Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why You Should Always Shop Off Season.

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall, which means it's getting close to Halloween, leaves start changing, cuddle weather starts to creep in day by day, and sales hit the stores like an airborne virus. Why is this important? Because it's important that you shop for anything summer related NOW! Are your kids 5T now? Buy 6T swimsuits. Loved that giant pizza pool toy? Snatch it up? 

Summer ending doesn't just meant summer items are on clearance, it's just the main event. Really there are SO many things that go on sale, you'd be insane to not check them out! In case your wondering what I'm exactly referring to, I've created a list on what you should buy right now for a super clearance! 

1. School supplies
Your munchkins - and maybe even you yourself - will be in school next year. You'll probably need paper, pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. Heck, you might even need extra now. Well places like Target and Walmart want to clear out all their school supplies, seeing as how the munchkins have made their way into class already. Literally as soon as school starts, the big stores want to make room for the next big thing. For a few examples, you can check out my back to school haul for my Padawan HERE and how I spent less than $20 on everything!

2. (Holiday) Decorations 
You know those Luau parties you love to throw? Well guess what, all that party stuff is on super clearance right now. Pick up anything and everything you'd want to use for next years Luau and stow it away until the time is right. Not only will you save a bundle, but you can have the very first Luau Summer Bash of the year, before anyone else does. This statement holds true for all holidays/seasons really. I frequently purchase my decorations after the holidays and seasons, which means I pay between 75% off to 90% on all my decorations. Do you think anyone knows? Nope? They just think I spent a fortune on decorating my humble abode. This is also,true with regular home decor. Most stores will put their chairs, rugs, sheets, pictures, etc. on clearance, to make room for new seasonal decor.

3. Summer clothes
This is really pertains to all the "end of season" clothes. Yes I know what's in style now may not be the trend next year, but you don't necessarily have to go for big state,net pieces all the time. A couple wardrobe items are timeless. Shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, all of these go on clearance to make way for Fall clothes. I do this every single year - IF I buy anything at all. I, however, tend to do my shopping at Goodwill, because their sales are amazing. They too want to clear the racks of "out of season" items. I found a pair of black boots from Forever 21 last Winter, since they were more of a "Fall" look. Instead of paying $40, I only paid $12. This year it's a very common trend and I paid a fraction of the cost most people are paying now. I also just purchased a pair of sandals one size bigger than what my son is wearing now, for $25. They were crazy expensive beginning of summer and now he's got brand new, slip resistant, super comfy, water and land sandals for next summer. 

4. Entertainment
You know all those new movies and games that came out over the summer on DVD? Yeah well Fall is going to bring a whole bunch of new movies and games, so where's the space going to come from? You got it! From throwing those bad boys into a bin and letting you go crazy! Although not every movie or game will be bumping cartridges, but they will be put in a rack in a clearance section. TV's also tend to fall into this category and can be bought for a heck of a good deal. Board games and toys will also be added to the clearance are as well for the little ones. 

5. Furniture
This goes with the concept of home decor. Most places have a set schedule on what type of furniture sells the most during which season, therefore ordering more for that season. The thing is, when they still have an abundance - or even a few - items left from the prior season, they tend to want to clearance everything out. This gives you the opportunity to snatch up anything from bathroom accessories to a bed frame. I myself just purchased a new bed frame/foundation, for $100. It's a metal bed foundation that you put together - I don't like wood, it has a zippered cloth cover around it for the appearance of a real foundation, AND it has [optional] plastic legs that can lift the entire set up off the ground! It was on sale, because it wasn't an item specified for Fall, therefore taking up valuable space for new items and beds. Score one for this momma! (PS I will do a full review on this frame after a few nights of using it). 

When it comes to shopping, the most important thing is just being aware of when the good stuff goes on sale. Target for example, has specified days for what goes on sale (some days are clothes, some days are makeup, etc), but they also do holiday clear outs. 

Two added tips, don't wait too late or you'll be out of luck and don't wait until directly after Fall for the popular items (TV's, Game Consoles, Video Games) because they will be hiked up for Christmas shopping. I know the after thanksgiving sale (Black Friday) can have great deals, but sometimes they aren't as great as you'd expect. Sta
rt noticing how much things cost now and compare them during Black Friday ads. After Christmas and New Years is when the good stuff goes on real sale. So many people return things or stores over stock. 

Regardless have fun and remember, if it's full price, you probably don't need it. 

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