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5 Reason's to Love Jessica Fletcher just as much as Nancy Drew!

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2 weeks ago I did a post about why everyone should play (and love) Nancy Drew. If you haven't already read it, do so now HERE and then come back. Don't worry I'll wait.... Done? Perfect. Now that you've fallen deeply in love with Nancy Drew and grown to see her as a hero, I have to introduce you to another role model that deserves equal love. She is someone I hold near and dear to my heart. Someone I grew up watching (yes I understand that she was "out of my time", but I still grew up watching her) and truly admire to this day. In fact, I aspire to be her in every way. Her name is Jessica Fletcher and her game is murder. "Murder She Wrote" to be exact. She was a beloved novel writer/amateur detective, who helped solve murders from 1984 to 1996. Regardless of her how old her show is, it's still a show that is well written and extremely loved! You can actually see all 12 seasons on Netflix and you better believe we (my uncle and I with the occasional addition of my son) are watching every single episode, trying to guess the killer before the ending. 

In case you need some convincing on why you should truly admire Mrs. Fletcher (Angela Lansbury), here are 5 reason's to get you hooked!

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1. Her sleuthing skills are on point!
Not only does "Murder She Wrote" give you all the clues to solve the case, but Mrs. Fletcher provides enough breakdown and brainstorming to give you the opportunity to actually solve the case yourself. Also, when she sleuths, she's not crazy dramatic or unrealistic. To be honest, I'd do the same thing.

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2. She goes deep undercover. 
She's played a drunken fool aboard a cruise ship, a hillbilly circus lover, and a super rich recluse. All include an intricate get-up with accents and attitudes to match. Of course the real Jessica Fletcher is as sweet as cheescake, but that doesn't mean she can't convince you of otherwise!

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3. Her wardrobe is pure perfection. 
I may be 25 years old, but I am already creating a "to buy" list for when I'm older. Like 15 years older. Yes I do realize that I'll only be 40 -no that's not old- but I truly do think her style is something I can comfortably rock. That's right, I'm going back in time and I'm going to "Fletcher-up" my entire attire. Why? Because yes. She's fashionable, professional, and glamorous while being conservative. 

4. Her "can-do" attitude keeps you on track.
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No matter the amount of doubtful haters she comes into contact with, she proves them all wrong while doing things with a smile, her way. She has dealt with pissed off police, horrendous thugs, pompous rich folk, and intrusive reporters. Regardless, she always waltzes right up to the crook and proves them why they won't be getting away. She lays down the facts and with her classy sass, tells them exactly how they screwed up! You know, besides the whole "killing" deed. 
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5. She lives the good life.
With gorgeous vacations, a life filled with adoring family and friends, and episodes filled with "not quite famous" celebs. Of course they aren't seen as celebrities (she does of course meet with "celebrities" for her cases) but they are to us civilians. She lives in a small town, surrounded by serene peace, and writes stories for a living. Who DOESN'T want to live like that?!

All in all, Jessica Fletcher is an independent woman, even after loosing her beloved husband, and is making the world a safer place, one solved murder at a time. With all her descriptive outline to why these murderers are slip-up idiots, she gives us all the life skills to solve a real life mystery. Well, maybe not a murder, but we are certainly more equipped to figure out who ate the last cookie in the middle of the night! 

So if you are looking for a grown-up Nancy Drew show and want to watch a really well-written show from beginning to end, with an inspirational hero as the lead character, "Murder She Wrote" is the show for you!                                                                        

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