Thursday, May 5, 2016

My horribly hilarious day gone COMPLETELY wrong.

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I will be completely honest with you guys, this is NOT what I had planned to post today, but seeing as how I'm cracking up at how much went wrong today, I figured I'd give you guys a good laugh. Yes a lot of things went array today and some would be furious with the constant misfortune, but I'm literally sitting here laughing at how I just couldn't catch a break today. 

First I woke up to a text that we were not going to be receiving a long awaited visit from someone we were anticipating on seeing. They had some unfortunate circumstances take place and just couldn't make it. I understood, but seeing as how it was 7 am and my son was still asleep, I was a bit annoyed. Not with my friend, but with the fact that for once I was given the chance to sleep past 7, yet I woke up ANYWAYS and couldn't fall to sleep again. 

After getting up, having a glass of water, using the restroom, and snacking on a granola bar, I started to get sleepy once again. So I headed to my room (my son was still asleep) with the hopes that I could get a little more rest. Nope. Within 5 minutes or so, my son was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. He was hyper, hungry, and ready to go. Farewell my beautiful bed.

I made my son his breakfast and started the preparations for my morning cup of coffee, only to be greeted with an empty can of coffee grounds. I had completely forgotten to pay a visit to Trader Joe's yesterday and pick some up. I can't do restaurant/Starbucks coffee, it does NOT agree with my stomach. So no coffee for this momma.

My son expressed his interest in going to the railroad museum for a visit and seeing as how I needed to get out of the house for fresh air, I agreed. We got to the museum only to find out that it didn't open for another hour. Yay for not checking. Oy. We sat at a nearby table playing "I-spy". I was having thee most difficult time focusing and the only thing I could think of was going to Trader Joe's for coffee. This lady opened up her little "coffee cart" directly in eye sight of me and I caved. It was a $6 cup of crappy coffee, but I NEEDED it. 

The time came for us to enter the railroad museum and I had to find a bathroom. My son is pretty easy going so he wasn't peeved, but I was when every freaking bathroom I went to was closed! I went to a total of 3 different locations, far from each other (it felt like an eternity between each one), ending up at one with a VERY judgmental mother. I walked in and was immediately eyeballed up and down. To my surprise (not really), she expressed her opinion verbally to me, by saying "ugh, why do you look like seaweed throw-up". Seeing as how she wasn't going to be helping me with my stomach situation, I walked into the biggest stall and did my business. She was gone when I got out, but I got to thinking. I REALLY hope her little girl doesn't end up being "rebellious". 

We went through the railroad museum without a hitch and headed to the car, only to find out that I left my son's lightsaber in the museum. No clue where though. GAH! We walked back and had to tour the entire museum again, because no one had turned it in. After about another 25 minutes, I found it. I had left it on a bench inside one of the "movie viewing" areas. Thankfully it was dark and no other kids had come across it.

After getting back to the car, I opened up the backseat only to be greeted with beginning stages of mold on my back car seat. I had moved my son's carseat from the right side of the car the left (he wanted a different view) and had placed a few gallons of water on the seat a few days ago. One of them had apparently leaked and I didn't notice. So instead of going home to play and have lunch, I whipped out my son's lunch box full of snacks and headed to Target for a wet/dry shop vac and some cleaning solution for the upholstery. 

When I got there, the employee informed me that they did indeed have hardcore upholstery cleaner, but no wet/dry vacuum. I asked if they thought Lowe's would carry upholstery cleaner and with a short pause, the employee said "yeah I'm pretty sure". I should've bought the darn cleaner while I was there. I went to Lowe's only to be told that they carry a small and durable wet/vac but no upholstery cleaner. After paying, I reached my car keys, with the hard reality that they were locked in my car. A really nice gentleman in the store had AAA, so after about 30 minutes, I had my keys. Ok universe. Funny. Now please stop it! 

I drove BACK to Target, picked up the upholstery cleaner, and headed home to start cleaning before the sun went completely down. At this point in time it was around 3pm. I got everything set up and ready to go. I had a good system down and was making good progress, then the freaking shop vac stopped working. I had to stop what I was doing, read through the entire manual, and ended up having to call the hotline. I found out that something came loose in the vacuum, but with a quick twist of a screwdriver, it was fixed. When it came time to dump out the water, my phone apparently wanted to fall out of my jacket pocket, into the dirty water. Thank god for waterproof phone cases, but still. Dirty. Water. 

The car was clean, I was filthy, and it was getting late. After cleaning up the mess, I headed to the shower only to be doused with freezing cold water. Apparently the hot water heater stopped working. Which of course was fixed AFTER I took my shower. 

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Finally, the day was coming to an end. I was ready to take out my contacts, eat dinner with my son, and rest. Well, dropped a contact down the sink drain. My son's pizza came out great, mine was half burnt, because I pushed it too far back in the toaster oven. I spilled my water all over the floor because I'm an exhausted klutz. I STILL forgot Trader Joe's coffee and I forgot to get quarters for laundry tomorrow. Then I sat down to do my blog, only to be hit with massive writers block after the entire days mishaps. 

No they weren't that bad. No they didn't leave me scarred. Yes I'm freaking tired. Therefore, I'm going to bed with high hopes for tomorrow. I'm not completely bummed about today, because it's funny to me. Plus some good things did happen. I found enough quarters for a load of laundry, I found an extra granola bar, I'm almost finished with my new book and I have another one waiting to be read, my SDGE bill came and I received a $3.00 credit instead of having to owe them this month, AND I had a chocolate bar. It IS the little things you know. 

Here's to a better Friday, at home, like a hermit, with board games and delivery. Except of course for my Friday A-Z Food Challenge. 

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