Monday, July 18, 2016

Racism through these eyes.

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For some time now the world has shown an overabundance of racial hate in rapid progression. Slurs being thrown about as if they are merely "hello's". Killings displayed all over our screen's as if it's as common as the daily weather, only because of "difference". For generations we've struggled intermittently with the bias some have towards others. With favoritism of race running rampant in a wide variety of jurisdictions, not just police stations. With this in mind, I have to admit that I feel as if I am truly privileged. 

I am a Caucasian woman to many who see me walk with no words. I am half Mexican and half Caucasian to those who understand. I do not display either race in a prominent style using clothing or makeup, as a way that many do unknowingly or viciously. I do not fall under either category through the eyes of some of each race. I am a "white washed little girl" to a few who's culture I adore. I am a "dirty migrant disgrace" to a few whom I resemble most. My skin "defines" me to a degree with those who are blessed with sight, but my skin does not define me with those who are blessed with a heart. 

I do not depict the "average" victim of racism, but that does not mean the words don't run cold through my veins. I do not play "the role" of someone who's been verbally abused for their "inconvenient" skin color. I do not seem like the person who would have personal experience with racism to a degree of pure sorrow, but in fact I have and I am. 

They say family does not always mean blood, but I will say that family does mean respect regardless of situation. I stand with those who deserve respect and honor, regardless of acquaintance, for your blood and soul deserve it just as you are. I - unfortunately - haven't always found that this runs true to everyone, even those I've known personally for 25 years. 

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Today I was given the opportunity to experience first hand what it felt like to be truly judged as a whole person with multiple races, by someone who understood. I was shown the cruel reality that is settling in our nations soul, in fact the worlds. I was told that because I am of Mexican decent, I run the blood of a thief. Someone who is vial and a user, when in reality it was I who was used. I stood with someone whose heart was ripped out by an untimely death that deeply affected my inner being as well. I gave my own peace of mind in an attempt to help those as meaningfully as possible. I did as the one whose demise left me internally paralyzed, would have. Due to my race, this meant nothing. This purely meant convenience for someone who saw me as just that. Now that my help is no longer of necessity, I am not worthy. 

I can not say I experience this hatred every waking moment or in depth as those who are currently in putrid war truly have. I can not say that I am one to watch a family member be persecuted because the sun shines differently upon their flesh. I can not say that my color defines every action I do with a misrepresentation. I can say that this isn't my first time with a pile of words running cold throughout me, due to the racist statement. 

I've watched this world tear apart at those who have merely been brought to this earth as everyone else. I understand that the mentality is vastly different due to demographics and ancestry, but what I don't understand is why they choose to forgo the pain they have suffered themselves. I know evil is in humanity, but humanity is not evil.

White does not define a racist, just as a black does not define a criminal. Actions speak louder than words, so when we see a human determined to fight for their rights peacefully, perhaps we should look within ourselves to depict the correct determination of those persons. 

Racism feels like you are alone. Like you are someone who has a worth far less than those who call upon you as trash. Something disposable. As if you aren't a human, but property. You begin to fuel hatred and fear, for your offspring may someday feel this within themselves. Racism is the action of hatred, something that is taught. To see racism is an attribute that we should truly strive to end in every corner. To experience racism is to momentarily pause our actions, but eventually push us to the brink of power. Power to end hate and spread the knowledge of humanity. 

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My personal venture into ending this monstrosity is something that can not be taught nor can it described. It's something silent, but powerful. Something I will forever continue to give and give, until my blood has stopped cold. I may not speak often of my commitments nor will I begin to defend my actions to my choices. I can say is that it's peaceful, quiet, and last's forever. I will spread love and acceptance will a strong force that can't be represented on the television. I do stand instead of sit and I surely don't write this without clear action.

Racism burns in every region, not just one continent or country. We struggle together, therefore we can strive together. 

Regardless our tones, we are not crayons. We are not symbols. We are not skin. We are blood, bones, and soul. We are the human race, just as the dictionary defines it. So to define it differently is to go against the only definition. Human beings.

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