Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bacon, Sheets, and Applesauce.

Today was a wonderful day. 

Today my son and I finally had freedom from whatever illness we were dealing with. Granted my son had a little stuffy nose - when he woke up I thought he was getting worse again - but throughout the day we ended up feeling like ourselves again. Seeing as how we've been out of commission the past few days recuperating, it was time to buckle down and get things done. Within reason. I wasn't going to push either one of us and tarnish our good health.

Anyone knows that the best way to start a great day, is by having a delicious breakfast. So that's exactly what we did. A pile of bacon and a side of eggs. We haven't had bacon is SO long, I almost feel ashamed. But I would've felt worse for buying the bacon, cook it, and not be able to taste it while we were ill. The moment I felt our well-being on the rise, I picked up my absolute favorite bacon from Trader Joe's. It's the "uncured, dry rubbed bacon". I believe it's around $4 (don't quote me), but it's a "must have" here at the TWRC household of two. The moment we got a whiff of the intoxicating smell that is cooked bacon, you could literally see our spirits awaken and the life being fully restored. This is when I knew that things would be good.

You know how you eat really well in the morning, you have a smile on your face, you're feeling great, and you just have this feeling that things will go your way for the day? That's exactly how I felt. 

After our scrumptious breakfast, I kicked things into high gear and accomplished everything I had been putting off. Some "chores" we're put off for weeks, others just the few days, but at the end of the day everything was checked off of my "to-do" list. First on our list was a quick trip to Target - where I used the gift card I won from Inbox Dollars, click HERE to see how you can win one too - to pick up a few necessities. Also I had to make a quick - and I do mean QUICK - run to Ikea for a curtain rod. 

Ikea was our first stop, where we picked up a curtain rod and the ends (so the rod doesn't fall off of the brackets). A few months back I had bought a pair of lace curtains on sale, along with a pair of thin white curtains. They paired so beautifully for my bedroom and I was SO excited, but it was an impromptu purchase, which meant I didn't know the exact size of curtain rod I needed. I bought the brackets and a rod I thought would work, but alas it did not. I returned it a few days later, but didn't purchase a new one due to the crowds. I love Ikea, but only on certain days, at certain times. Time and time again, I'd forget to measure, forget to stop, or just plain didn't want to fix the curtains. The brackets have been sitting on my wall, empty, for so long. I decided it was high time I fixed that. The rod I purchased was a simple $4 white rod and the ends were the cheapest round ones for only $2. Nothing fancy. 

Afterwards we headed over to Target for a new car charger for my phone, a new sheet set (2 of ours got holes in them from the laundry somehow), and a lap desk for my laptop. I can't stand sitting at the table to type on the laptop, but I don't want a burning laptop on my lap either. Luckily the lap desk was on clearance, so I was happy. We also purchased bread, but I don't think going into details about white bread is necessary. Overall I only spent $4 over my gift card of $25. Point momma! 

Funny story: Since my son is homeschooled, I use every single opportunity to implement school in our lives, along with using specified learning materials. As we walked around I was having my son practice counting to 100. A mom - clearly overwhelmed, underfed, and exhausted - looks at my son as we were checking out the Halloween aisle, "Doesn't that drive you crazy that he's just counting? My daughter does that to me all the time." I smiled and said as nicely as I could - because I could see the defeat on her face - "No actually it doesn't. He's homeschooled, so we are practicing while we shop. We will go to another aisle though." The little girl, who clearly heard our conversation, looks up at her mom and says, "You told me there was no such thing as school at home! I want to stay home and count to you mommy!" I think the daughter is maybe 5 or 6 years old, adorably innocent and also oblivious to the fact that her pregnant mom is about to scream that she quits parenting for the day. I looked at her, whispered "sorry...", and slowly backed away from the imminent danger I felt was creeping into that situation.  

With our necessities in hand, it was time to get in our car and head home for a day of chores...and food. I was starving. My son opted for chicken hotdogs - again, found at Trader Joe's - and I wasn't complaining. It was a hot day, I made a batch of lemonade, and we chowed down on those dogs like no tomorrow. Once our bellies filled with splendid-ness, I got to business. 

First thing was to fix the curtains. I was so giddy about FINALLY having the right rod - I actually measured this time AND remembered to go to Ikea - and as soon as I dropped those bags, I sprinted to my room ready to accomplish the one thing that stared at me with disgust every morning. The curtain rod brackets. 

I did have a few set backs during the curtain hanging process, but nothing that couldn't be handled. The curtains themselves were a bit longer than my actual wall (I have the rod perched all the way towards the top of the ceiling). This gave my inner OCD a near heart attack. No worries though, I simply whipped out my sewing machine and got to work. It was a little awkward, because I was sewing the ends as they were hanging up, but it wasn't too bad. I just perched my sewing machine up a little higher.

First I cut off the excess curtain fabric from the white curtains, leaving just enough to hem the ends. After quickly folding the bottom over twice, I just sewed it and called it a day. It ended up working out perfectly. and hung just above the carpet. As for the lace curtains, they were hanging from clips made for curtains, so I just folded the top of it and was able to re-clip the curtains. The white curtains cover the folded areas of the lace curtains. Pure perfection. 

Not only did I hang up the curtains, but I fixed them! How's that for tackling a chore. 

Next chores were really just simple, everyday things. Vacuum the apartment, clean the bathroom, wipe down all the mirrors and windows, and dust. Not in that exact order. Needless to say that everything go accomplished and we are now spic and span. 

We also completed our day of homeschooling with a few math games, practicing counting by 1's and 10's to 100, and danced in the living room for our daily P.E. We actually danced longer than I anticipated - again, I didn't want to push it, but we were having just too much fun. 

Now that our day has been fulfilled with positive and productive activities, we've sat down for a wonderful dinner, and we are exhausted, we are having our downtime. I'm watching my favorite YouTube show, "Good Mythical Morning" while chowing down on Applesauce, and my son is watching his favorite YouTube channel. I decided to do my blog while I was having downtime, which is another score for me, because now when padawan goes to sleep, I get to shower and go to sleep with a sense of accomplishment. 

I will say that while most days are considered good for their own reasons, today was a day that I truly cherished. While my laptop was loading up, I looked up at my padawan and realized that we are truly blessed. We have a clean house, full bellies, and each other. Life is good. 

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