Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I took the plunge and went back in time.

With all the technology surrounding us, I find it important to unplug and take some time to see the world for what it is. One way how I've been wanting to unplug, is simply by cutting out the immediate messaging and writing down a personalized letter in an attempt to make friends. Granted most people back in the day probably only wrote to loved ones and friends that they already know, but I think a written note can express so much more than a monotone text message. 

Now, I've been skeptical about this, as I didn't know where to start looking for penpals. I've made the attempt to have my current friends take part in this "past time", but seeing as how most people just find it time consuming and understandably a burden, it didn't work out too well. This isn't too much of a surprise as I figured they would be busy exploring the world - lucky ducks - so I took it upon myself to search for possible candidates. 

Randomly I scrolled through Instagram tags and typed in "penpals", which led me to two wonderfully sweet woman from different areas of the world. I will admit that I did a little check on their Instagram pages, to make sure they were actual people. Thankfully they were. 

I simply sent them a heartfelt message explaining that I really wanted to make a penpal and to my surprise I received a very generous "yes" from both of them! My heart jumped for joy as I had officially taken the plunge in what I hope to be a lifelong friendship. 

To me, learning details about someone through a piece of paper with words carefully drawn upon them, is much  more intimate than sending an electronic message that can easily be deleted in seconds. This may be my old soul talking, but for me it seems like an experience worth having. 

For those not sure what's the big deal with writing letters, let's talk about the amazing artistic side! You can add creative doodles, colorful drawings, intricate designs, and have an excuse to buy more craft supplies!

Interested? I'll be perfectly honest with you, finding a penpal can be a tad dangerous. I'm sure there are websites, but you have to be careful with who you allow to have your address. Of course having a P.O. box would greatly decrease this risk, but not necessarily eliminate it. 

You could always try to the method I chose and browse through Instagram or perhaps if you are part of a supportive Facebook group, you could search there. I'm apart of a "hippie family" group and I've seen quite a few requests for penpals. I didn't go this route, as many of them were younger and I crave a wiser mind. Even if they are only wiser by a year. Finding an old soul can be hard, but it isn't impossible. The first thing you can always do is of course ask you friends. If you live away from home, perhaps writing to your mom or sibling could benefit you. 

To me, this gives me a creative outlet, a unique experience, and a chance to see the world through someone else's eyes. It's refreshing to write down my feelings with the knowledge that someone who has a fresh pair of eyes will soon read my thoughts and provide a separate view that I possibly could've never imagined. I'm barely at the start of this journey, but I can't wait to continue this "ancient" way of conversation. 

Sometimes unplugging and writing down your inner thoughts for someone else to read is exactly what you need to find out who you are. For me, it's that I'm not as young as my age. I'm an old soul who appreciates the simplicity that life has to offer, while this world speeds by with technological advances. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to write down my soul. 

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