Friday, September 30, 2016

A to Z Food Challenge: W

I have found a brand new love at Trader Joe's and I can't believe it's taken me this long to find it. Thankfully this challenge brought my new finds to light and I can't wait to share with you all! Granted many of you may have tried these already, but in case you're like me and just never truly paid attention, I'm happy to shed some light on a food that you NEED  in your life. 

Wraps. That's right, wraps. Trader Joe's sells a wide variety of pre-made wraps. From vegan to meat lovers, Italian to Tuna, there is something for everyone. 

Now, I'm not a huge fan of wraps. I never have been. I just didn't like cold tortillas filled with cold meat and cold veggies. When I think of a tortilla, I think of freshly made tortillas filled with meat and other deliciousness, all hot. Since I had to find something for "W" this week, I started to browse Trader Joe's with something that would suffice for today's challenge. I saw their stock of wraps, debated for a good while, and finally decided to taste a few of them. 

My son really wanted to try one of them with me, so I had him try a Turkey, Spinach, and Swiss cheese wrap (I tried some of his too). I purchased an Italian Style Wrap, with ham, salami, sopressata, and provolone cheese. Both came with a price of $3.99 and mine came with an optional sauce - dijon mayonnaise. 

The Turkey, Spinach, and Swiss wrap was in a herb and garlic tortilla. It also had tomato inside, which I had to take out or else my son wouldn't eat it, but the entire combination was really refreshing. I know it's a very simple style wrap - similar to a simple turkey sandwich - but everything tasted extremely fresh and rich. The turkey was juicy and not seasoned at all - which can be great for those with sensitive taste buds like my little guy - but it was still extremely flavorful. The spinach held it's crunch, regardless of being in a pre-made wrap. The tomato was also very juicy and fresh - I ate it after taking it out of my son's wraps. The cheese was the best part in my opinion. It had a honey dijon mustard already inside the wrap, but to be honest it was so light that you can barely taste it. The mustard did give a nice flavor though and didn't alter the wrap poorly at all, which is awesome, because normally my son and I despise honey dijon. 

My wrap - the Italian Style Wrap - was my favorite out of the two and was the moment I realized I had been missing out. This wrap was amazing. Everything - just like my son's - was fresh and juicy. The entire wrap had this amazing combination and literally made me feel like I had ordered it moments earlier from a restaurant. It included lettuce and peppers along with all the other deliciousness - cheese, ham, and salami - but I add the dijon mayonnaise. I did taste the mayo and it was a hard no from me. It was so incredibly powerful, I was NOT a fan. The wrap was a wheat tortilla - normally not my favorite - but this was a really nice touch. There was something about this wrap that made me so freaking happy and healthy. With the creamy, rich cheese and the double meat, I was a really happy momma. 

Extra tip: These wraps - like almost all other foods - taste even better with Sriracha! They taste amazing by themselves as well. 

Both wraps were a hit and extremely filling. We ate one half of our sandwich each and we were left completely stuffed. The other thing I really appreciated by these wraps, was that while they weren't extremely huge, they sufficed our hunger. The wraps also make an excellent "on-the-go" lunch. Plus, you'll actually be eating healthy without feeling like your licking a pile of dirt covered lettuce - no offense to anyone who enjoys the "raw foods diet", I just can't do it.

After eating what I felt was a really nice lunch, we had to have a special treat. Luckily I found a really cool find, that happens to be a new item!

They're called "Pinks and Whites". They are shortbread cookies in the shape of little flowers, covered with yogurt and sprinkles, selling for just $2.99 a box. You know those beloved animal crackers that are pink and white - hint hint. The one's you've love since you were little and begged your parents to buy in bulk, because there was never enough sweet cookies? They're better.... That's right! They. Are. BETTER.

I started chuckling to myself when I saw these on the shelves, because I was just telling my padawan how I wished Trader Joe's would make their own version. Well guess freaking what, my wishes have been granted. They are creamy, rich, sweet, and amazing. It's like the Joe-Joe's vs Oreo's all over again! (see that post HERE). Even my son said they tasted better and for a 5 year old to agree, that's saying something. 

These pink and white beauties perfectly pair with ice-cream or a glass of milk. Not only are they creamy and scrumptious, but they are going to be the death of me. I'm completely obsessed with them and I just can't get enough. So much so that I've had to buy a box for my son to enjoy after his dinners and a separate box for me, because I keep "sneaking" them after he goes to sleep. 

Words don't describe these foods excellence - especially the cookies. All I can say is, if you haven't tried the wraps or the cookies, GO BUY THEM NOW!!! Warning, if you go to a Trader Joe's and they are all sold out of the cookies, all I have to say is I'm sorry. I can't help myself and I have purchased more than I need, but that doesn't mean I don't want them. 

Well there you have it guys, two awesome finds that I totally recommend 100%. I know most of these challenges are consisting of Trader Joe's items, but I just can't help myself. There's just so many goodies to try and tell you guys about!!!!

Happy Friday everyone and I hope you have an absolutely wonderful weekend. I'd also like to say THANK YOU for all of your guys' support! I just hit 1,000 followers on Instagram and I started freaking out with joy. I seriously want to hug each and every one of you guys and say thank you. I'm so proud of you all and I love you guys. 

Have fun and stay safe. See you all Monday!!! 

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