Wednesday, June 8, 2016

When electronics attack.

This is not the post I initially intended to give you guys. I had an entire array of pictures ready to be shown off and stories of magnificence to be told. Unfortunately my laptop's charger had something else in mind. After plugging in my laptop, the charger exploded. No charger, no laptop. No laptop, no photos. 

I'm currently using my iPad, so please bare with me. Trust me, I'm NOT very happy about this, but I can't really do much about this situation until tomorrow. My son's asleep, so taking him out to buy a charger seems a bit ridiculous, even though it's killing me inside to not be able to show you guys our awesome day! 

Yes, we went to the Del Mar Fair today. Yes, I took photos of everything and I have stories galore. Yes, I'm extremely excited, but I can't do it today. 

My blogger app doesn't want to allow me to add pictures and write around them, nor is the actual website on the iPad. Which is why I added the picture without pure perfection. To be honest, I'll probably fix it tomorrow after I run to Best Buy and purchase a new charger in the morning. 

Regardless, I wanted to talk to you guys today and tell you all that I am SOOOO sorry for this ultimately problem. I WILL do an amazing post tomorrow about the Del Mar Fair and I WILL put my heart and soul into it. 

Hopefully your guys' Wednesday has been just as amazing as ours, minus the whole laptop charger blowing up. 

Also, don't ever get too close to the charger to immediately unplug it. Try to do it from a decent distance, as quickly as possible. I made the mistake of just reaching over to unplug the fire hazard and received a spark to the hand. No worries, I'm fine. Peeved that my charger betrayed me, but that's all part of the blogger life hazards. Luckily my son was no where near and I was able to eliminate any threat. 

So be sure to check in tomorrow when I will definitely have the Del Mar Fair post put up. Again, I'm sorry guys. The electronics attacked and I had to admit defeat for the night. While I begin to accept that my planned post for the day is purely a fail, I will "sulk" with Vanilla ice-cream and "Brother VS Brother" on HGTV. At least my Roku and fridge treat me well. Love you all and thank you for understanding! 

UPDATE: I fixed the picture! 

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