). 

Last but not least...

Picture Found HERE
7. The Star Wars movies!
Who wouldn't love a complete collection of the 7 wondrous movies? Whether they only need the 7th movie or need all of them in Blu-Ray for ultimate quality, this would be an awesome gift to allow anyone and everyone to relive the sci-fi magic over and over again! You can find the sets (1-3 & 4-6), along with the newest "Force Awakens", are available at Target, Amazon, Walmart, and almost anywhere you can buy DVD's. Just don't forget price check, again, for the best deal. 

I personally love every item mentioned and think they would make a true Star Wars fan - adult or child - extremely happy. Who doesn't want to stir their chocolate milk using the force, eating sausage with Yoda lightsaber chopsticks, and watching Star Wars: Force Awakens, all while wearing a super cool Star Wars shirt? Crazy people, that's who. 

Full disclosure: I don't think you're crazy if you don't like Star Wars. Everyone's different and some people aren't ginormous fan's. That's ok. Maybe you know someone who is (you probably do) and this will make an excellent list to keep handy for just in case. Birthday's, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day. They creep up before you know it. 

Happy shopping and "May the 4th be with you!"

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