Monday, October 3, 2016

Metal 2-in-1 Bed Foundation/Frame??? Here's my review.

In a previous blog post, I talked about the importance of shopping off season (see that post HERE). One of the things I mentioned was furniture and I gave a small sneak peak of a metal bed foundation that doubled as a frame. I waited a little while to give a full-on review, because I wanted to test it out for a few nights. I also put it to the test against my very active 5 year old. In his sleep, he tends to roll over 7897894651 times and kick like he's in karate. Also, I had to make sure it wouldn't creak when I got out of bed in the middle night to use the bathroom, otherwise I'd have a very cranky padawan on my hands. 

After everything had been tested for a few nights - including a very rambunctious night for my little one - I have decided it's time to give my review! 

First off let me give you the details of this product. It's called the "Standing Smart Box Spring with headboard brackets", by the brand Zinus. I found it on and I only had to wait 7 days to get my newest addition. I will say however that the FedEx delivery person didn't tell me my package was delivered and simply left it on my the rain...even though I was home...all day. All well, no damage done. 

Set up wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. All the tools necessary were included, which was awesome, and the entire thing took me - and my padawan who insisted on helping - about 30 minutes. The metal seems to be of really good quality and extremely sturdy. The directions were a little bit confusing and if you don't pay close attention, you could end up with a very messed up frame, but as long as you take your time and look closely - because there aren't any words - you'll be fine. I promise it's not that intimidating. Have experience with Ikea furniture directions? Then you'll do fantastic. You have to be a little easy - but forceful - when screwing in the bolts, as they can be easily stripped. If you're planning on ever moving, you may want to disassemble the bed and a stripped bolt won't help you any. Personally I don't want to ever take it apart, even if I do move, because I would be concerned about compromising the strength. 

It also comes with a really cool "wrap" that you zipper up and it makes the metal frame appear to be a simple box spring. I've read on previous reviews from Wayfair, that you have to be a little easy when slipping the cover over the finished frame, as the cover can easily rip. The zipper is said to be sensitive as well. I was extremely gentle and careful when placing the wrap/cover on and zipping it up, without any hitches. I would simply suggest using caution and not yanking it too rough. 

The frame also came with legs - nine to be exact - that seem to be a hard plastic. They are extremely sturdy though and with so many of them being precariously placed, I feel safe. The entire frame is fairly light, resembling an average wood box spring. The cool part about this though, is that it includes headboard brackets that are optional, giving you every aspect of a beautiful bed necessary for one low cost (I purchased mine for around $100 during a sale, but recently when I checked it's back up to $177 before shipping). Seeing as how I don't need to have a painful metal frame with pointy edges and legs that always find my toes - you know what I'm talking about, a really pretty box spring, AND the option for a headboard in the future, I think it's a deal. 

When completely set up, I noticed that the legs were pushed back enough under the bed, to where even if you're walking extremely close to the edge of the bed, you won't be stubbing your little piggies. Also, the frame/box spring is rounded on the corners, eliminating painful run-ins. Trust me when I say I am a HUGE klutz, so if I don't hurt myself, I think you guys will be more than good. 

Comfort level is way better than I expected. Honestly I expected to feel the bars in the frame through my mattress, even with a thick-ish comfortable mattress. I also expected it to creak - seeing as how it is metal - but was very very surprised with the end results. 

My son and I LOVE it. It's the perfect height - meaning my padawan can still get on the bed, it doesn't make any sound at all (I will update in the future to let you guys know what it's like after a while), and I feel like it actually made my mattress that much more comfortable. Granted my mattress was on the floor before - I got the idea from a Montessori teacher who recommended it - but I know what my mattress felt like before. This is better.

I'm not necessarily saying that this particular box spring/frame will improve the comfort of your mattress, but I do think that if you're looking into getting a box spring and/or frame (the legs are optional, so you can use this as just a box spring), I would check this one out. However I would wait until a good sale. Black Friday, Labor Day, after Christmas, sales like that. You can also lookup coupon codes and check back. My price was for a Queen and every size is a different price. You can check it out HERE

Overall I'm extremely happy with my purchase and I feel like I have a real "grown-up bed". The simplistic design of the box spring/frame, the ease of setting it up, and the amount of options that you are given with this product is well worth the money! If you guys check it out, let me know! I'd love to see your pics. 

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