Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Part One and Two" Review!!!

This book has had a huge amount of hype spread all over the internet like wildfire. The talk of how the infamous Harry Potter storybooks are being resurrected with a play and screen write, have intrigued me for many months with high hopes of that euphoric feeling I got when the Harry Potter series was first released. Knowing I'd be purchasing this book, I was ecstatic beyond belief, but quickly hit reality. I realized that this book could be a complete fluke, that they are simply reaching at thin pieces of thread, and that this won't live up to my unimaginable expectations. I'll be honest, this made me want to buy the book even more!

Once the entire craze had passed and Target had time to restock the books, I decided to go ahead and purchase my own copy (see my Target haul and when I bought it HERE) to finally reveal the truth. I've been avoiding spoilers, sneak peaks, and social media since July 31st - when it was officially released - and I have to admit, I'm freaking glad I did. When I got this book, I finished it within a few hours. I absolutely could not put it down. 

MILD SPOILER WARNING!!! I won't be telling you all the good stuff, but I will mention a few mild sneak peeks. If you don't want to know ANYTHING more, this is the end for you. Now, for those of you who still want to hear what it's about and WHY it's worth it without giving the ending or anything super significant away, continue on...

In this book we go through the quick changes of a new Hogwarts student, Harry Potter's son - Albus. He struggles with the sorting hat's decision on where he "belongs", the fact that the expectations he's held at for being a Potter are practically impossible, and the idea of being a complete and total outcast. 

Because of his fathers past and holding resentment towards Harry, Albus decides to take matters into his own hands to "help" an elderly man that brings forth the past. The past that we all know very well from a previous Harry Potter stories. What Albus doesn't know is that with changes comes complications and sometimes worse. 

I was absolutely in love with this story and while it is written in the form of a manuscript and we are left without great detail, we are given what we need to really build up the story within our own minds. 

The places, the people, the scenes easily come to life and create and entirely new story that will further you love for Harry Potter and his family. The future is now and the future deserves to be read! 

When it comes to what I hoped for the book, I have to admit that it met and beat my hopes for this book. I'm a very proud owner of the "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Part One and Two" and if you purchase your copy, I think you'll be just as proud as me. 

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