Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's Only Tuesday...

You know, it hasn't necessarily been a bad day compared to how bad things could really be, but my anxiety doesn't give two hoots about what's worth freaking out over. The wonderful world of unnecessary stress, oh how I despise thee. 

I woke up this morning with the understanding that our maintenance man would be coming by for a window inspection, because of some issues other tenants have expressed about their windows. It was mainly to see if mine would need replacing or fixing, along with the others. It was noted that he'd be stopping by around noon, but I suppose things didn't go as planned, because I never got any visitors. 

After waiting for a few hours, my Padawan and I decided to go get some food from McDonalds -not my favorite, but I was craving their iced coffee and my son wanted some fries. Everything went smoothly...until coffee spilled on my WHITE shirt. Luckily we were only do the drive-they so we went straight home afterwards. I was able to get the coffee out without any stain, but of course I was already frustrated with my clumsiness. 

Recently I received a free group in from a friend of mine, for a free haircut and style. Seeing as how I haven't had a haircut in over 6 years - due to a HORRIBLE experience I had, that I will tell in a different story time post, I decided to go ahead and redeem it today. Unfortunately it was in Downtown - which is notorious for difficult parking - but thank the lord she had free parking at her salon!!! I felt so pampered and it was amazing - much needed. My hair definitely loved the extra attention it got today, that's for sure. 

However, while I was trying to find the place, my anxiety went through the roof, merely because I can't stand not knowing where I'm going exactly. Luckily now I'm very familiar with the location. Regardless though, I was still stuck with a little bit of leftover anxiety.

Once I got home, I found a very surprising bill from the ENT I went to a while back for an ear problem. It's for an amount I REALLY didn't expect. I quickly called them, but found out I had to contact the billing department tomorrow before 3pm. My mom was able to calm me down from an almost full blown attack and simply suggested that they re-bill the insurance after having them explain the charges. I'm hoping for the best, but I'm - sort of - prepared for the worst. 

Immediately after calming down, I get a notice that tomorrow a plumber is coming to fix our sink. Now I know that this isn't a big deal to some of you, but having people in my mom gives me anxiety like no other. I'm very greatful that we will get it fixed, that's for sure. I'm just tired. 

I know some of you are probably laughing, because I'm "young", but having anxiety and a roller coaster of emotions all day long, exhausts me. 

In between all of these events, I was homeschooling my son, cooking, cleaning, and trying to maintain my sanity.

Luckily things have slowed down and I've been able to unwind. I made a Burrata, Prosciutto, Arugla pizza from Trader Joe's and a nice glass of lemonade (also from Trader Joe's). Now that my Padawan is asleep, I'll be making myself a nice glass of 'Well Rested' tea from Trader Joe's with creamer, put a "roaring fire" on the TV (using YouTube), put on the Christmas lights (yes I keep some up year 'round) and play some Christmas music while sitting in a blanket burrito. There's nothing like being wrapped up and surrounded by the cheeriest holiday. 

It's also moments like these that make me seriously contemplate moving to North Pole, Alaska where it's Christmas all year long. My son loves the cold, I love the cold, we adore Christmas. I'm not exactly sure how I'd feel about not having family around for the holidays though, because let's be honest, who would want to go to Alaska for a "holiday vacation"? Well, other than me... For now I'll just enjoy my nighttime wind down as is.

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