Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Snack Time With a 5 Year Old: 3 Snacks to Give Your Kids!

My son has usually healthy taste buds. He tends to gravitate towards carrots, broccoli, cheese, and yogurt, but his preferred snacks aren't the conventional ones you and I would think to make. Seeing as how kids love to snack and eat all day (at least mine does every hour or so), I thought I'd share with you all the top 3 snacks my 5 year asks for specifically. Granted some aren't exactly "crazy creative", but perhaps you'd be interested in quick and easy snacks for your padawans to munch on. 

1. Bruschetta Pizza Bread
Trader Joe's has this Bruschetta "spread" for only $2.49. It's a thicker tomato like consistency, that mimics pizza sauce perfectly. My son LOVES pizza, so I decided instead of purchasing regular Trader Joe's pizzas (we still buy the Bambinos mini pizzas every now and then), I'd let him make his very own. First we pick a bread he'd prefer - in the pic he chose sourdough for the day, then he gets to spread his sauce on the bread. Then with the cheese of his choice, he sprinkles some goodness and toast (or not) the entire thing. Some days he will choose to go full blown cheese attack, while other days he will simply enjoy a nice piece of bread and spread. Not only is this quick and easy, but it's inexpensive and allows the kiddos to create their own deliciousness. Perhaps your padawans aren't as "chef enthusiastic" like mine, but if they are, they're sure to enjoy this mini creation. You can even add pepperoni/salami slices for a pepperoni pizza!

2. Pirate's Booty and Apple Slices
This one is pretty self explanatory when it comes to the apple slices (he loves Pink Lady's and Fuji, which I often buy from Trader Joe's), but some of you may be wondering what "Pirate's Booty" is. It's simply baked rice and corn puffs in the flavor 'Aged White Cheddar'. They have other flavors, but his favorite is white cheddar. I purchased the big bag of "Pirate's Booty" at Costco for under $5 (on sale, but I believe regular price is under $6), which was awesome because not only is it in bulk size, but it's resealable. They can be found at a,most any grocery store and are absolutely delicious. Not to mention, much healthier than regular Cheetos puffs. He tends to always drink this snack with water, which is why I included his water bottle. This literally takes a few minutes to cut the apple and pour the puffs. How awesome is that! It's also perfect for on-the-go. 

3. Edamame with Salt and Rice Milk
This is my son's number one favorite snack. He also loves this as a side dish for meals. His only request is that it has to have a little salt. I only sprinkle a very tiny amount and I only use Himalayan Pink Salt (found at Trader Joe's). It's a much healthier salt that has just as good of flavor as regular. In fact, I think it tastes slightly better. That's just my opinion though. My son will devour an entire bag if I let him. Not only does it taste good, but it is loaded with protein! At only $1.99 a bag at Trader Joe's you can't beat the it! To drink, he more often than not chooses rice milk (lactose intolerant and doesn't like almond or soy, found at Trader Joe's), because it's mildly sweet with its Vanilla flavor. Trader Joe's also sells edamame outside the shell, which makes for a perfect on-the-go snack as well after cooking for roughly 5 minutes! 

As you can see my little guy can be quite specific when it comes to snack time. Personally, I think that all of these would be excellent add-ons to your already pre-planned snacks. Besides, who couldn't use more healthy food ideas for the little ones? Hopefully this has given you inspiration for the mini food critique in your home. Now if you'll excuse me, someones asking for rice milk and a story before we brush his teeth and rest our heads. Duty calls!

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