Tuesday, September 27, 2016

DIY Spa Day at Home!

We all need a day to ourselves every now and then. Some people get a coffee, go to a bookstore, sit down in one of their strategically placed chairs, and read until they forget where they're at. Some people never get out of bed, except for getting food and going to the bathroom. No matter what your heart desires, you NEED time to yourself. 

I've briefly talked about the importance of unwinding in a prior blog post (see HERE), I decided that I would share with you all how I create a spa day at home for the nights when I really just need mommy time.

Being a single mom, I don't have time to myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I just have to get creative when it comes to optimizing my "me" time. Also, I don't like spending unnecessary money on a spa trip to have someone else pamper me - although I know that some people prefer that and that's ok - so I've figured out how to pamper myself in the comfort of my own home and robe. While I don't think this exact "remedy" will please everyone - some like different scents - I do think the general idea would make anyone happy. 

So in an attempt to simplify and optimize your "you" time, while giving you the greatest after affect, here are my must-haves when it comes to "mommy after dark".

Your body needs love too.

I love the idea of detoxifying my skin and balancing it's PH levels. With Epsom Salt, you can quickly turn a bath into a relaxing and purifying Jacuzzi. Personally I enjoy Lavender scented Epsom Salt, but they come in a variety of smells. I purchased a big bag at Target for less than $4 and I couldn't be happier. Not only does this bag serve a huge purpose for bath time, but you can also use it for soaking your feet after a long day of walking AND add it to your body wash to create a body scrub. For a wonderful soak, simply add some to your bath, wait a few minutes for the salts to spread throughout the water, and enjoy for at least 20 minutes. Your skin will thank you and so will your mind. No soap necessary for soaking in the salts.

While your soaking, try to ease your mind with a scented - or non-scented for the sensitive mermaids - candle, instead of the harsh bathroom light. This will allow you to create a much more calming atmosphere. You can also play some soothing music - I always go for Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby, to help drift away from your racing mind. If you prefer to keep things on the quieter side, you can always keep the light on and pull out a nice read. I tend to use my bath time to read Nancy Drew, if I'm not already in the company of Frank or Bing. 

For a wonderfully easy time scrubbing away the day's stress while showering - and bathing - opt-in for a handled bristle body wash scrubbing brush. I found mine at Target as well, for under $4 again. It's amazing, because not only does the handle allow me to get the hard to reach places on my back, but the top portion detaches to become a hand scrubber. To use body wash and Epsom salt with this brush, simply pour your body wash on the bristles, add a few salts, sprinkle some water, and start scrubbing! 

While your body is the biggest stress keeper, a facial is a huge must for an at-home spa day. 

All of these products can be found at Target with ease. First I use a face mask for under $2. My most recent favorite has been the deep cleansing packet from the brand Que Bella. Another favorite of mine from this brand is their mud mask line. Seriously, check them out. They have all sorts of masks to soothe your face from a day of face paint. 

I don't ALWAYS use a face mask, so when I decide to just do a simple face wash with added scrub, I go with my Apricot Scrub by Up & Up (check out my review about it HERE). This is the "off brand" of the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, but it's cheaper and does just as good a job. 

Once I've cleared off most of the gunk, I go in with a charcoal pore strip from Biore. These run about $6 for 6 strips. I'm not particularly happy with the price, but for the amount of crap they get out, they'll suffice. I will say that I didn't notice a difference between these and the original pore strips, but I was glad to see they at least worked. 

To finish off my facial, I apply a nice thick-ish moisturizer to replenish and hydrate my skin. Now, I have mildly oily skin, but regardless it's very important to keep it moisturized. Without moisturizer, my skin can become a little too dry and agitated from the other facial products. Especially after a face mask or an apricot scrub. I know that both of the products I've discussed are labelled as "moisturizing", but trust me when I say it's not enough. Seeing as how Fall is slowly creeping in day by day, the cold will dry out my face even quicker, making my moisturizer and even bigger need. I always choose to go with Pond's face cream, because it's not too thick or to light. It can add a little too much oil to my skin, but I choose to use it at night only. Since I wash my face in the morning, the lotion never affects my makeup during the day. 

Once you've purified your body, re-balanced your PH levels, cleared your face of any disgusting gunk, and scrubbed away the dead skin cells, you're probably exhausted and ready to hop into bed. You will have calmed your mind and gone into a relaxation mode, meaning that bedtime is necessary. Sometimes though, you just want a little extra something to put your mind at ultimate ease. Try aromatherapy. 

Some people choose oils and some people choose lotions. I am a lotion person. I feel like oil just makes me feel greasy, while lotion makes me feel soft and smooth. Just my own personal opinion. 

Recently I got a coupon from Bath and Body Works, to purchase an item for 20% off, plus receive a free candle with any purchase. After browsing all the aisles and not really needing one of their typical lotions - because I own way too many to start with - I decided to test out their aromatherapy line. I am in love! 

I was trying to decided between their Eucalyptus Tea scent and their Eucalyptus Spearmint. There was something about their Eucalyptus Tea Stress Relief lotion that spoke to me. I felt better with the first scent. So I scooped it up and now it's my nighttime lotion right before bed. I use it almost every night, especially after a night of spa-ing. It moisturizes my legs and body after being scrubbed, shaved, and detoxified, it smells amazing, and it calms my racing mind. I completely recommend you trying it out! Whether you prefer a candle, a body wash, or a lotion, go smell Bath and Body Works' line of aromatherapy and see for yourself. 

Sometimes when I want a warm drink to make me feel cuddly on the inside, I'll opt in for one of my teas (read all about them HERE) to end the night. 

After everything, I end up calm, collected, less stress, clean, and ready to finally slumber in peace. I know this isn't an instant insomnia killer, but it's definitely an amazing mini-spa for anyone looking to have "me time". Speaking of "me time", my little one is finally asleep and I think I'll have myself a spa day. With all the stress from today, I need a spa day. So off to the bathroom I go, for a spa day uniquely my own!

Have a wonderful night beautiful mermaids and don't forget to treat yourself! You deserve it. 

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