Thursday, August 11, 2016

Goodwill Finds #3 From The Goodwill $1 Sale!

I've come to realize I may have a problem when it comes to Goodwill, but to be completely honest, I don't care. I try to downsize my wardrobe by going through it constantly and getting rid of old items I just don't wear anymore, but I know that downsizing for me is coming to an end since everything is practically upgraded now. Yay me! Boo wallet.I will say that I won't stop going to Goodwill, but I think I'm going to take a break for a little while. I'm trying to save up for the up-coming holidays and Goodwill trips are SO not helping. So for now, this will be my last trip for a little while. When will I go back? I'm not sure. But I do know that I will return!

Now that I've made my mini-confession as a Goodwill-aholic, let's get on with the awesome finds from this week's shopping trip! 

Did you know that every Thursday Goodwill has what's called a $1 sale???? That's right, every Thursday Goodwill chooses a specific tag color and everything with that tag color is only $1! I honestly thought that I wouldn't find anything really amazing for $1 and figured that most of the items would just be things that have been sitting on the racks for a long time for whatever reason. I was so very wrong you guys. Everything from today's find - MINUS a jacket I will show you - was $1! I was absolutely amazed at the amount of fabulous finds that Goodwill gives, even on their $1 sale days! 

To be absolutely clear, this is a sale I know takes place in Southern California Goodwill locations, minus a few locations further north. I am not sure about other locations and their sales, nor am I sure about the Goodwill bookstore locations. I am specifically talking about the "regular" Goodwill's.

The first item I found was a jacket - this is the only item that WASN'T $1 - that I couldn't pass up on. The color is a peachy-coral like shade and it's incredibly soft. Almost like a toned down suede feel with immense comfort. It has fitted/stretchy ends on the sleeves, that make it so the sleeves won't be falling over you hands or moving around. That made me fall in love with it even more. It can easily be paired with all sorts of tops and bottoms. I absolutely adore the feeling, the warmth, and the style. It's a unique look that drew me instantly to it, regardless of it's $4.99 price - which to be honest isn't a hefty price for this gorgeous find, even if I was trying to focus on $1 items only. 

The next items were all priced at $1 with a white tag and I'm shocked with the finds that I was able to purchase. 

My $1 finds were a pair of Calvin Klein nude heels, because I can't bear to walk on sticks, a really cute Target brand wallet, a grey J.Crew shirt, a pair of BRAND NEW magenta sports sweats, a pair of Star Wars pajama pants that were BRAND NEW as well, and two sports bras. Can you believe it? All that for a total of $7!

The heels are a nude pair of Calvin Klein heels are really comfortable - can you tell I'm big on comfort - and with the shortish thicker heel, I can actually wear them. Plus since they are a very neutral shade, they literally match every single dress I own and every "dressed up" piece of clothing that I own. Yes, yes, yes. 

The wallet has 5 sleeve pockets, a set of card pockets, a zipper pocket, an ID sleeve, and a snap pouch on the top. That's a total of 9 pockets - counting the card sleeves as a whole - which allows me to fit everything with ease. Also, it folds and shuts with magnets. I absolutely adore the snap pocket on the top - I hold bobbypins, a pen, and my travel spoon/fork - along with the colored flowers. If you can't tell by the theme of my overall blog, I absolutely love the color combinations of the wallet. I was also in need of a new wallet and with it's slim fit, I new I had to have it. 

The J.Crew long sleeve shirt is one of the most comfortable shirts I've ever worn. It's elegant, simple, and absolutely gorgeous. It can be easily be used for a casual occasion and for a nicer event. Maybe not absolutely "glamorous", but trust me I will use the shirt for all sorts of parties and get together's. I immediately thought of Christmas when I saw this shirt and I wasn't leaving without it. 

The magenta sports pants are also extremely comfortable and they were brand new! They have tight fittings around the ankles and black/white logos - "LOVE" - and are perfect when I go for bike rides. They are also perfect for pajamas when the weather starts to get colder. 

The Star Wars pajama pants, which were also brand new, are one of the biggest scores to date for me. Brand new Star Wars people! They are soft, cozy, Star Wars, colorful, bright, Star Wars, a perfect fit, light weight, and Star Wars. I can't tell you how quickly I smiled and how loud I squealed when I saw these and when I realized they were $1 I almost screamed!

The last two items are sports bras. Extremely well fitting and extremely needed for my bike rides. They are soft and spring right back into place after being stretched. You wouldn't believe how many sports bras I've thrown away, because they wore out almost immediately after the first wear and wash. What's funny is I already own the coral/peach sports bra - paid full price - and was able to find a duplicate one at Goodwill! So I know it's worth it. For $1 a piece and for what seems to be excellent quality with the grey one - and a backup for my current favorite - I added them to my pile of awesome finds. 

And there you have it, my $12 of amazing purchases during Goodwill's weekly $1 colored tag sale. Who would've thought that a couple of tags could bring me so much joy! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to wear my new pajamas and eat some ice-cream. Thank you Goodwill for the beautiful items and thank you to those who donate! You've made this momma VERY happy.  

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