Thursday, August 4, 2016

Weekly Thrift Store Finds #2!

Today's thrift store adventure had me leaving with 4 awesome finds from 2 different Goodwill's. I recently found out that there are quite a few that my uncle, son, and I haven't checked out yet, so we decided to check out one new one, along with our usual Goodwill. 

At the new Goodwill - in Imperial Beach, San Diego, CA - I found a beautifully comfy plain white t-shirt. I really needed one - I was a little surprised to notice I didn't own any - and this was a perfect fit! It was $3.99 - which to be honest was a little pricier than I really wanted to spend, but it was so darn adorable and soft I couldn't resist. 

Mini review on the Imperial Beach Goodwill: The employees were nice, the store itself was very well organized and clean, and every rack was filled. The cons about this place, is simply that most of the clothes seem to be either "beachy" or too worn out. I did see a few cute items that were unfortunately not my size, but I don't think it's a Goodwill I will return too. The deal breaker for me was noticing that a few items seemed to be higher priced than others I had gone too. For example, the jeans were higher than what I've paid for in the past from other Goodwill locations, along with dresses and mens clothing. I think this is mostly due to the fact that the Goodwill closest to me is my absolute favorite and I just feel at home there. I do however think that the Imperial Beach Goodwill had decent variety and is worth checking out!

At my favorite Goodwill, I found 3 items I absolutely adore!!!

The first item was a pair of cranberry colored slacks. Now, I know they look like something an older woman might wear, but trust me when I tell you these pants are BEAUTIFUL when worn. I plan on pairing these with my light blue shirt from last weeks find (see last weeks finds HERE). This outfit would be perfect for an important meeting, a semi-formal outing, or just because I want to look like a fancy business woman. The fit is extraordinary - you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a good pair of slacks that fit well - and the comfort level is way beyond my expectations. I seriously feel like I'm wearing pajamas! Now THAT'S comfort. These beauties cost me $4.99

The second item from "my" Goodwill. is a pair of pants I found brand new WITH the tags still on it, from Forever 21. Normally they were $15 and I paid $3.99! I couldn't believe it! I snatched them so quick, I almost gave myself whiplash. The print is fantastic to me and again the comfort level is extreme. These were even comfier than the slacks I had purchased to the point that I could've easily have fallen asleep in them! With my new white t-shirt, a blue shirt, or a yellow shirt, I will be rocking these high wasted beauties in no time!!!

The third and last item I found at "my" Goodwill, is a pair of comfy white and blue shorts, H&M brand. They feel as if they'd be sheer, but they aren't at all. I'm sure if you wore neon underwear though, it would be a little noticeable, but even then they don't give anything away. These will go perfect with my other royal blue shirt from last weeks find or with my white t-shirt - you always want to have versatile pieces. They are also comfy as well. They are loose and "flowy" without feeling like the wind will show off the "goods" with a big gust. These shorts also have a nice little tie around the waist with tiny little silver ends. I love these shirts - along with my other finds - and I absolutely can't wait to wear them! Don't worry, I'll post photos on Instagram of what the outfits look like! These shorts cost me only $2.99!!!

I spent $16 and found 4 items that are new favorites in my closet! To be completely honest, everything in my closet is my favorite. But isn't that the point? To love your wardrobe?

Also, I wanted to point out something that I've discussed before here on TWRC. Do not choose a piece of clothing ONLY because of it's size. I HIGHLY recommend looking at something without looking at the size first. If you think it will fit, then look at the size. If it's within 2 sizes of your "normal size", try it on. Even if it isn't, but it looks like it would fit comfortably, try it on. Trust me, sizes are all over the place, ESPECIALLY with thrift stores. I mean, my white t-shirt is an extra small - I "normally" wear a medium - and my shorts are size small - again I normally wear a medium. You have to try on things and stop worrying about the size. So don't worry about the number or size being smaller or bigger than what you're used to. Different companies make things differently. 

So go out there with confidence and work those thrift store finds! 

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