Thursday, October 6, 2016

Adventures Part 2: Christmas, Food, and Clothes.

Yesterday I posted about an adventurous day that was filled amazing food, an awesome find, and a few freebies. Well that was only half our adventurous day! Hence the "Part 2" in the title. If you want to read Part 1, click HERE. Otherwise, let's get into part 2 of yesterdays travels!

I left off right before I shared with you all our lunch meal. We had just picked up our freebies and were once again famished. So we sat down and discussed what everyone would like to eat. My son immediately blurted our "Sushi!!!" and my uncle and I instantly knew where we were going to eat. Sarku Japan. 

Now if you don't know what Sarku Japan is, it's a Japanese eatery in mall food courts (you can read all about it HERE). They have AMAZING avocado and cucumber rolls. Their California rolls aren't too shabby either, but my son prefers avocado and cucumber. My uncle and I not only agree that their avocado and cucumber rolls are delicious, but we always - ALWAYS - get chicken teriyaki with double meat, on top of veggies and rice, finished with extra sauce. Absolutely decadent and will forever be a personal favorite. I don't care that it's not a "fancy-shmancy" restaurant, I would dine here for any occasion. The meat is always fresh and juicy, the rice is cooked to perfection, and the veggies are crisp and steamy. Everything together makes us all smile with a mouthwatering flavor blast. My son also likes the chicken teriyaki, but sushi is his thing. To drink we went with "Hot Dog on a Stick"'s green lemonade (another favorite of mine). This lemonade goes excellent with the spiciness of our chicken teriyaki (since we add a crap ton of Sriracha). All in all, a wonderful way to rejuvenate after our window shopping and picking up our freebies. 

With bellies stuffed, we all decided to walk it off. There was no way we could comfortably sit down and drive anywhere, so we strolled through the mall in search of anything interesting to look at. Pretty much just continuing our window shopping escapade. 

Once I saw the H&M logo, I realized I had extra coupons for donating some more of my clothes. So we headed in to check things out. First section we checked out of course, was the clearance rack. 

Let me just say this before I start going into what we found. I absolutely love this store. I've found numerous things at Goodwill and have received a few gifts from this store - clothing and accessories - and every single item is still in amazing condition, regardless of multiple uses/washes. They all look like excellent quality and seem to last a really really long time, without forking over an entire lump of cash. I know they say, "quality equals higher prices and a longer life", but I haven't felt like I've chosen one or the other. To me, the price AND quality are something that go hand-in-hand here. Granted I mostly shop Goodwill, but today we decided to just see what they had. It was mostly just to browse, but we ended up finding three things that I adored too much to let go. 

First I found a beautiful grey cable knit sweater, perfect for the Fall/Winter season. It was normally $19.99, but was marked down to $7! I inspected it all over to see why in the heck this gorgeous sweater was on sale - a snag, a stain, something??? - with nothing to tell me it needed to be on the clearance rack. Regardless, I snatched it up and happily hugged it throughout the store. 

After dancing to their music - yes, I'm THAT person - I strolled to the sweater section. Two of my sweaters turned into pajama sweaters, because they were so old that they no longer look presentable to wear outside. I will say that I intended on purchasing a sweater from Goodwill earlier yesterday, but with no luck at the particular location we went to. At H&M however, I found a really pretty dark green, jersey-knit style sweater, with an incredibly soft inside lining. It was cuddly, a perfect fit, and a color I loved. It was $19.99, but with one of my coupons it came out to roughly $16. The sweater was a little more than I wanted to pay, but again it was extremely soft and an beautiful color. They have the same sweater in grey, black, navy blue, and a soft pastel pink. I almost went with the pastel pink, but I know my son and I know it would've gotten dirty. I do realize I just got a really pretty light jacket from Ross not too long ago (see it HERE), but since it is really light, it's not necessarily that warm. This sweater is incredibly warm!!! I'm still debating if I should've gotten the grey or black so I could use it with more options, but I think I'm just going keep this one. It's gorgeous anyways. 

The last thing I bought was just a simple white t-shirt. I don't want to wear out my other white shirt too fast, since I constantly use it. Plus you can't have too many white t-shirts. It's $5.99 or two for $10. I didn't want to purchase two, so I chose one white shirt and used another coupon, making this t-shirt around $4.80. 

Overall I'm really happy with my finds and I am SO excited to wear them out! I am extremely excited for Sunday in particular - church - so I can wear my grey knit sweater and my $7 Goodwill black boots (see them HERE). 

After leaving with a huge smile on my face and a bag of goodies just yearning to be worn, we started to feel "snackish". I  know you're probably thinking, "didn't you guys JUST eat lunch???". Yes. Yes we did. But we are foodies and we are always hungry. 

Side note, for years I've been asked if I have a hallow leg or something, because I tend to eat A LOT! 

I didn't necessarily want to go to a grocery store to find snacks, but I wasn't against samples. So we went to the infamous membership store that allows you to take as many samples as you want and offers a wide variety throughout the store. Costco. 

One of the reason I freaking love hanging with my uncle and son, is because they share my love for samples at Costco. We have absolutely no shame in our multiple trips to each booth - no worries, we always make sure everyone gets a sample when we grab ours. We aren't monsters. Yesterday they had salsa with chips, cheese, tortellini, turkey bacon, burgers, marinara sauce on bread, and mochi ice-cream - which I never had until yesterday and the Strawberry flavor was delicious. With our snack cravings filled, we started to walk around and see all the cool stuff they had. 

Since the holidays have started up again, Costco not only has decorations for Halloween, but Christmas as well. My heart instantly warmed up and filled with joy when I saw Christmas trees, light up reindeer, and a really cute animated Christmas tree with music. It had three levels - Santa on a moving train going around, a Christmas with reindeer and snow all around, and a church with carolers. My mind went to last years Christmas season, where people were jolly, peppermint and vanilla could be smelled everywhere, lights were twinkling all night long, and cuddling was comfortable without getting too hot. My son's a cuddler, so this is his favorite thing about cold weather. 

My little padawan ran through the aisles, "oo-ing and aww-ing" at every decoration around. With multiple rows, you can guess that we were got in so much exercise, I think we worked off all the snacks. Which made us go around again, before heading off. 

It was finally time to head home and we couldn't of been happier. I knew that once we walked in, I'd have mild anxiety seeing my house practically destroyed and needing some organized TLC, but I would be home. My uncle was awesome and helped me by unpacking and cleaning everything. We couldn't touch the kitchen until today, but he helped me clean that this morning as well. 

Today my apartment finally looks like itself again and I couldn't be happier. Everything has been deep cleaned, re-organized, washed, and put in it's rightful place. Now that the chaos is over, we plan on putting up some Halloween decorations tomorrow!!! You can bet my youngster is beyond ecstatic. He actually wanted to go to bed early, so he can get up, do his school, and put up decorations. My padawan loves celebrating and decorating, just like his momma. So proud.

Now that everything is over, I can feel like I can breathe. My uncle went home, my mom bought my son and I an AMAZING lunch, and everything is as it should be. Finally, I can sleep in peace tonight. 

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