Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Weekly Thrift Store Finds!!!

I spend more time at Goodwill than I'd like to admit. 90% of my wardrobe is from Goodwill and believe you me, I am not ashamed one bit. You wouldn't believe how many amazing finds I've found for extremely cheap! Well, you would if you've seen my wardrobe post (see HERE) or thrift store post (see HERE). The way I keep my mild obsession going full throttle, is by selling old clothes that I've grown tiresome with and using ONLY that money to indulge my Goodwill shopping trips. I have to say, I've been extremely successful doing this trick, because majority of the time I sell the clothes for a few dollars more than what I've spent on them. I do this with furniture as well, purely for Goodwill trips. So far, so good.

Well, this week wasn't any different. Except of course for the clothing selection. I swear, I think someone threw out at least 30 pairs of "Lucky Brand" jeans! I was shocked seeing as how some can run as much as $100!!! Including the pair that I purchased for myself!

I sold 2 of my old jeans from Forever 21, because unfortunately they just weren't holding up to my standards. They didn't fit correctly, so I gave up trying to squeeze into them. Granted I don't really wear jeans too often, but I'd like them to fit when I do. I purchased the jeans for only $7 a piece and sold them for $10 each. May only be a $6 profit total, but trust me with thrift store shopping, $6 can mean 2 shirts! Which it did for me. 

After selling my 2 pairs of jeans, I decided I was going to need a trip to Goodwill, because I was left with only 1 pair of dark jeans. Someone threw out a china cabinet with glass shelves, in really good condition. Lights included! So I picked it up, took it home, disinfected it, and sold it for $75!!! That was plenty to have a good day at Goodwill! Of course I didn't spend that much - the rest is going for my son to get new sandals and movie night for us, with money still left over. 

With my $20 from selling my old jeans and the $75 from the china cabinet, I headed to Goodwill with a mission.

My first find was a pair of beautiful pants from "Lucky Brand". They fit excellent in the waist and was a little loose - the comfortable kind of loose - everywhere else. That was the "fit" they were meant to be. Excellent in my book. They were comfy, fit well, and were a really nice wash. I looked online and found the exact same jeans going for over $100, only $15 at Goodwill and in amazing condition! Almost like new! You better believe I scooped them up so quick. I browsed through the other "Lucky Brand" jeans, but I chose to not purchase anymore for that price, as I wanted to try and save a bit more. I ended up finding a pair of jeans of really good quality and fit beyond belief! They were fit everywhere and made my butt look good! Let's be realistic, who doesn't want their jeans to make their butt look good? Am I right?! Better than my butt looking fantastic, they were only $5. So in my shopping cart they went.

My other 3 purchases were all shirts. Ironically 3 different shades of blue. Not intentional, but all loved. One was even a brand of Forever 21, all were $3. Enough 3's? 

One is almost a steel blue with a blouse type material in the front, but cotton in the back. The sleeves were so cute that I couldn't resist. The second one resembles a sapphire blue and is that blouse material all over. It has a small black zipper on the back at the top. The third one is a midnight blue shirt with "off-white" stripes and designs. To me it reminded me of a summery sailor shirt and the fact that it had shoulder pads just tickled me pink. Yes I enjoy a good shoulder pad. 

All three are very light weight and work perfectly dressed up with a skirt, nice pants, or shorts. They can also be casual with jeans or jean shorts. It's awesome to find shirts that I can get multi-use out of. I know that these clothes may look a little...weird on the hangers, but trust me they are very flattering when worn. 

The pants for me were an absolute must for me, but the shirts were mini "splurges". With a total of $29, I was more than pleased with my buys! I did leave a few things behind that weren't necessary - an antique soup bowl, a windbreaker, and a purse - but I don't regret it one bit. With the extra funds left, my son and I are going to plan for a movie date to see "Finding Dory". The tickets will only cost us $12 total, so the left over money will be used as "good boy money" for when my son does his chores. 

Yes, he works for his toys. If it isn't his birthday or Christmas, I don't think it's needed. So, he does chores, saves up, and makes his own decisions. 

Overall I'm in love with today's finds and I couldn't be happier. I still can't believe I found a pair of "Lucky Brand" jeans for $15!!! And they're comfortable?! Say WHAT?! 

It just goes to show, you don't have to go retail to find beautiful clothes. Besides, shopping at Goodwill means you're doing your part to recycle! Honestly, I haven't shopped retail for myself in almost 5 years and my only regret is not doing it sooner! I have even found BRAND NEW shirts for my son, WITH tags. I do buy my son clothes retail, only because the Goodwill close to us seems to have very limited kids clothes, but I'm not complaining. 

I'm in love with Goodwill and I'll never stop!!!!

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