Monday, July 11, 2016

A weekend of celebration!!!

My beautiful little padawan turned the big "5" today. I can't believe it, I'm a mother to a 5 year old boy. Geeze, time flies faster than I could've ever imagined. Of course this is a joyous occasion, so I had to do my best to give him the best birthday I could. I implemented my "money saving techniques", but I surely didn't hold back! 

Friday I briefly explained our day with a close personal friend of mine. In the process, my son got a walking "Max" dog - from the movie "Secret Life of Pets" - and an additional Star Wars play set for Disney Infinity 3.0. He was also able to pick out a restaurant to eat at - Lazy Dog, great burgers - and then went to get frozen yogurt for dessert. It was a relaxing yet exciting day. My son surely enjoyed it, as he couldn't stop expressing his excitement for his gifts. When my son went to sleep, I decorated the entire wall for my son's birthday in his chosen theme. Star Wars - also check in tomorrow for a really cool tutorial on how I made intricate decorations for under $20! This mother was so proud! 

Saturday we met up with family friends and took Micah to his first ever movie theater experience. I have to admit, I was a little worried as we'd never experienced it before, which leaves me with anxiety. I don't intend to ever shelter my child, but I was nervous he wouldn't enjoy himself, it would be too loud, or simply a waste of money. It was the complete opposite. We watched "The Secret Life of Pets" - stay tuned for a review of this movie on Wednesday -  and left with smiles all around. No complaints, no unhappy kids. We were able to sit in the exact center of a wonderful movie theater - Hazard Center Mission Valley - where the seats were not only comfortable, but the room was much bigger than what I've experienced. We also were able to watch the matinee, which left us only paying $12 for both of us! I will admit we snuck in some snacks - my son is allergic to certain oils and peanuts so severely, I didn't want to risk it - but we did purchase drinks. He brought his little robot "Max" with us to the theater and proudly showed off his little pal. We even had enough room all around for little Max to get his very own seat. Afterwards we all went back to our house to enjoy some play time and pizza. I also prepared us all some bowls of delicious ice cream. Overall the entire experience left me filling up with tears, as my son re-told his entire day to me with such enthusiasm. I was so glad he was having fun and the weekend wasn't even over yet!

Sunday - yesterday - my dad and his girlfriend came over to celebrate with the birthday boy. We ate some delicious chicken wings, opened presents - he got a learning book, a backpack for his upcoming school year, and 101 magic tricks. He LOVES magic - and then proceeded to Boomers where we played 36 holes of mini golf. It was my son's very first time at mini golf, but something long awaited. He has his own personal, plastic mini golf set for home and has always wanted to try it for real. My son did amazingly and really took to it quickly. Gosh the pictures of his smiles made everything worth is and the best part was it was only $10 for unlimited mini golf. Once we all finished, my son and I said our goodbyes to my dad and his girlfriend, and began the wind down. My son - again - excitedly told me how much fun he had with each and every hole, which ones were his favorite, and how he absolutely can not wait ti'll he gets to do it all again. 

Today was my son's actual birthday, so I let him decided everything. We learned new magic tricks from his 101 magic pack, headed to the Disney store - he got some birthday money and wanted to find something special - where he got a special broadcast on the big screen. He was so smiley when they sang "happy birthday" to him. We also went to the Lego store - where he purchased a Ninjago flyer and got free lego sets, Build-A-Bear Workshop - he just like's to look, Gipetto's Toy Store - again, just looked around, and then went to Barnes and Nobles to look at Funko Pop's. He didn't find anything he really wanted, so he purchased a "Finding Nemo blind bag". Our last stop on his expedition was Target. There he purchased a Darth Maul character for Disney Infinity 3.0. With all his wonderful gifts in hand, we finally went home where he got to test out his new Infinity character. On the way we picked up our free Slurpees, seeing as how it is "national free slurpee day" (7/11). My son was so happy and told me this was his best birthday ever. He got so many adoring text messages and phone calls wishing him happy birthday, along with freebies from all around town. Needless to say, he is now passed out, squeezing Max, Ninjago flyer close by, and ready to take on the age of 5. 

I have to say, today was a very bitter-sweet day for me. While I absolutely loved giving my son a very special 5th birthday and conquered new adventures with him, I just can't believe he's already 5 years old. 5 years of fun, learning, exploring, mommy/son time. 5 years of being a single mom to the greatest little blessing I've ever been given. 5 years of wishing he'd stay little forever, but graciously accept his constant growing. I wouldn't change a single day of these past 5 years. 

So here's to many more years with my angel and to the beginning of so many new adventures and memories. Not only does the age of 5 bring on height growth - which means more rides can be ridden - but it also means Kindergarten. My sugar muffin is growing up and God only knows what's to come. 

I love you little munchkin. You're a pain in the patootie sometimes and you wake up WAY to early, but I wouldn't change you for the world. You are my breath, my soul, my love, my everything. Happy Birthday baby boy. 

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