Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Top 3 "Must Watch" shows/movie to see this June!

Ahh June. The start of Summertime madness here in the USA. In San Diego - and probably a few other places around the country - June also means the infamous "Del Mar Fair". A wonderful place filled with Sriracha corn dogs, pig races, and rides galore. 

Even though the sun will (or should) be shinning soon, you may not be interested in dealing with the scorching heat, busy beaches, and bugs galore. Understandable. So to help you guys still have an amazing month of June indoor, I thought I'd give you guys some highly anticipated shows to look forward too! So without further ado, here's the top 3 shows to watch for the month of June! 

1. Pretty Little Liars Season 6 & 7: June 2nd & June 21st - Pretty Little Liars is a favorite show of mine. It's full of drama, a young adult story line, and a twisted mystery bigger than you could imagine. The amount of suspense every fan goes through each week (when aired on TV), it keeps us all intrigued for the next episodes to come. If you haven't ever seen the show, don't worry. You can catch up with all the seasons on Netflix, with the latest season (Season 6) being released in Netflix. Weeks before the newest Season (Season 7), airing on Freeform (previously ABC Family) on June 21st! I've gotten my uncle hooked, so you can bet on us having a mini food party for the premiere! 

2. Orange Is The New Black Season 4: June 17th - This is my favorite Netflix show and I have a severe love/hate relationship with it. I absolutely love the prison story filled with constant unfolding drama, psychotic breakdowns, deception, and of course adult content. No I don't mean sex - yes that's part of it too. I mean prison fights! Some petty, some brutal. I hate it, because It draws to me to binge watch all-night long and within 2 days I've watched them all. Leaving me OITNB-less for another year! Doesn't mean I'm going to stop binge watching. All well, I'm still binge watching it. 

3. Finding Dory: June 17th - Before you've started your OITNB sessions (or after, I don't judge), you can go to theaters and watch the number one movie for the month of June (at last for my son and I) that finally comes out! When I first heard about the Finding Nemo sequel, I freaked in disbelief. When I saw the trailer, I squealed with so much excitement, my son thought I had lost my marbles. Not only is it coming out, IT'S BEING RELEASED IN 3D!!! Yes of course you can watch it without the added price of the experience, which is probably what we will do at the drive in, but having the option is amazing. The other glorious added bonus to having Disney release a very much needed sequel, is the beautiful memorabilia all over the stores! Fishies!!!!!!!! I have a feeling my reaction will be just as exciting when Ice Age 5 and Tarzan come out next month! Oh the wonderful things to watch. 

Prefer a screen instead of the real world? Need something to do while vacationing on the beach? Just needed to know the premiere dates for your favorite shows? Well there you go my fellow tv lovers! Another show you may be interested is a show I previously wrote about (see HERE) called "Wentworth". While it doesn't premiere in June - season 4 started in May - they do have weekly episodes in June! You may have to google search how to watch, as it's an Australia show, but you can find it online! 

Stock up on snacks, make a feast, get comfortable, and binge watch like you've never binge watched before! 

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