Thursday, October 13, 2016

DIY 5 Minute Halloween Wreath!!!

Yesterday I talked about how to decorate for Halloween using [mostly] Dollar Store items (see that post HERE). So to stick with the decoration theme, I thought I'd share with you all how to make a really cute DIY wreath for Halloween! It's so easy to create and way cheaper than the pre-made store bought ones. Plus, you can alter it anyway you like to personalize it yourself. Let's begin!

What you're going to need:

4 pieces of felt - 3 black and 3 white ($0.40 cents each/$2.40)
1 foam wreath - $4.99
white ribbon - $0.99 
2 decorative pieces - clip on spider for $2.99 and 1 bundle of glitter pumpkins $0.99
hot glue sticks and a hot glue gun (you can buy one for around $6)

What to do:

1. Begin by cutting your felt into strips to your liking. I chose to go with 2 1/2 inch strips. 
2. Then start hot gluing each strip to your foam wreath, making sure to slightly overlap the edges (so you don't see the foam wreath underneath) and gluing the ends all on the same side (which will become the "back side" of your wreath). 
3. Once you've got all your strips glued down, go ahead and glue on/clip on your decorations. For my pumpkins, I glued the bottom end on the inside (towards the back side) of the wreath and the tips on the front. This helps give more dimension to your wreath. Also, I made sure to very lightly apply glue to the tips (so the glue wouldn't peak behind the sticks too much) to make sure they wouldn't go anywhere (Fall can be windy and rainy). 
4. Finally cut a strip of ribbon to the length of your choosing. You'll be making a holder with this to hang your wreath, so keep that in mind. Simply wrap the ribbon on the top portion of your wreath (you can also glue it down, but mine literally just hangs on the ribbon) and then glue the edges of the ribbon. Make sure the edges of the ribbon are concealed on the back side of the wreath, to give a clean look.

Finished! Now you have a cute, simply, cheap, DIY wreath! Easy right?! My son and I made it in 5 minutes and I think it turned out amazingly! 

Some tips when designing your wreath:

Less can be more, but sometimes more just means more festive! When it comes to wreaths, they can be known to be that semi-gaudy ring that hangs on your door (or anywhere you choose to hang it). To be honest, I've seen people to a whole bouquet of flowers and very big decoration pieces all around it, and it worked. If you don't feel like you're that "skilled" (I'm right there with you), just go with a really simple look. 

Mix fabrics and textures. I alternated two simple colors that are often associated to Halloween when paired together (or a dalmatian) using a soft felt and had glittered, 3-D decorations with different colors. Crafting stores are filled with really cute little decorations and crafting items (hence why there called crafting stores, can I be any more obvious....), so if you aren't really sure what color to make your wreath's background, shop for the decoration pieces first THEN chose the background. Sometimes it's easier to work backwards. 

Make it your own. If you like really "out there" wreaths and want something to showcase your personality, you go for it! If you want a really simple, cutesy design, rock that wreath. No matter what you decide, it will be beautiful, because it was made by you. Commemorate your personality towards holidays and nothing can wrong. 

When all else fails, give it to the kids to design and hang it up with pride! Many times I've just grown frustrated with a project and not being able to design it in the particular way that my mind is seeking. I often forget that the entire project is supposed to be FUN, so when I'm in need of inspiration, I simply tell my padawan to go for it and when he's done, we hang it up with honor. Granted he likes doing things WITH me, but I just let him design and I hand him the pieces. After all, it's a team effort thing.

I hope you guys had an amazing Thursday and a fantastic Friday tomorrow! This weekend you and the kiddos (or just you, whichever floats your boat) can whip yourselves up a really rockin' wreath with this very simple DIY! Hopefully it's an inspiration to you all and if you do create something, be sure to show me on Instagram, Twitter, or here! If you tag me, you might just be featured!!! *wink wink*. 

Love you Jedis and Padawans. Talk to you all tomorrow!

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