Thursday, September 15, 2016

Homeschool and New Shoes + A Mini Purse Review!

Another wonderful day. I woke up a little tired from my lack of sleep - simply my insomnia taking a hold of my nights - but nothing a nice pot of coffee couldn't handle. 

Today we had to take a trip to my son's homeschool resource center. My son is enrolled in a charter school program, that allows him to be fully homeschooled or homeschooled with a few classes each week. Currently we have him as a full time homeschool student for personal reasons. The wonderful thing about this program, is that we are able to receive curriculum based items for his learning. Granted majority of items we create or learn through specific things we do throughout each day, but we implement learning tools to enhance his education. With this being said, my son's "teacher" invited us along with a few other families to drive up to the "Resource Center". This is where we can find a few necessary items and additional fun stuff, to add into his every day learning. It was awesome and we left with SO many cool books. We were even able to order a few things that they didn't have in stock, so we could still use them after this month (when they come in). 

Earlier today I shared a photo of our homeschool books on Instagram. Ah the glorious life of social media, where you can instantly share your son's new books. 

Afterwards - since we were about 45 minutes from home - we decided to make a day of it. We had a few coupons for free meals, so we ate out together as soon as we left, because we were starving. Once we had full bellies, we headed over to Nordstrom Rack. My lovely mother so generously gifted us 2 $25 gift cards, so that we could purchase my son some new sandals and shoes. We didn't find any shoes that fit him comfortably, BUT we did find some awesome sandals that are slightly
bigger (since he won't be using them until Spring). Because they were out of season, they were put on super clearance (it's has a red tag, I just call it super clearance) which made them $25.23!!! I gladly paid the change, handed over 1 of the gift cards and thanked the lovely girl. The cashier complimented my taco food ring (check out some of my food rings HERE), so I handed her one of my new business cards and told her to email me. I would love to make a personalized food ring for someone else! PS. If you're that sweet girl, thank you for making my day!
Once our adventure at Nordstrom Rack was complete, we walked next door to Barnes and Nobles, but left empty handed. (Shocking, I know.) This particular one had a huge clearance section, with so many cheap options! It was honestly hard to refrain myself from making a bulk purchase, as they had a whole table of Harry Potter, Finding Dory, and Funko Pops on clearance. But I knew that I needed to focus on what we had gone there for, my son. I only went to look at other possible workbooks, to order through his teacher. After browsing for about an hour, I quickly realized that we had more than suffice to complete his Kindergarten year. His teacher and I both agree, that we will work with what we have and go from there. Obviously if we need something specific later in the year, we can certainly look into getting it for him.

All in all, it was a fantastic day and we got home in thee best mood. I was just so ecstatic that things were going good and no mishaps. I've trying to focus more on the positive side of things, even when things get rough. Perhaps my new outlook is what's been bringing good things into our lives? 

In other news, I've been happily sporting a brand new purse. I haven't shared with you lovelies, (although you may have caught a glimpse of it in yesterday's blog post), purely because I really wanted to put it to the test. Some may say you can't test a purse, let alone review it, but you most certainly can. You need to know how spacious it truly is, will it conform to a different shape after some use or will it stand the test of time, and will it safely hold all the snacks you prepare to carry in it. You also need to know if it looks fabulous with your wardrobe as well, of course. Well I'm happy to say that after using it for a little while, I can confidently give you all those answers and more. 

I purchased my new pink rose gold lovely (it's called powder pink and can be found HERE), from H&M. It is initially $39.99, but with when I purchased this beauty, it was on sale in stores! I also donated some clothes in store for a 20% discount. Now, I was told that they DON'T allow people to stack coupons, however, there is an exception for the recycling coupon. The guy couldn't tell me if it was for every single H&M, but they allowed me to do it and said it should be allowed elsewhere. Regardless, I got this puppy for $24, which I paid for using my Inbox Dollars check

I've been dying for a new purse, since my other one wouldn't hold wipes, let alone snacks. Not cool for a mom on the go. 

After filling it with my wallet, planner, "extras bag" (where I keep band-aids, epi-pen, etc.), a water bottle, wipes, hand sanitize, extra shorts (you know kids), snacks, an iPad, my phone, AND my journal, I realized that this was going to really put in some work. I filled it up with all this stuff (sometimes toys would find their way inside as well) and let me tell you. I didn't struggle to find anything, once! I had ample space, absolutely no deformation with the purse itself, and organization was perfect. 

The purse is a "powder pink" (I think it's more of a rose gold-ish color), with gold hardware and a black interior. It has a wide center, with 2 small side pockets inside (I use for my cell phone and hand sanitize), a zipper pocket that is plenty deep to fit pens, tissues, a granola bar, and lipstick without issues, AND two outer side pockets that zip close. Both outer side pockets are just as deep as the purse itself and can be comfortable filled with keys, a book, snacks, and extra shorts. They don't bulk the purse outwards, but rather fill space inside. Regardless, you still have space in the center area for all your needs. It's capable of being a handbag or a satchel, with a removable strap. 

With it's sleek design and a very subtle texture all around it, I truly am in love with this baby. It's strong, very well made (you can feel the strength from first grip of it's handle), and truly is a mothers blessing. Not only can I stop having to empty my purse to find my keys, but I was able to have a satchel AND handbag (my favorite) in an absolutely flattering color. 

Personally I think it goes with all my outfits, but I don't aim to match my purse precisely to my shoes. That's my own personal opinion. I think it can easily be played to a semi-formal attire or completely down with a casual look. As for "fancy", well I don't have any "fancy" times, but I would imagine you'd require a specific purse for that occasion. I for one, label this purse "mommy and son approved". Trust me, my son absolutely enjoys that I can now hold his toys AND jacket, while he has his hands free to touch everything else. 

Do I recommend? Well if you can't tell by my raving review, absolutely. I think it would make an excellent working bag, diaper bag, weekender bag, and just about every other style bag. Unless of course you like small. This isn't a "huge" purse by any means, but it certainly does pack a punch. A bonus thing I love, is that the strap doesn't make the purse hang too low. I find that sometimes satchels tend to be a little to low or high, causing me to feel like it isn't a satchel at all or a really heavy weight. This perfectly powder pink purse suits me and my needs amazingly. 

Now that I've expressed my love for my newest accessory, I'm going to make myself some tea, take a nice hot shower, and watch a little "Murder She Wrote" before drifting off to bed. Hopefully before 2am this time!

Goodnight lovelies and have a wonderful day tomorrow! Don't forget, I'll be doing another food challenge, like always. 

Momma out. 

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