Friday, September 16, 2016

A to Z Food Challenge: U

Today was a particularly difficult challenge to complete. We spent all of this morning trying to find something that starts with the letter U. I searched through Costco, Ralph's, and finally ended up at Trader Joe's. I was so incredibly close to giving up, when I noticed that my all-time favorite cookies were in fact exactly what I needed. Granted it's a little cheating since it's they are Vanilla Wafers, but they are called "Ultimate Vanilla Wafers", so I'm not COMPLETELY cheating. 

I do feel like these cookies should be recognized for being absolutely decadent, therefore rendering this blog post completely useful. At $3.99, these wafers deserve to be bought.

These wafers taste like pure vanilla in a crunchy wafer and can be paired excellently with ice-cream, malt shakes, or even a simple glass of milk. They don't pack this insane punch of overwhelming vanilla, but taste of subtle sweetness that allows you to enjoy them without feeling like your eating a bakery's oven.

Every now and then I enjoy them by themselves, because the wafers aren't dry at all, contrary to how most crispy cookies are. I tend to be one of those people who if something is too sweet, I need at least a glass of milk. The other splendid thing about these wafers is I don't feel like I'm chewing the Sahara desert when I eat one alone. Instead it's more like a rich, fluffy piece of birthday cake made into a wafer. I pack these for on the go all the time, whenever we have errands to do. My son also loves them as a "special" snack. Mommy loves them for secret midnight snacks with chocolate sauce or caramel. 

I have found that I tend to be a vanilla type of person, but these are without a doubt my absolute favorite. These vanilla wafers would suit any sweet tooth's craving. You can also use these in place of graham crackers when making s'mores, for an extra rich taste. 

Without a doubt you should add these cookies to your grocery list for this weekends trip. Perhaps even purchase two, because once your family gets a small taste, the container will be gone. 

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