Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thrift Store Fall Fashion 2016.

It's official! We are now experiencing the Fall season. For some that means putting away all the shorts, tank tops, and flip flops, busting out the orange leaved decor for every single nook and cranny of your house, and rushing out to buy everything pumpkin flavored. For me, it means that I get to wear warmer clothes (sometimes), I can walk around in my boots without being the oddball out (not that it bothered me anyway), and I have an excuse to constantly have apple cider in my house (because it starts to go on clearance more often at my grocery store). Plus the food is always more festive, the towns become a little more giddy with the major holidays peaking around the corner, and everyone starts to get cuddly. 

PS, please don't go around hugging strangers. Some of them don't like that.

Since Fall in the fashion world can get a little expensive - what with the knee high boots, more layers, expensive jackets, and bold statement jewelry - I thought I'd give you guys a glimpse into what I wear for the Fall, using thrifted items. Now, some of these aren't directly from thrift stores, but they were on "last chance clearance", making them the same price as the thrift stores themselves. 

Don't get me wrong, Summer and Spring can put a damper on your wallet as well, but to me Fall and Winter are the more expensive seasons for looking your best. More layers equals more money right? So without further ado, here are 5 Fall outfits that are completely affordable and re-creatable! 

My first outfit includes the infamous army green jacket. This is has been a huge love in the fashion world lately - to be honest, I feel like it's been "in style" for years - but it can come at a hefty price. Recently I paid a trip to Target, where I found a very similar jacket for around $40. To me that's just too much. Instead, I checked out my local Ross where I found my green jacket for only $6! It's a very light and soft fabric, making it perfect for layering in San Diego weather, without sacrificing any style at all. The t-shirt is just a plain white T-shirt I found at Goodwill for $4, which you can find at almost any store. The jeans are "Lucky Brand" jeans that were in a dark wash, in mint condition, found at Goodwill. Absolutely no wear or tear on them! They are a tad bit long, but that's how almost all my jeans are since I'm on the shorter side. Instead of paying retail price of anywhere from $70 to $130, I picked these up for a mere $14! My boots (mentioned in yesterday's blog post) were a sale find from last year's "after season sale" at Forever 21, which led me to purchase them for only $12 instead of full price ($40). Goodwill is literally PACKED with boots exactly like these, with amazing prices as well. I saw some really cute brown ankle boots for $6. I didn't purchase them sadly, because they were a size too big. This entire outfit (minus the purse which I did a review on HERE) only cost me $36 and everything can easily be re-used and combined with other items, for an entirely new look!

My second outfit is very simple. A pair of black leggings (mine were $4, but you can find them almost anywhere for cheap), a 3/4th sleeve graphic t-shirt from Goodwill that only cost $4, a Hollister jean vest from Goodwill that cost me $6, and white converse (which I paid $8 for from Goodwill and cleaned up - click HERE to see how I made them white again) This look isn't just simple, but can be altered to your own unique style. Any shoe with simple leggings and a jean vest, are nicely complimented by a stylish t-shirt. Stripes, polka dots, graphic design, even plain would look good! I love this look, because not only is it easy to re-create, but it's so comfortable! If you don't like leggings, a black maxi skirt or fall colored Jean would work as well! This entire outfit cost only $22 and again, everything is reusable.

My third outfit is definitely the most colorful one of them all. This outfit includes mustard yellow jeans from Ross, that I purchased two winters ago - during off season when they were on clearance - for around $6!!! I remember being so absolutely stocked to wear these and now that's it's fall, I can FINALLY enjoy them again! Personally I think everyone should own at least one pair of bright or patterned jeans. They just make such a bold statement. In my opinion. I decided to pair these pants with my plain white t-shirt from outfit one ($4 from Goodwill) and my dusty rose/salmon Scotch House cashmere cardigan from Goodwill, that only put me out $10! This sweater/cardigan is by far one of my absolute favorite finds from Goodwill. It's soft, cozy, cuddly, and such a gorgeous color. For shoes I simply used my converse ($8 from Goodwill). Now this outfit would look nicely with booties, knee-high boots, tennis shoes, or even simple heels. For a total price of $28, I'll be looking quite festive in my opinion. Side note: another thing I love about fall and winter is that I get to dress festively. 

