Thursday, September 8, 2016

Feeling worse by the minute.

Guys I have to let you down again today. I know it's the second time this week, but I physically couldn't type a good blog post nor take photos. Yesterday night I got maybe 2 hours of sleep from feeling absolutely horrible. I've had a hard time breathing, my throat has been driving me crazy (itchy, dry, and sore), my ear is starting to bother me, and my head has been pulsating. I can't talk, when I cough it's like I'm gagging from my throat being so itchy, and my nasal spray (the one the doctor gave me for my ear pain a few days ago) seems to be only worsening the problem. To top everything off, my nostrils are clogged and I feel like crap. No over the counter medicine has been working and my Primary Doctor won't see me until next month... I'm going to pray and attempt to get some good rest tonight. 

Tomorrow's Food Challenge is still on (I already have it all planned out for you all, just need the photos) but today you'll have to excuse my excuse. I'm barely able to keep my eyes open, I've used all my energy on homeschooling my padawan, and I really need to sleep. Hopefully this isn't a full blown cold (and hopefully it isn't contagious). Maybe some good rest will help me to get better sooner. 

I have to work on getting better or else I won't be able to focus on posting material for you guys. Luckily the weekend is coming soon and I'll be able to just hang out in my bed with my son. I'm thinking of making it a movie and video game weekend. Momma needs her rest, but padawan will want entertainment. 

Thank you guys for your understanding and I really hope I'm better soon. If this weekend goes by and I'm still feeling like crap, I'll be contacting my ENT to see if maybe he can help soon. 

Have a wonderful Thursday guys and I will be back tomorrow for our Friday Food Challenge. Love you all. 

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