Monday, August 22, 2016

An Inside Look At "Journaling" and How to Get Started.

As an anxiety sufferer, I often dive head first into anything that can keep my mind from reaching it's limit and causing an attack on my body. The key ways for me to keep a clear mind and steady heartbeat, are art and exercise. More precisely, intricate art and easy exercise. Like my food rings and riding a bike with my son's trailer. These tend to ease my anxiety attacks the most, but another form of anxiety relief is a combination of the two. Artistic exercise. 

Journaling can be a very refreshing form of release for our inner most thoughts. It can be used to track the mental well-being of ourselves or loved ones, an adventure diary that showcases the intimate beauty that the owner experiences, or perhaps even a mere dream journal to display the worries and wants our minds hold deep within. My personal journal is all of the above.

A journal is as personal as our very souls, because the actual journal is practically a written form of just that. Maybe not all, but journals like mine for example, truly are. 

I tend to write poetic ramblings that remind me of my days as an anonymous writer, depict the scenery that my son and I surround ourselves with, my nighttime dreams that keep me pondering, and where my thoughts go throughout the day. This helps to ease my mind and keep it a little less crowded with images, worries, thoughts, and wonders. Journaling in this way can really keep me sane. 

Color is also a very important part in deciphering a journalist's journal. It shows you what they're moods, personality, and persona may be the manual to their inner workings. To better explain, mine shows a lot of color when I'm in a place of peace and tranquility. When the colors seem to be so clear and bright. Other times I'll use neutral colors, to resemble my sense of insecurity with the world's changes. 

For some it's hard to journal. You can feel as if it's a chore - just like it was in school - and you seem to struggle with wordy explorations. Maybe you do want a journal that you can hold near and dear, but don't know where to start or what to write about? 

I've decided to provide you all with a few "journalistic" ideas, to possibly help you create a sense of freedom with your writings. 

1. A bullet journal: This type of journal is very straightforward and is excellent for those who require specific and detailed organization. You can make lists of what you've done or need to do, a bullet list about how your moods have fluctuated each day, what you've eaten, or what you've seen on a daily walk. The creativity part can be as little or creative as you'd like, as with all journals. It is yours after all. 

2. An art journal: This is so broad that you could run with it in any such direction your little heart desires. A bunch of pages filled with cartoons re-enacting your days, hopes, dreams, ideas, and adventures. Pictures you've taken with a few written - or non-written - descriptions all around them. Paintings of items that seem to be uniquely created. All of these would make for an amazing journal. 

3. Dream journal: Are you curious to see how your days really affect you your dreams? Perhaps you could combine a bullet journal style with your dream journal, write down key points in your day, and then write down what your dream(s) was/were. You might be surprised on how much insight you can give yourself through simply noting of what movie your mind plays at night. You may even be able to help yourself with decisions or better understand what you really want. 

4. Vision/Motivation journal: Maybe you have this massive list on what you want to do, where you want to go, how you want to experience life. Similar to the "vision board" concept, a vision/motivational journal can be your never ending vision board. You can fill it with ideas, pictures, drawings, quotes, or whatever you'd like, to help keep you motivated in every day life. You could even bring it around with you, so whenever you're having a rough day, you'll have something to look at and remind you what you're truly aiming for. 

5. The everything journal: Like I said before, I use this particular method. I combine all the "types" of journals I mentioned above and add my own as well. My mind is consistently racing and I'm never focused on one thing for particularly too long, without wondering how I could add an artistic point of view on the situation at hand. In including all the types of journals, I find myself in awe, looking back at what I've created and how different I am each day. Someday's I'm overwhelmed with a dream, I've had an amazing adventure, and I'm intrigued in a random thought that I've had. When this happens, I write and draw until I'm completely blank. It really does give me a clear mind. 

There are so many more examples, but I don't have weeks to write this nor do you for reading this. A few more would be adventure journals, mental health journals, personal goals journals, and so on. 

Journals are all about helping you. They are a treasure chest of your most intimate feelings and thoughts. They can help to establish a clear thought process, to better your everyday life. 

Expressing yourself comes in all shapes and sizes. When you exercise, you're expressing the athletic side of your persona. When you eat food with a passion, you're indulging in the world of taste bud pleasure, which is expressing your adventurous side. These are all very important in life, as they help to remember who we really are. After all, it's a big world out there. You may want something to keep you grounded, so you don't get lost.  

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