Wednesday, October 19, 2016

3 Free and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes - Mom Edition.

If you're like me, you probably enjoy dressing up for Halloween, but your energy has been thoroughly depleted after making or buying your padawan's costumes. Perhaps you don't give two hoots and aren't going to dress up anyways - although I have the perfect "costume" for you if that's the case - but if you DO want to dress up, I've decided to share with you all 3 extremely easy Halloween costumes that you can "create" using things you already own!!!

I personally plan on dressing up to take my son trick or treating - because I'm really a kid at heart - but I don't have the funds or time to figure out some elaborate costume for myself. Granted I do plan on doing a big costume one of these years for myself - I say that every year - but this year is not the year. So if you don't want to go "all out" and really just need a simple get up to get you through that "mandatory" Halloween party at work, here are 3 costumes to help you out!

1. A Basic Witch (see what I did there young folk?) 
It seems like this year everyone's calling each other names, including "basic b*tch". I'm going to be completely honest and admit that I myself am not even sure what the heck a "basic b*tch" is, but I thought a play on words would "help" the costume description. 

All you need is a black shirt, a black skirt (or leggings, or pants, or shorts), and some black shoes. If you want to "pizzazz" things up a bit, pull out that witch hat from a few years back (or go to Target and purchase a witch hat for $3) and you'll have yourself a full costume. This is comfortable, free (or cheap), and takes absolutely no effort at all. 

To really play up the costume - for those slightly creative people out there or makeup fanatics - do a smokey eye with some black lipstick (E.L.F. has a gorgeous one at Target for $3 called "Black Out"), for a dramatic witch. 

Easy right?! I told you this wasn't going to take much effort at all.

2. The Crazy Cat Lady
You know them. You've seen them on hoarders and constantly wonder if you're going to end up like one, because every date you've gone on has ended in disaster. Don't worry, you'll find someone. If not, the pound always has fluffy munchkins ready for adoption and this costume will help you with "the look" (I don't actually think any of you are crazy, cats are adorable, and I myself own one named Mason). 

All you need is a robe, some pajamas (cat pajamas are extra points), some slippers, and a basket (or bag) full of stuffed kittens. To up the game on this costume, you can pin the cats all over your robe, put curlers in your hair, and put on some really big glasses - not sunglasses. 

As for makeup, you don't really need any. Unless that is of course you have mad skills - or just want to dabble - in the art of makeup, in which case you can try to alter your looks into making yourself look older. Party City also has grey hair spray (I think Target does too, but I'm not sure) to give yourself that "I've seen some crap" hair. 

Costume done and done.

3. Flower Child
I was actually this last year - with some alterations - and thought that this was so freaking awesome, because I was not only comfortable, but everyone got it immediately. 

Seriously I think that half the battle of a costume is having to answer every time someone asks "what are you supposed to be". 

All you need is a maxi skirt, a "muscle style" flower shirt, a flower (and bright) bandeau bra, some flip flops, and some flowers. 

For extra "oomph", you can do you hair wavy and wear a flower headband. The makeup for this can also be as little or as intricate as you'd like it to be. For me personally, I went with vampire flower child and just painted my face to look like I was dead with fangs. I have however, seen other people do this look with super glittery flowers on their cheeks and long eyelashes with really bright makeup - yellow and pink eye shadow for example. 

Boom, another one bites the dust. 

See, totally do-able! I know what it's like to try and create or find the perfect outfit for your little one's, with no time - or energy - to work on one for yourself. Sometimes you feel almost obligated to participate though, because of a work party or perhaps a costume get up that your little one is attending. I understand, trust me. With the hustle and bustle of our lives, time passes us really fast. Also, who wants to spend a ton of money on something you're most likely only going to wear once?! 

As a kid I didn't take this into consideration of course, but as I got older I realized that if I was going to participate in Halloween, I wanted my costumes to be multi-functional, so I could reuse the items throughout the year. I've even accomplished this task with my son's costumes and trust me, they turn out AWESOME! 

Want to know super easy costumes for your kiddos without breaking the bank or sacrificing their fun? Tune in tomorrow for the "Kid Edition"!

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