Monday, June 13, 2016

Why everyone deserves peace.

In light of the recent tragedies in Florida (Christina Grimmie and the Pulse club massacre), I felt it necessary to explain why we all indeed deserve peace regardless our backgrounds, lifestyles, and/or race. I may not be a big time blogger, a huge influence on many, or have a loud voice, but I - like all those who were brutally killed - have a voice. 

Today Hillcrest in San Diego came together to partake in a beautiful vigil to support and show love to those who have been tormented by these senseless acts. Unfortunately, due to pain from my recent extraction, I was unable to attend. I watched the beautiful occasion on a live broadcast and found two wonderfully kind people on Instagram, who were generous enough to give me permission to use their photographs in today's post. I've included their links under their photographs if you wish to see the original photo. 

I was not directly affected by this tragedy, but it does not mean I don't care. I still believe that we all deserve peace. 

Every single day a beautiful child is born. That child will forever remain an innocent being in the eyes of their mother. The mother who not only raised them, but loved them endlessly. 

Every single day people are given an opportunity to create good in the world no matter what their past tore down. 

Every single day we as a humanity are given a chance to see each other as humans, as equals, as family.
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When you begin to divide each person into a category, you divide yourself. You limit your possibilities and you close the door to yourself.

When you deny a gay man or woman to love as they choose and create a family, you decide to close the door on a child's future. A child who could've loved them as their own parents. 

When you deny a transgender human the chance to use the facilities freely, you deny them humanity. You deny them kindness. You turn yourself into a monster.

We all have monsters. We all have demons. We all have problems. We all have issues. But they are all fixable. That is, unless you divide. 

That woman who saved your son's life, the woman who helped feed your mother, the woman who informed you of your husband's well-being with compassion and support. She was gay. She laid with a woman. She defied your "laws". She stepped beyond your door. She was disgraced numerous times and yet she was a genuine human. 

That man who helped you find justice, the man that made it possible for you to make ends meet after your accident, the man that stood in front of a jury and fought for you. He was transgender. He was born a woman and went through the painful process of having his identity altered. He defied your "laws". He stepped beyond your door. He was disgraced numerous times and yet he was still a genuine human. 

They hold the same bones as you and I. They hold the same beginning as you and I. They hold stories like you and I. They deserve peace like you and I. 

So if you choose to no longer accept healthcare, and you no longer choose to accept justice, and you no longer choose to be a human, divide away. Divide us all. Divide yourself.

Photographer: Nathan French Photography, Link HERE
If you choose to be kind (like God has asked us), if you choose to love (like God always will), if you choose to accept help and pass it on (like God does), then just give peace. 

The LGBT family doesn't ask you to join their movement. They don't expect you to support them. They don't demand you become gay or trans. They only want to be free. They only want to be given the same courtesy they give you and your family. The same courtesy that saved your children, that protected your family, that wished you well. 

I support LGBT and I deserve peace. I'm not gay. I'm not trans. I'm human. I deserve to walk down the street without fear of being killed for my support of peace. I deserve to hug a woman without being viciously catcalled. I deserve to cry for ALL lives lost without being ridiculed. I deserve peace. You deserve peace. Trans deserve peace. Gays deserve peace. Lesbians deserve peace. Bis deserve peace. Children deserve peace. 

The same children that were brought here like you and I. The same children who grew to be the men and woman of our community. The same children who protect yours, even after the evil. 

We as a human race deserve to have peace and after this atrocious tragedy, we as a human race will stand stronger. If you so choose to divide, you will be trapped in a closed box filled with evil, stale air, looking out at the joy and peace. You will destroy yourself while we are in peace.

I'd like to extend my deepest sympothy to all those who have been affected and/or suffered from this - or any - tragedy. I pray for you, your family, your friends, your loved ones, and your children. No matter if you don't agree with me or if you are part of the LGBT family, you deserve peace.

We are a big world with big dreams, big religions, big cultures, and big hearts. Whether the hearts are filled with evil or good, just know that as long as we don't divide, we will have peace. 

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