Thursday, September 29, 2016

Myrtle Creek Adventures.

Today is the day my son has been anticipating since the first of school. Today is the day I've been anxious about for the last few weeks. Today my son got to experience his very first school field trip. 

In the beginning of the school year, my son made it very clear he wanted to go to the farm field trip that was being offered through his new school. While I wasn't exactly thrilled about driving an hour to Fallbrook, to hang out with a bunch of people I don't know, and put myself in a potentially awkward situation - since anxiety makes every situation seem worse than what is really is, I knew it would beneficial for my son to join other classmates and have fun. So I signed him up and the countdown ended today. 

After having a rough night with my son's eczema, we made our way early this morning to the beautiful "farm" called, Myrtle Creek. I use the word "farm" loosely, as it was a nursery and botanical garden, with a few goats. Nonetheless, GORGEOUS place. 

Once we arrived, we were greeted by the field trip coordinator for my sons charter/homeschool program. Then we were given a few minutes to briefly look around, while waiting for the rest of the group to show up. Believe me when I tell you, my sons eyes were the size of saucers when he saw how big and nature filled this place was. He's such an adventurer, it kills me how adorable it is when he gets to explore nature. 

This nursery/farm had a gorgeous array of plants ranging from herbs to succulents and everything in between. Each and every corner you turned, you'd be greeted with a beautiful display of fairy gardens, shrubbery that's naturally taken shape there, and adorable water fountains. The staff was also incredibly kind and helpful. The amount of honorable love these people displayed for their job environment, was not only refreshing, but humbling, I wanted to but every single flower they had, because they weren't only breathtaking, but I wanted to support this nursery with every penny I had. Of course I didn't, but the heartfelt thought was truly there.

I also truly loved the amount of garden "furniture" they had available. Not only were they unique, but they had something for every type of garden. Personally I loved their wood and rock hearts, along with the excellently crafted bird houses. I was also incredibly close to purchasing one of their pepper plants, because I've always wanted to grow my own peppers. I decided against it though, seeing as how my space is currently limited and I don't want to ruin the magnificent plant. 

A few minutes passed and it was time to formerly join up as a group and start the tour. Our guide for the day - Kim - was a very gentle man who had an astonishing knowledge of the land itself. I also thoroughly enjoyed how he told the stories, with such enthusiasm and a smile. Not to mention Bo the cat made a cute impression on the place, as he passed by the kids to be adored and petted. 

The nursery/farm gave the kids all an opportunity to feed the three goats they had on the property. Every single kid was giggling and having a lot of fun. Mind you, this is a group of kids ranging from Kindergarten to maybe 5th grade. By the way, every single kid and parent in the group was kind and generous with everyone, including me. Which meant I had nothing to worry about. Take that's anxiety!

The kids all went to wash their hands and headed down to an absolutely gorgeous plantation house. I know, I know, I'm using the word "gorgeous", but you guys don't understand! Unfortunately my ecstatic-ness got the better of me and I forgot to take a picture of the house's outside - and also our lunch - but I added a photo from the Myrtle Creek Instagram page. 

The plantation house was owned by the owners and it used to simply be their home. After their kids moved on and they realized it was much to big to be a two person home, they made a little adobe house further back on the property and turned this house into a spectacular "party" room. It's an older style house, with a wrap around porch. Trimmed with brown stained wood and covered in a creamy tan all over, you'll find that each side is filled with large windows, that allow you to clearly see the dreamy light glowing inside. Once inside, you're greeted with this old-timey staircase that leads up to their offices. Regardless of it's purpose, the upstairs has still been maintained as an "authentically antique" house. If you look directly up from the staircase, you'll see this giant skylight ceiling, with a breathtaking chandelier hanging with shrubbery all around it. The outside reminded of "To Kill A Mockingbird", while the upstairs reminded me of a garden oasis. The downstairs party room is a WHOLE other story. 

They've created the left side as a dining area, covered with simple square tables. Each table is draped with a vintage style table cloth, stacked with neatly placed mix-matched chinaware. Every single piece of eatery in that room belonged in a china cabinet on display. The entire room gave off this very elegant dining hall, that you might find in a vintage New Orleans home. To be honest, I immediately thought of Nancy Drew. The classic look and the romantic oasis, makes it an amazing place to reserve for a special occasion - which you can. They even have a catering company that can serve you on your occasion. It isn't a HUGE party area, but perhaps a nice birthday party or a family reunion would suffice here. To be honest, I'd just want to dress
up and eat lunch there in the only bench window seat they have there. I'd read for hours while sipping tea and eating their DELICIOUS sandwiches. 

We completed the plantation house tour and it was finally time for lunch, which they provided for us. We were given sandwiches with buttered bun filled with turkey, tomatoes, bacon, lettuce, and a sauce that I so wish I asked about. Everything tasted fresh - because it's organic from a local farm - and made me truly feel like I was living the good life. For the little ones, they had turkey and cheese sandwiches - since most kids don't like the "fancied up" version - but it's really up for anyone's picking. They also gave us lemonade and fresh berries - which we added into our lemonades for an added scrumptious factor - along with a couple other trail mix packs. We didn't eat or handle any of the trail mix, because of my son's severe allergy. I'll be honest, I was so hungry at this point I completely forgot to photograph our food. I have to say though, the presentation was impeccable as well as the quality. If you're thinking of visiting this place, don't worry, you don't have to be in a group to taste their good food. They have a cafe on sight that serves these mouthwatering meals. 

With bellies full and energy restored, it was time for the last portion of our trip. Having the little ones create their very own fairy garden! I'll admit, I didn't exactly know what a fairy garden was until today and now I'm obsessed. They are so cute and adorably put together. 

Each little one - and slightly big ones - was able to grab a pot (you could purchase a moss pot instead if you chose to, but the terracotta pots were included in our group package, which meant free for us), cover the whole with moss, add some dirt, pick 3 flowers of their choosing (you could also go with succulents for a more "water friendly" version, but again it wasn't included, so you'd have to purchase it), add a few rocks and decorative moss, and pick out one tiny animal or decoration piece (you can purchase additional tiny figures). My son went with a black or dark purple - we aren't exactly sure - flower, a very bright golden yellow flower, and a light purple flower. The combination is gorgeous I think. He also chose to use mostly rocks, but lightly spread moss about. His duck - the figure he chose - needed to be in a "small forest", so that's why he chose to add some moss. 

The finished product turned out absolutely amazing and it's now sitting proudly on our window sill. We are going to try SO hard to keep these plants alive, because I know how much they mean to my son and I am so proud of him. I've also come to terms with the fact that they may not last forever, but when that happens we will deal with the situation and create a new one. For now though, we are going to enjoy what beauty he's created. All the kids made uniquely different fairy gardens, each with their very own distinct look. 

The entire experience at Myrtle Creek was so freaking fun you guys. Their selection is awesome, their gift shop is adorable, their nursery farm is gorgeous, the staff is SO nice, and it's a promise that I will be returning with my little guy! We want to come back, eat a nice lunch here, pick out some new plants, and perhaps make another fairy garden - they're $20 originally. I 100% recommend that you check out this wonderful place. Oh! They also have a bird sanctuary, but they aren't really around much until the Winter time, because they get more food at the farm than anywhere else. 

I even found myself a nice white rocking chair to sit in and enjoy the scenery. 

If you're ever in Southern California, make your way to Myrtle Creek (website HERE) and check out their perfect plant land. Have a picnic, feed the goats, and watch the smiles widen on your kids' face!

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