Thursday, July 7, 2016

What A Freaking Fantastic Day. Insert Sarcasm.

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I have bad days just like everyone else. I've even written about them in my blog posts. Well today was filled with frustration. To be perfectly honest I expect a bad day at least once a week. Thankfully I don't have a bad day EVERY week, but I know the universe likes to test my inner strength and peace. Today was definitely a test in my ability to keep calm and collected.

Throughout the night starting around 2am, nearby neighbors decided it was a good time to get into a rather loud quarrel. Not just a simple tiff, no. A full out yelling battle of who was in the wrong. Of course they were drunk -an obvious observation when you listened to the slurred speech between them- and decided that nobody in the neighborhood deserved to be left out of the conversation. Oh how nice of them. This went on until about 4am, when someone finally got fed up and decided the police should handle the situation. It wasn't me -although I certainly reserved the right to do just that- but quite frankly I'm surprised someone didn't call sooner. 

Once the commotion settled, I was up. There was no going back to sleep -darn insomnia- as I had been lying in bed helpless to my unsettled noggin and the noise that filled it. I decided to give in and start my day. I made some coffee, watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote", and ate a bowl of cereal. 

Without any relief from exhaustion and not being able to join my sweetly slumbering son, I chose to take a shower to hopefully find some energy. Oh I found the energy alright, when I slipped and fell in the shower! That will wake anyone right up! I sat on the floor of the tub thinking, "so, it's going to be one of THOSE days". 

I tried people. I really tried. I wanted to be as optimistic and upbeat as possible. I wanted to have high hopes that maybe this morning was just a simple fluke and things would pick up. If I remain positive, things will start to look up right? Well, hopefully that theory will prove correct for tomorrow, because today it certainly did not. 

My son's birthday is on Monday, so I decided to head out for a few decorations to get ahead of the weekend crowds. Well on the way to the store, there was some sort of police activity right in front of my house, restricting me from moving. "Fine, I'll wait". 

Then I decided to make some spaghetti for lunch. I finished preparing my son's and when I went to grab my bowl, my clumsy self knocked over my entire bowl and spilled everything on the kitchen floor. The best part? It was the last of the spaghetti. Do you know how bad it feels to crave something, make it, grab a bowl ready to devour it, and then spill it? ALL OF IT! It's as painful as stepping on a damn Lego.

After my lunch issues, I began to prepare to do some laundry only to find that the laundry mat was full and there was a "line" of clothes baskets waiting their turn. Nope, not dealing with that. 

The police were done with their business and we were able to leave, so we headed to Walmart and Dollar Tree to find some decorations. Of course the colors of streamers I needed were sold out, the balloons were the wrong shade of blue (Star Wars themed party), and they didn't have any cupcake liners. SERIOUSLY! Is this "mess with momma day"? 

I left with a few things I needed, with the idea of checking out Target tomorrow after grocery shopping. As I began walking to my car, in my white chucks, after they had been freshly cleaned, I stepped in dog poop. Unfortunately Walmart is directly next to PetSmart and I was too distracted to watch where I was going. Greaaaaaaat. 

I took my shoes off, wiped off what I could with wipes, and drove home barefoot. I immediately cleaned and soaked my shoes when I got home, but when I headed to the kitchen for my cleaning supplies, I saw my brand new Venus Fly Trap had been blown off the windowsill and fell onto our carpet. Dirt was everywhere, my fly trap was crunched, and a few parts had broken off. Lovely. 

I shrugged everything off and just decided to give my son his monthly haircut. Yes I do it myself, because I can do the same style as the hairstylist for free. I simply trace the lines from his previous haircut and it's fine. It may not be perfect down to the last strand of hair, but it does well. Well this time I decided to just trim the top and not shave the sides, but of course I snipped in an area that left a mild bald spot on the side of his head. This meant I now HAD to shave the sides with the clippers. It wasn't something I wanted to deal with, as I was already tired, but I did anyways. I wasn't going to let him walk around with a bald spot. 

To make matters so much better, after I rinsed my son off and got him out of the tub, I stepped into the tub to start cleaning off all the hairs, only to slip AGAIN! Now I wasn't only wet and in pain, but hairy as well. What an awesome day. 

I cleaned myself off and went to throw the trash away, only to have the bag rip half-way down the
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stairs. Which now meant I had to pick up all the scattered trash -wet and dry- and carry it all down like a baby. I ended up getting spaghetti sauce all over me, when I tripped in my flip-flops towards the end of the staircase. Of course.

It's finally the end of the day and after a restless night, 3 short showers, 1 failed lunch, and a few bruises, I'm done. I'm so glad that this Thursday is over and I can finally try to get some rest. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to have some peace and quiet! I'm just too exhausted to deal with another fight from outside. Perhaps my insomnia won't win tonight. Oh who am I kidding, it probably will. 

Regardless, I'm laughing. I'm laughing because now that it's all said and done, it's a little funny. Every time I have bad days, my clumsy demeanor kicks in and things just get crazy. Why? I don't know. I guess I'm just glad that everything happens on one long, bad day and I can just start fresh tomorrow. So here's to a good night's rest and a wonderful tomorrow! I hope.

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