Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day!!!

I'm not even going to try and sugar coat this post. This is really a summary of my day, because I'm extremely exhausted mentally and physically. 

We decided to celebrate Labor Day at the Del Mar Racetrack to watch the horse races with my family. I didn't spend any money - thanks to my dad - but I made a few guesses. I wasn't always correct, hence why I don't bet. 

The last race was super exciting, because two horses that weren't really "favorites" made it in the top four, which gave a $500,000+ payout for people who bet $1 on the 4 finishing horses, in an exact order. 

Not too many people - thank god - but the food was great and I enjoyed myself. 

Once we got home I had to sit down and plan out tomorrow's "First Day of School" lesson plan. I'm doing home school for my son, so being the planner that I am, I've been researching the curriculum, how to teach certain subjects in a manner that would appeal to him most, and making sure to stay on track with requirements. Since we didn't have school today, I'm planning on teaching my son two subjects tomorrow, instead of focusing on one (which will be the normal for us each day). This meant that my night has been filled with creating worksheets, looking up links for games and lessons online that he can partake in, and making things fun.

I also had to plan out this weeks schedule - so fun - which includes an open house on Thursday (there is also a "field day" tomorrow, but we just can't fit it in). Mentally I absolutely can not take anything else right now. I'm barely trying to maintain my composure for this post.

I am seriously overwhelmed with anxiety, but it's only because I want this homeschooling to go perfect for my son. Seeing as how it's our first day, we are completely brand new to this whole thing, and I'm still trying to maintain a happy household, along with this blog, by myself, I'm mentally flabbergasted. 

I know that once tomorrow starts and we get into the flow of things, everything will blend together well. I just need to shower, unwind, and get some much needed sleep. Thankfully once this post is complete, I'll be able to accomplish just that. 

I love you guys so very much and I promise tomorrow will be a more descriptive and interesting post. I do have a few things planned for this week as well, which includes a site where you can get free money (that ACTUALLY works)! 

I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful long weekend and amazing Labor Day (USA)! Goodnight and pleasant dreams everyone. 

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