My fourth outfit is a little more casual, but it certainly is awesome! Now the boots aren't exactly thrift store or clearance - they were a Christmas gift from my mom a few years ago - but you can literally find any pair of boots relatively cheap to match this outfit. At Ross for example, they have quite a few boots in stores now and Goodwill as well is starting to stock pile of boots. I've seen so many cute ones, but have refrained from purchasing them, seeing as how I already have my true loves. As for everything else, it's all thrifted. First off is a pair of American Eagle jeans that fit perfectly, which I found at Goodwill for $1! I can't tell you how giddy I left when I bought these jeans. My top is a J.Crew top, also thrifted at Goodwill, for only $1 as well! The things you find for $1 just amaze me. To me this is such an easy going outfit. With a simple t-shirt with a pretty design - mine had a lace pattern on it - and a really nice pair of jeans in a dark wash, you can look beyond presentable when doing errands. It's a little "mom" for some, but to me it's gorgeous. This can also be paired with a nice simple heel for an even more elegant look. With a budget of lets say $10 on your shoes, you could adjust this outfit to costing around $12! I mean seriously, $2 for a shirt and pair of pants...why AREN'T you checking out Goodwill?!

My fifth and final outfit, is a more "night out" type of deal. It's also another favorite of mine, because you can easily make it a daytime outfit for going out to lunch or a date night outfit - I'm living the "forever single" life, so this outfit is really my "special occasion" and "let's look cute today" outfit. I found this absolutely adorable t-shirt style dress from Ross for $4. This type of "casual-ish" dress seems to be really popular right now, coming in a variety of colors and styles. To make this a very simple date night outfit, I paired the dress with some very cute black "open sided" ankle booties that I found at Goodwill for only $7. They are a chunky heel, which I feel like can also be used for casual or date night outfits. To make this a little more daytime casual, I tend to pair it with the jean vest I mentioned prior (from Goodwill for $6). With the vest the outfit totals to $17, but without the vest you're looking at $11. 

The important thing when it comes to fashion - at least in my opinion - is having pieces that can be easily mixed and matched with each other. This was something that I found to be difficult when I first started building my wardrobe post-pregnancy, but eventually I learned that as long as I can visualize something being used in more than one outfit, it's worth being bought. Of course there are items that we just fall in love with, regardless if they are outfit specified or not, and that's ok. It's about expressing yourself, even if sometimes you just want to send off the message of "I really don't care today". To be honest, that's the message I give off quite often with my wardrobe when I'm doing errands. Sometimes a momma just wants to get shit done and get the heck home. Am I right?!

As you can see by the outfits I chose for today's blog post, everything can be switched around. I plan on doing a future post about "traveling light", where I'll further explain how to use minimal items for maximum style. While I don't think I'm necessarily this huge fashionista, I do think that being a single mom with hardly anytime to really think about dressing nice, is relate-able. Some people don't want to spend hours - nor have that kind of time - deciding on what to wear and how to look presentable. That's what this is all about! I got you. 

Also, I've used my purse with every single one of these outfits - because I don't have the funds to be purchasing a purse to match every outfit, nor do I really want to be switching things all the time - and it's looked fabulous with everything. I freaking love that purse, you have no idea. (click HERE for the full scoop on my purse)

Hopefully these outfits have inspired you to not only play around with simple everyday wardrobe pieces this Fall, but to check out your local thrift stores! You never know what amazing pieces you'll find for so incredibly cheap. Also Ross seems to be a really great alternative if you don't like thrifting. Granted you wont find unique pieces or $1 items, but you never know!

*I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned in today's post. 

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