Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How to make ANY pair of jeans fit like a gem!!!

First of all, I am not a professional seamstress. I am not amazingly descriptive. I do try my best and I know what I've personally attempted, therefore I now what works for me. I also do add pictures to try and help you guys out the best I can. With all this being said, here is my simple tutorial on how to make any pair of jeans fit like a gem!

Do you ever find yourself struggling to find a good pair of jeans that actually fit your waist, hips, and thighs, without spending a fortune? Trust me you're not alone. I too tend to spend way more time than needed to find a scent pair of pants that won't give me a muffin top or a back gap. After giving up jeans/pants all together and using leggings as the basis for my wardrobe, I've decided to figure out how to alter Goodwill jeans to be a perfect fit. I've finally figured it out. 

There are quite a few tips on the Internet - mostly Pinterest - that give you an edge in the Jean world, but I'm here to explain my easy tip that worked exquisite for me. 

First you'll need a pair of pants that fit everywhere, except your waist. Make sure they aren't expensive pants that you'll be upset about being cut up (and possibly ruined as this can take a little trial and error). Fortunately it only took me one try, but that was because I knew to cut short. Remember, you can always take off more, you can't add it back on.

You'll also need a few safety pins, a marker, some thread, a needle, and a pair of trusty scissors. 

Put your future lovelies on and taunt them in a way that they actually fit. Squeeze each side of your jeans to create a snug fit - not too tight -  and make marks on the inside of the jeans with your marker, to show where the jeans should be sewn together. Keep in place using safety pins. Try to have the "pinched" sections end up close to the outer seam. It will be a lot less noticeable than if you were to sew a line in a completely different area. 

Proceed to sew OUTSIDE of the lines, to give a bit added room. Try the jeans BEFORE you cut off the extra fabric, to double check that you've gotten the correct fit. If you feel it's too tight, you can always rip out the stitches carefully and re-sew. You don't necessarily need to use a sewing machine. I did this by hand. 

Once you've become satisfied with the fit, simply cut off any extra fabric. You may notice that you have a tiny little "point" on the side of your pants, but this can easily be fixed. Simply put on your jeans, fold the point in, up, and under where you sewed your pinched section (I'm sorry if my description isn't that accurate. Hopefully the photos will help) and sew a small knot to secure on the inside. This will "tuck" the point into the inside, giving you a very small section that no longer requires any additional altering. 

This entire procedure is really a way for you to alter your jeans in a fashion that will suit your body best. Unfortunately not every company understands that not every body type is perfect or similar. This will give you a bit more freedom. 

With everything tightly sewn together, you really can't tell a huge difference. Especially when you wear a shirt over the top section of your jeans. Even if you tuck in your shirt, it isn't noticeable. If someone happens to mention it - and they aren't your significant other or kids - tell them they are WAY to close. 

For me this ended up being an awesome trick that I literally use for all my jeans now. I don't like "hip-huggers", but I don't necessarily go for "high wasted" either. I simply go for what's most comfortable and fits the best. The wonderful part about this easy fix is that now I don't have to pass up on a gorgeous pair of cheap thrift jeans, just because of a minor problem that can now be easily fixed! 

I gotta say, these pants in particular have become my new favorite - and extremely comfortable - pair of jeans! Who knows, maybe I'll actually add a few more pairs to my VERY small collection!

So go out there and rock those pants, because you can TOTALLY fit in them now!!!

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