Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Secret Life of Pets Review : is this movie worth the hype?

For a few months I had seen the previews for "Secret Life of Pets" with high expectations. I even made plans with a close family friend of mine, to take all the kiddos to see S.L.O.P. together - her kids and my son. We were all laughing with the previews (especially the Christmas ones) and had such excitement when the release day finally came. Of course we didn't go on that Friday, but we did go the following day for the first showing. 

My son had a "Max" walking dog and a mini "Max", which he brought with him to see the film. It was not only a much anticipated movie for all of us, but it was also my son's very first time EVER going to a movie theater! 

We made our way to perfect seats and with our giddy smiles, began to watch what I thought would be an amazing movie. Question is, were my expectations TOO high?

Absolutely not. I really loved the movie. It was a very wholesome movie about animals and how they live while their owners are away. Personally I thought it would be a giant comedy about how each animal acts, but in reality it actually had a theme and a story line. With my previous thoughts in mind, I still feel this movie was well worth it. 

I don't want to give too much away, as I do think you should go see it - with or without the kids, but I will say this, it's not a full blown comedy. S.L.O.P. had moments of love, seriousness, hilarious adventures, and a bit of sad moments. Plenty of "aww" scenes as well. Overall I truly felt that with the transition of each story, played and fixed into one plot line, was very well written and well shown. 

I like animals, so seeing this movie truly made me laugh. My son and my friends kids were laughing and giggling as well. With loveable characters and funny lines, I think this movie will be a "buy" for me. 

I also think that this movie was worth the hype. I do think it brought on the "feel" I was hoping for and I truly enjoyed it. The fact that my 5 year ACTUALLY sat down through thee entire film without any issues at all, really says a lot. He didn't even sit down for the entire length of "The Minion Movie". Of course we were watching it at home, so he probably didn't feel the need to watch it calmly on the couch, but still. Even my close personal friend was impressed with how well he did. 

If he can focus and laugh for the entire film, I think it's something WELL worth the hype. I may not be a professional movie reviewer - heck this was my first movie theater in over 6 years - but I do watch films. I really loved this movie and I say get out there and fall in love with Max and all his friends. You'd be surprised how hilarious a poodle can be. 

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